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Nobz And Their Roles In Ec

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Big-Snazz, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. So this topic has been touched alot and answered by alot.

    i have asked on a few other threads myself. But with different answers almost everytime.
    i felt like it was better to have all those responses on one thread so i made this one.

    anyway, the classes for each factions were recently published.
    i could not find Nob anywhere on the class list and i've been trying to find out how nobz and their roles will be in EC. without much luck though.

    i myself was thrilled to see a MMO based on the Warhammer universe as i've always loved the Orks. Nobz being my favourit.

    now the game is F2w or you can pay and unlock all the game has to offer.
    i like the fact that f2w players becomes Orks. But this leads me to, An Ork army with only boyz?

    i've seen the Skarboyz and Madboyz
    But both of them has this in their description:
    This is an elite character for the Ork faction that can be manifested periodically on the battlefield.

    to my understanding it sounds like they're AI controlled or playable but locked behind a timed lock.

    but as i understand they are not Nobz.

    What' i hope for is that Ork player be it f2p or p2w will be able to create a Nob class?
    ever since i learned about EC i wanted so badly much to be a Nob with a 'Uge hammer...

    if the Nob is locked behind a paywall i dont mind at all. i just so very badly want to be a Nob... i love tanking for my team.

    question: Will we players be able to play as Nobz?
    im figuring that if yes there obviosuly is a downside. since it would be pretty "op" if every ork just became a nob...

    excuse my poor english and lack of grammar.
  2. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    the Nob will be an Elite or Hero class and as such will be a limited play option,

    the majority of Elite/hero classes havnt been confirmed yet
  3. hmm we have no info that nobz will be elite or heroes
    my first thought was that all payed players will be nobz, bigger targets but also more hp

    but it seems that wont happen
    maybe nobz will be what are veterans for SM
    players who exceed their loadout points
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  4. thanks for the responses both of ya.

    but Savij, can you please explain to me what is meant by exceeding their loadout points?
  5. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    we have no real confirmation that SM Chaplains or Librarians will be Elites or Heros either but its the safe bet isnt it
  6. well we have already seen menu screens with chaplain and librarian as class options so its kinda safe bet

    well your character will have a certain pool of loadout points
    each item occupy certain points

    now the devs said you could pay ingame currency to increase your pool just for the next spawn
    that would make you a veteran

    so i could immagine same goes for each other faction
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  7. okay then, thanks for the explanation. im looking forward to this game!

    getting my founders pack sometimes next month.
  8. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    We do have some information on Nobz, or at least what their intent for Nobz are.

    We know that in the elite roster for Orkz there will be Mega-Nobz as our TEQ unit.

    We know that the F2W players will all start out as boyz and it has been suggested that they will be able to,purchase an upgrade to Nob.

    It's also been suggested by devs that for fully paid players they will be able to progress vertically through unlocks from boy to Nob to bring them onto par with the other faction's standard units (Space marines being the base standard), this means class is irrelevant to Nobz and they will still be able to choose freely.

    It's also been suggested that on the battle field, the aim is, mixing F2W with paid players that the Ork faction will comprise of 1 in 10 players being a Nob.

    It's possible that Ork veterans (who by rights should be above Nob level to keep balance with other factions) will be Skarboyz/'ardboyz.
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  9. Oh my... Dis soundz so gud ta me!

    soo... i can maybez be a Stormnob?! datz amazin!

    i hope deyre goin' ta use this on release!
  10. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    It's only suggestions and ideas that I've heard at the moment, but the plan is to do something like to separate the free to play Orkz from the Ork players that have actually bought the game.

    The sad thing is that nothing on Orkz is actually concrete yet (or Eldar for that matter) as they have only been developing and test CSM and LSM.
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