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No Twitch June 9

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    one month without news?

    latest roadmap postponed indefinitedly.

    We are reaching the year

    What expansions do we had? Paid Elites.

    Fuck yes! Everything goes as planned/pinned.

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  2. Bruttus Recruit

    @Katzu_HSM How deep did Nathan penetrated you?
    Because you are defending this game as if you're live depends on it. No1 can criticize the game, and you have an answer ready.

    Second, this is how I, and prolly others see it.
    1 month before the moving to another office, they decided to bring out those campaigns and the elite's.
    So, on the moment that the ELdarplayers (I'm an LSMplayer) expect the Eldarcampaign, there is a movingto another office.
    Was that stuppidty or bad thinking, we will never know.

    Last week we didn't receive an twitch, with as an excuse that things aren't settled down because the moving and that 50% of the employees are suddenly sick.
    Now, not that I care about the twitch, because there is nothing new. The times that I watch the twitchshow, is that you all are bragging about what you wanna introduce or are making for the game. But thats it.

    I don't ask every week a new twitch show, I didn't ask for those elites, what I ask is honesty, and treath youre players as costumers. I bought the game for 50 Euro, and its not even worth it.
    I was drawn about the persistant world and the 40k theme, but the state of this game? its just a gloryfied arcade lobbyshooter with a 40k theme
    Just like I believe to make the game for free, was prolly a last sollution because there where only 300 people a day playing the game (yes now we have a 1000, but those numbers won't stay for long)

    What if that someone ask to the communty on this Forum, on Steam, FB, Discord, etc... to orgenise a strike on a certain date for 24h? It worked for the game For Honor!
    Would you then start to listen to oure complain's?
    Its not that I like to complaing but I love the 40k theme, and I wanna see that this game develop to the the direction that was promised to us, the paying costumers.
    Because this game, if still runs in 2020, then it would be a miracle.
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  3. whatever the pace is, just talk to us...anyway WE are the game
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  4. [​IMG]

    Eternal Battles Moderators.
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  5. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Maybe this just hasn't gotten to any of you guys' minds but EC is pretty much the ONLY good 40k game we have. There's a reason why a lot defend it/try to help instead of complain!

    Deathwing? No replayability or progression, it's a slideshow of good looking stuff.
    Dawn of War? Good joke, 3 has been a dissapointment and the previous ones got old
    All other mobile ports like armageddon, space wolf, etc.....? Please don't joke.

    EC at least has a form of long term playability.

    And to be fair the argument of "it's not what I paid for" has been invalid for a while for multiple reasons. Mostly because the current devs couldn't do anything about the fact it's not open world and aren't to blame, infact we should be thankful we got SOMETHING rather than NOTHING which was their 2 options when miguel left and open world turned out impossible. So I don't exactly get your and plenty of other people's mindests cause you're almost literally saying: "Why didn't you just kill the game instead of revived it as something less awesome?" Which sounds very stupid as there have been very little, if any 40k games lately and we should be thankful for what we have before we get a better game which isn't gonna happen any time soon.
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  6. First off, to address your last point first: I know you care about the property and the game. Nobody here wants EC to be a flaming dumpster fire (plenty of those right now in North America as it is, thank YOU!) But real talk, you're taking the promises made by a guy no longer with the company - that have since been reversed by the team that actually got the game to launch - as ironclad gospel truth. That isn't fair to the current team or the reality of their situation. Its SUPER easy to sit back in a white conference room drinking beer and expound on all of your grand plans for this fictional game you're still in Pre-Alpha on, completely detached from the reality of translating all of those grand visions to an actual, launchable product.

    I think too much of this community sees the dreams of Miguel as scripture and refuses to listen to the reality that Nathan has to live with daily.

    To your other points (and I'll try desperately to keep them brief-ish.)

    * Man, Nathan's in so deep. I'm talking like standing outside the gas station while some stoner tells you about how the world "really is" deep.

    * I defend my positions by thinking objectively before I post. I try to understand that the team is human, things do not ever go to plan, and that they aren't trying to intentionally screw us. I understand that a project on this scale requires a decent-sized team, solid corporate and licenser support, and strong and stable cashflow. It is obvious the EC team is not getting most of these, and the only person on the team that could be at fault for that is Nathan, which all he can do is make his case and let the Higher-Ups make the final say.

    * Want me to be critical? Here: Abaddon's Grace seems TOO good and needs to be dialed back (not nerf-level, but balance it some more.) Eldar skimmer damage should be dialed back to discourage "lawnmowing." I think the Ork WAAAGH should be a more frequent thing based on Ork damage dealt rather than a "5-minute warning" like it seems to be. There, happy? No? See: me being critical fixed nothing.

    * A quick check of the corporate website shows that ALL of Behavior moved to the new offices, not JUST the EC team. If you lived with your parents and the family had to move, you move when its best all around, not when its specifically best for you as the child. My guess is Nathan gave them his team's timetable and they made the move anyway. Blame them: Hate where its due.

