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Now LSM has officially most strongest elite in the game.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jencent, May 12, 2017.

  1. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Eh, do you expect LSM to QQ louder than all the rest of you about LSM getting a decent elite? If you're unhappy about what you got, complain about it. Don't expect the people you're envious of to do the complaining for you.
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  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I just compared the one in the vid on twitch to the one in the game and the blade section does indeed look strangely the same . however the stock is different.
    check it urself. they prob swapped the handle part and maybe slightly stretched the blade .. i dono.

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  3. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    Well given how Noah described making weapon variants, that seems likely. The handguard on that is actually from the LSM alt knife, lol
  4. EL-MACHINO EL-MACHINO Steam Early Access

    Okay my english skills are crap but i have to say something.

    Are you guys realy complain about the LSM are now "OP" because of the LotD Elite?
    Tu be true i´m a huge LSM fan in TT and Books but playing as LSM in EC is cancer af. Okay LotD Elite is the only range Elite and he will habe a Dot weapon, not fair while the other factions only have Melee Elits. Thats Correct. But in fact there is only One Elite per Game with a DoT range weapon. Lets see what the other poor 3 factions have against the LSM.

    DoT melee Weapon: Orks: Yes for Storm and GA units + Healer, Eldar : yes but only Scorpion (which have stealth) , Chaos : Yes for SA,GA and Tacticals, LSM : yes but Apothecary only!

    Weapons with huge life steal: Orks yes, Chaos yes (+ MoK) and Eldar and LSM not!

    Possibility to Speed up: Eldar as standart ability for all classes, Orks okay after the WAAAAHG starts and Chaos as Mark for all Classes, and LSM? nope

    Toughness is another point. Chaos with MoN for all Classes, Orks with metal jaws for all Classes, Eldar not realy but fast as shit and SLM only for GA and Devastor Class

    now the weapons . Yes LSM have Gravgun and Stalker Bolter, Stalker Bolter can be very usefull thats a fact but the Gravgun is in my oppinion useless. u dodge out of the beam and can run away with your normal speed..awesome. But thats nothing against a Autocannon/AbadonnsG or the Orc Ace Dakka, even without suppression this thing is a monster. And dont forget the Napalm AOE cannon. Eldar have controllable rocket luncher, Granade luncher and their Suppression weapon (forget the name) is a fucking highspeed sniper. The Khorne HP has no supp but normal dmg (more with MoK) and is faster as normal. and the LSM unic HB? Voice of Big E. less dmg but more Supp. wow.
    LSM get the Quicksilver Bolter..a normal bolter with a precise burst only mode yeah..thats cool, but so that Chaos has a chance against this thing we gave them uhm also a normal bolter BUT it can shoot through fucking all enemys in its way! Not so cool like the QS-B but its something. But the orc must have something to..okay their standart weapon is stronger than a bolter right gave it even more RPM!!! and the yes maybe a 58dmg and 120 (durchschlag??) but to be fair only for the Hawkes. so they can shoot from the damn top of a mountain where no one can reach them.

    Again i´m a huge LSM fan but in EC my fav´s are the Orcs. You can win as LSM of course but for the other factions it is (when your team is not complet retard) Easier.

    so now complain about my english, destroy my post, i dont care, i´m out!
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  5. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Hilarious, You all brought this upon yourselves, Bitched and moaned about Melee when Melee was never a problem as confirmed by the devs themselves, (don't make me source the quote from twitch because fuckin' will) now Ranged is out of control. Your own fuckin' fault lol.

    Looking forward to the inevitable Damned TK firey bolt storm.

    RIP Skill, long live the Ranged cheese fest.
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  6. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    Lol sure melee is fine and the devs totally arent working on fixing it right now.

    (Not sarcasm I am serious).
  8. kharnzor kharnzor Arkhona Vanguard

    I can put how i feel about this into four words.
    What a fucking joke.
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  9. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

    oh here we go again. thraxus claiming there never was a Melee Op patch just because is playing with a second delay on anything
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  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    It's not uncommon for games to do these things tho the swapping out and combining existing assets keeps the amount of assets the game needs to load and keep track of down to a more manageable amount .
    Ps2 did this also, all guns were made up of a mix match of a few dif modulair gun segments just to keep the load manageable

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