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Nvidia Gameworks (no One Noticed?)

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by KillSlim, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

  2. I thought of something similar, but then again Nvidia has alot of tech that can be used, both graphics engines and all that other useless stuff we want for no apparent reason.
    If you are talking about the graphics engine they are going to use.
  3. I thought we announced that already - we will work together with Nvidia to put some shiny, new and amazing tech into the game - giving Nvidia users a little bit more gimmicks while we will make sure that AMD users will not have any performance impact. Anything we agreed to use from Nvidia is purely additional graphical stuff!!!
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  4. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

  5. Godsmote Euwald Well-Known Member

    Great so depending on what make of card you have you get less of an experience. Albeit a small one in the form of "gimmicks". Isn't that just peachy.
  6. Well that's how sponsorship works - every game does it - but the gameplay won't be affected! I can't stress that enough! If e.g. we add some special flamethrower like Nvidia would have, then there will still be a flamethrower on AMD cards, but it won't look as amazing!
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  7. Godsmote Euwald Well-Known Member

    I get that it's sponsorship and won't argue the point. I can accept that its done, they are your sponsors, end of.
    It doesn't change the fact that amd users will be getting a slightly inferior product though.
  8. O come on guys, you are really nitpicking about nothing.
    The "made for Nvidia" (or whatever the intro logo says) is around for like 10+ years, and in 99% of time meant absolutely nothing, except perhaps few frames difference in games between Nvidia and AMD graphic cards.
    Today all technology is shared (more or less) or licensed, and it's mostly gimmick. Just look at physix, and tell me that all people using AMD cards lost anything by not hawing it.
    The same stuff might be cried about using Razer voice coms, and any technology implemented there, when there are other brands and other voice com solutions.

    So don't act like spoiled kids and cry about every little thing, cause it's really exaggerating.

    We all had our doubts about the game, Behavior, developers, and they delivered every time and proved that they stand behind their words with actions.
    So calm down, and besides if everything goes to plan, in next 2-3 months we will be able to test the game and kick all the devs asses in game, and also we will see if they deliver as promised.
  9. Godsmote Euwald Well-Known Member

    I think in a way you have misunderstood. And no need to go all drama queen and make a mountain out of a molehill. "calm down" and so on. Where was the not being calm ? Was merely a statement of fact and not even a criticism. I will admit the way I phrased it could easily lead to misinterpretations like you have just done, the "peachy" sarcasm didnt help. I am more keen than ever on this game and liking and appreciating the approach BE is taking to making this game so apologies Patrick if that came across as critical. It was more a general rant about the industry and how you are forced to buy a certain product to get the maximum from your game which was I admit poorly said as it does rather look like a direct criticism of Behaviour which was not my intention.
  10. By the Emperor, if more people were like you, this world would be a better place.

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