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Non 40k Related, Fantasy-medieval "the Five Kingdoms Of Vindia"

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by CommissarGaunt, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Interest alert for anyone who so desires to join the free-roleplay "The Five Kingdoms of Vindia" set in a medieval setting. Anyone who would like to apply may post so here and those seeking a larger role in the form of a minor or major house may apply here.

    So we're 70 strong and have not officially begun as of yet. Official rules are listed here under the three most referenced category's. If you have any questions, you may direct to myself STEAM ID: Knight Commander Rahl, moderator to the Group or here on the page itself.

    An example of how we have begun is listed here.

    General Guidelines:
    • When we start, we require players to be active at least once every 48 hours during regular operations and 24 hours during combat operations.
    • Not my decision but what they elected, all combat is dictated by a closed match in Total War (not really sure which one) using as realistic a representation of military forces as possible to determine the results of battle. However, failure for a proper response will automatically result in the opposing party losing with all assets destroyed and/or seized.
    • The Imperial Senate will be appointed, anyone who is interested must state in their character application that they would like to be appointed but is ultimately down to the Emperor.
    • As of today, 04/14/2015, we have one Major House opening left. Anyone may join as a Minor House and if so, must select one Major House to support from which your lands and military shall be given from.
    • Any military lore and/or terrain modifications you do to your holdings have no effect over combat. All military assets are dictated by the Major House first, and you second. For instance, despite the fact I have the Rahlian Military, I cannot use the Rahlian Royal Marines in actual combat, but allude to the forces given to me being of their deployment.
    • As of now, you are not allowed to go traitor but this will be an opportunity at a later date. There are no neutral forces, you must choose a faction.
    • Direct any questions to the Moderator or Administrator.
      • We also are planning to host an Imperial Guard themed Roleplay in the next two months, consult Bram Sigismund for details if interested (Administrator of the Group).

    A slight background to our story:
    The realm of Vindia is a feudalistic monarchy under the Emperor. The seven houses of Vindia are very powerful in their own right, and are often engaged in struggles to gain power over the other houses. While normally in a natural state of peace, war brews in the darkness and shadows of the land. Alliances are being drawn, enemies sized up, and armies mobilized for the coming plight.

    The capital city of the kingdom is the city of Palatin. This castle is the seat of the Emperor and most of his retinue and guests take up residence within its walls. Currently, the Emperor is Henry Herbert I with his wife, Empress Rosa Herbert. The Crown Prince, successor to the throne, Christian Herbert is away travelling the lands in his grooming for the throne...but not may go as planned.​
  2. Roleplay has officially started, players are still able to join if they would like as minor houses.
    • War has been declared between House Sigismund and House Franklin while the rest of the lands rest in an uneasy peace.
    • The Emperor of Vindia has called forth a Grand Feast to discuss both politics and to dissuade the upcoming onslaughts.
    • The Emperor of Vindia has seen fit to appoint Lord Ciaran Brier to the position of Lord Chancellor and Lord Nicolette Kessel to the position of Imperial Spy Master.

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