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Nurgle Scythe?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by DoomedOne, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    warp thirst is a good weapon if you hit enemies in the back

    the noob killer( one hit Lv 1-4 enemies)
  2. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    The axe is on UAT currently, or rather.. the scythe. It's been in the works since long before "launch", Noah made it so far back that I've almost forgotten how long ago it is now.

    But on UAT it's pretty lame compared to how it initially was, because they reduced its damage because of the ailment, which makes no sense when other ailment weapons are allowed to both have ailments and normal-variant damage (due to higher LP price), the Nurgle Scythe was for some odd reason put at mastercrafted price, with reduced damage just because of the ailment.. which makes it unbearably bad compared to Necrotic Chainsword.

    The ailment is the same as NCS, but damage is only ever so slightly higher, but it's swing-speed makes it MUCH worse. It'd rather have it follow the "70lp for ailment" thing seen elsewhere, and have it be normal damage + ailment for that extra cost.. but oh well, what can you do when even a pat on the head is done with a mallet
  3. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    Since Jordan and pie seem to think that only chaos has to have a dot weapon bound to some sort of prerequisite, I'm just saying fukitall and going with a PAX+damage+strong attack damage. Not many LSM Tac's are running higher than red armor so the 120 pen of a PAX is all I need. I've been 1 and 2 shotting alot of guys lately when I'm not burning them. Haven't tried Raptor without NCS much but I'm a much better at ground melee than I am with a raptor anyways so no loss there.

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