    * The Eldar campaign was also set to launch the week of the Overwatch free-to-play weekend, so they rolled it back. The team has also said they are working on a system of mini-campaigns for the other factions so "pure LSM" have incentive to play their faction. They are also trying to implement a system of personal goals/objectives. I don't think they need to be changing all of this at once - too many parts that could break - but I don't make the game so I can't make that call.

    * When you have people bitching at you to hurry up and people bitching at you to do it right and not screw us, and you only have the staff and budget to do ONE of those, do you push a buggy product quickly or a solid product too slow for people's tastes? Since you're the expert, you tell me...

    * Back on page 4 I posted that I thought the two weeks of "we aren't ready" was a little thin. As I said there, I don't care how the Twitch looks: I care about how the game looks and plays. On 6/2 they released a 45-answer Q&A people seem to keep forgetting about.

    * The weekly Twitch is a thing because its been that way since before the Twitch had a name. If you get people used to something, they will always notice when its gone. And yes, YOU didn't ask for the Twitch, but for others its absence is noted. YOU didn't ask for Elites, but others did. What makes you more important than them?

    * You are a customer... Of a free-to-play MMO Shooter. Depending on how early you joined the bandwagon, you probably got exclusive cosmetics, wargear, and an elite or two FOR FREE, PLUS a crap ton of RTC to either use or bank as suits you. If you don't feel the value was worth it, then get your value from it and move on. How much you paid is not an indicator of your level of enjoyment of the game. My brother paid $20 and loves this game to death. My best friend is a Captain-level Founder and hates this game but got his money's worth and has moved on. I paid $120 and I love this game. Consider how long most $50 games occupy people's free time lately, and how soon you're shelling out another $50-60 on the next thing. Why is this game so magically different?

    * Has anyone in the development team said they aren't listening, or that they are surprised by issues raised by the community? Nope. They have REPEATEDLY said its strictly a matter of manpower and revenue, neither of which THEY control. Nathan makes a request for funding, and the Executives decide how much of that he gets based on population and income from the in-game store.

    Since you gave me a hypothetical, I'll give you one:

    * Behavior has over a dozen games in their portfolio, but lets just focus on two of them: "Eternal Crusade" for PC and "Love and Hip-Hop: the Game" for mobile (its an actual Behavior title: look it up.)
    * Behavior has to prioritize its manpower and financials to maximize profits and to make its investors happy.
    * Let us assume that 1 manhour (labor, benefits, tax withholdings, etc) and $500 project funding will produce $600 from Eternal Crusade or $1200 off Love and Hip-Hop.
    * The "average" customer who buys Love and Hip-Hop: the Game is a typical mobile gamer. They are young, have multiple games on their device, spend freely in the in-game store for simply-rendered 2D cosmetics, and have no contact with the developers and there is no "community" to maintain. When they get tired of your game they simply stop playing it and move on - ideally to your next offering. No muss: no fuss. Easy money, and plenty of it.
    * The "average" customer who plays Eternal Crusade for free is a typical Games Workshop player (because if you were a die-hard shooter fan you'd be playing CoD or Battlefield.) They are older, are quick to jump all over the internet and blast the game and the company full of salt and rage over the fact that X corner of the 40k universe isn't being covered by your fully-immersive, 3D game, which had better be Lore-compliant. They want highly-rendered 3D models with real time physics and totally, mathematically perfect gameplay. There had also better be physics, gradual damage be rendered visually, every Chapter/Craftworld/Warband/Clan needs to have its own, individualized speciality units, oh and we want more factions and maps and new cosmetics and fortheloveoftheemperorwhyisn'teverythingrighthererightnowclearlyyouguyshatethegameitdoesn'tmatterthegame'sdeadanywayandIlovethegamebutIhatethegameandwhere'smyGreyKnights and... They are furious that a developer you have parted ways with made promises to them in pre-Alpha that you just aren't capable of providing. You've told them this multiple times, but they continue to rage over it, day and night, facts be damned. By the way; said "average" EC player has decided to "vote with his pocketbook" by not supporting your game financially out of protest, but they still get into game and on the forums to lash out and rile the community to mutiny, further limiting your game's actual return on investment because both servers require money to run and they are not only not helping with funding, but they are undercutting other potential customers from adding to the game's funding.

    So which customer is WORTH supporting? The reality is that one customer is handing you ACTUAL cash and the other is handing you nothing but frothing rage and endless grief. Since you have the answer, you tell me: Who is being worth Behavior's time, manpower, and money? I'm not saying worth the EC team's time - they are doing their damnedest with what few resources they are given. I'm talking about the Chief Financial Officer and the rest of the board of Behavior, none of whom you've ever met on a Twitch or in this forum, yet they control the purse-strings.
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  7. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    We'll be having a Twitch this week, watch for the announcement for all the deets :CSMServo:
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  8. Thanks, Katie. We'll spare the firing squad... THIS time...
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  9. Way too much time on your hands junior. I'd actually ban you if I was a dev just to amuse myself knowing how hard that mental condition would torment you at night.
  10. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Guess just another way of denying you obviously got your ass handed to you by good points.

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