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Obscuring Spirit Stone vs. Concealing Aspect Symbol

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Tyrium, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    I am trying to figure out which is better. I am fairly new to the Striking Scorpion but ever since I came across these two pieces of wargear I've been trying to figure out which is more powerful for what I am trying to do which is, simply put, stealth. My armor wont matter in the long run so I prefer to have a Scorpion who can be as camouflaged as much as possible. Which of these is better? The Obscuring Spirit Stone gives me toughness but I cant tell if it makes my stealth better than the Aspect Symbol.

  2. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    The concealing stone is the one that affects stealth right? I like dropping armour in my build for 2 stamina and an armoured concealing stone

    The toughness is nice but I think it doesn't help enough, the concealing stone works by making stealth take a second or two longer to fully decloak, this means in a sense the concealing stone is a movement speed buff as you can walk and sprint longer in stealth before pausing, combine that with stamina and you have stealth as a passive defence and roll for an active defence.

    For a flanking, decapper and/or evasion Scoprion go for concealing
    For a "Tanky" in your face Scorpion go obscuring with advanced armour
  3. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    Here is my question. The Concealing Symbol and the Obscuring Stone have a bit in their description that says they both do the same thing. Obviously the Obscuring Stone has a higher cost (by a LOT) because of the toughness buff. Do you have any numbers that can tell me that one gives me a substantially better stealth boost than the other?

    Not that I don't trust you, Xi0, I always read your posts. I just want to see some stats before I make an honest decision.
  4. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Just loaded up the game, It seems my memory is garbage:D my bad, I swear Scorpions had a toughness wargear in the first slot

    Yeah obscuring stone is identical to the concealing stone in effect, the steeper price is simply for the armour it provides

    For comparison the Dire Avenger has a wargear with a similar function, the flexible aspect symbol combines the bonesinger icon and argent avenger icon into a single slot for a heavy cost which is identical to both those icons put together.

    The obscuring stone simply combines the concealing stone and arcane bonesinger icon in the same slot(if you combine the prices together you will find it's identical to the obscuring stone), this is mostly a veteran item as it's slot efficient but I like to cater my build around.
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  5. Trashed Recruit

    Agree with Xio's post, sacrificing the toughness gives u options for other things like grenade,stamina, etc. Seeing that you'll want to maximize the from stealth bonus damage and backstab bonus, keeping stealth is most important.

    Eldar are so frail so it feels like it hardly matters having a bit more toughness/armor anyway
  6. Alorion CaiusCain Active Member

    I should mention that the Vet's special burning run makes you fully invisible whenever you're not in combat.

    This means you're fully invis while sprinting, fully invis while climbing, fully invis while dodging (I think), while also giving you like 70 armor.

    Up to you if you want it.
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  7. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    Awesome. Thats exactly what I was curious about. Thanks!

    @CaiusCain So when I get to the Elite Scorpion I pretty much only need that rune for boosting stealth. I like it!

    Thanks for the advice and info!
  8. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Don't believe it persists through rolling. Does persist on climbing (as does the regular invisibility iirc) and does persist whilst sprinting.
  9. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    I built my Scorpion to be survivable and threw concealment buffs out the window.
    1. Vets would spot you anyhow, no point pretending
    2. You would have to run across that field and it's quite pointless to keep kneeling every 5 meters to keep yourself half concealed
    3. Being able to tank it out as an Eldar may surprise whoever was expecting a 4-shot kill

    So yeah I went full tank for my scorp. I only conceal when ambushing or trying to get that Ninja Attack buff.
    When running I straight out drop camo and run around green.
    Just some food for thought.
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  10. Same build here. Although I'm convinced that when it comes to the RNG and the Supply Boxes, the game looks at what you use the most and puts any related items at the end of the line. I've only received grips and other gun related items from the 12K boxed and no Lash Sword.

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