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Not A Heal Bot

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Rivindesh, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate

    Well if we are basing off assumption on this patch, keep sorcerer as the squishy based support (although not as squishy as it is right now). Add perils of the warp to sorcerer spells with the chance that everything can go wrong.

    We could add weapons/mechanics for other classes to make them interesting, flamers, mutation gifts (wings, weapon limbs, ect), daemon possessed weapons, blind fire from cover, give GA's a speed boost when charging at an enemy, chains fists, lightning claws, mauls, combi weapons and oh so much more.
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  2. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    Can we also add a mechanic where Painboyz can literally stick the corpses of their fallen brethren together with da magic of WAAAAAAGH! energy? Or maybe give us the ability to take a Klaw like certain characters. Or maybe they could have something more than a knife tier weapon? Perhaps we could poison the enemy but it ignores any mitigation because (as we all know) if enough Orks think you're poisoned, you're poisoned.

    While we're at it who not give Eldritch Storm for Warlocks? Let em have a gigonormous AOE lightning storm attack that they can charge on an area. Perhaps let them have singing spears as a wargear option?
  3. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    Painklaw is WIP
  4. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate

    Well im not saying go overboard, there must be some place where we draw the line for the sake of balance (that's why we don't see any greater daemons yet).

    As for the argument of painboy and apothecary, healing is what they do in the lore. They do have their own bag of tricks as well, as stated above pain klaw in the works, I even made a thread to expand on what they could do to add more to them

    Apothecaries have things like purification vials, and it shouldn't be to hard to make new things for them (look at the medi nade)

    As for the Warlock's warpstorm perhaps they don't want to level the planet into a burning ball of flame and death, perhaps they want to preserve/obtain something here.
  5. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    I just feel that CSM have so many options as is and here you are asking for more...

    Makes me a sad Painboy :OrkSkull:

    Your thread regarding the Painboy is appreciated, they are so fucking limited and boring to play. Apos aren't far behind either. At least Warlocks and Sorcerers are enjoyable to play with.
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  6. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    the sooner they let sorcs and warlocks unequip their heal powers if the player wants to the better,

    now we can unequip our pistols ... personally I'd of rather unequipped the heal,

    on a side note ... if you dont like being a heal-bot in EC just do what I do when a wounded team-mate crawls over for help ... shoot the malingering bastard
  7. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate

    Well we don't have to many options now, 3/5 offensive spells are bugged and we are killed faster than a mayfly (I assume all supports are dealing with this issue). We don't exactly have a long range option so we are hurting really badly this patch, causing us to be rendered heal bots...

    But I feel ya, I play greenies as well :OrkMoon:.

    Why shoot him when you can turn him into a Chaos Spawn?:CSMFamiliar: At least then he can be useful as my meat shield.
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  8. A combat knife takes a Mark of Tzneetch AS takes off all the armor and down to I'd estimate 30% health with a single strong attack. Anything above an enhanced Master Crafted Knife is going to down them in 1 hit, hell, an enhanced regular knife might, it certainly will get close.

    They seem to be weaker than a damn Servo Skull, this is a major and overreaching nerf.
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  9. This is not even true, I've been around long enough for this poll, Ground Assault wasn't even on it because it wasn't a thing yet. No, Sorcerers got around a 1/4th of the vote, maybe nominally higher. This is a complete misrepresentation both of those results and what happened. Sorcerers were never represented in these numbers and it certainly doesn't excuse how absolutely pitiful their health pool is. They aren't even a true combatant at this point, they're somewhere between a healbot and an active observer. Trying to lower their numbers (which by the way weren't unduly high to begin with, by making them this unappealing was a bad move, they could have just tried the default armor buff for GA's first, then tried to give them something else if necessary, but never should they have made them so weak that a fucking combat knife can almost instant kill them.
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  10. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    I agree with you, OP. I think Eldar are pretty pissed at their Warlocks being locked to heal/buffbots too. Orks seemed to be really disappointed with their Docs, and only the Apos are relatively fine cus they have the option to take a legit ranged loadout and stay out of trouble while dropping heal nades.

    Here's what i think would make Sorcs more presentable (may be applicable to other races to an extent).

    1) Give AS the option to unequip the heal and use those points for offensive powers instead.
    2) Lower the "Force" LP cost, make it glow intensely for the duration of its use.
    3) Bring the base Armor up to 100 (or at least to 75).
    4) Give the Sorcerer Vet more powerful offensive spell options.

    That way Sorcs won't have to be locked to healspamming; they're still not gonna be all-powerful and aren't gonna have enough LP capacity to equip a bunch of stuff, but at least they will have the options to either spec out as a buffer, a damager, or a healer, with none of the three being superior/inferior to others in terms of usability.
    The armor buff would at least make some players consider speccing out as a melee damager, cus right now the whole Force thing is out the window cus the AS are basically made of paper.
    And then giving the Sorc Vet more offensive options would be kinda representative of their fluff.

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