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No Twitch June 23 & 30

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Where is Nathan?
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  3. You can't blame the devs, or other low level employees for lack of content and updates, the fault lies with the company and it's producer, or whomever is deciding that it is ok to invest money in marketing and advertising instead of investing it into workers and the actual game. In the last twitch they said they plan some more big marketting/advertising campaigns so I can't help but wonder; if they can afford to do that than why do they not just hire more staff and invest in the game itself. If you do not add content and stuff to your game then all that marketing will do is bring in another group of ppl that will just get bored of playing the same few levels endlessly until they eventually leave. This seems to be like the third cycle of this business model that we have gone through since I got the game after release. Bringing new ppl in for quick cash means nothing if u cant ensure that we all have things to compell us to stay.

    Aside from the money for advertising, in the last twitch they also warned us to prepare for a full month time ahead where we will have no updates or new content, explaining that it will take them an entire month to update the engine, meaning all the workload will be going toward some engine update and that is a full month of no work toward the content we the consumers have been waiting for since before the last engine update, and the engine change before that. Are we going to take a month of every 3 months for engine updates now as well? I'm sorry to be salty but I really have had a harder and harder time convincing myself to play lately, ever since you cancelled the Eldar campaign there has been little modivation for me to come play.

    I have little to no modivation to buy rtc at this point since the company does not seem that interested in investing in the game development, and I have no means of earning rtc since campaigns are so far and few in between. Someone like me who loves this game for its cosmetic and customization options needs to see that the company is actually adding things until there is a shit ton of options in this regard. Since nothing is being added and there isnt a lot of options to begin with, I have no reason to pay real money for it, but since campaigns take forever to come by, I also have no way of earning it which means I invest all this time in levelling without the benifit of feeling good about my characters image. So all this time i invest in your game is mostly to grind out xp and get my unlocks to prepare myself for the day i can unlock my own look. Problem is it still takes way too long to earn rtc the campaign way and people get tired of looking like the same basic f2p guy for months on end. That is a big deal to someone who is sold on the concept of personalization customization options.

    What makes it all worse is the fact that we grind the same handful of lobby shooter instanced maps the entire time. I woulda rather have spent the entire time on one big open persistent map without objectives than a handful of smaller instanced ones. At least such a map would give me something to do while I am waiting on the next campaign.
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    Give us patches! Show us you work! We see only NOTHING. You have only holidays and vacations!
  5. Horus Firskon Cipher

    Terminators. Every week a patch. Every month the content patch. New maps. New weapons. New customization.
  6. I got another one for you:
    10 years development plan. Blood&Gore DLC, RTC and REQ Elites, Guild-Banners ingame (or on the worldmap) joined territorries, side objectives

    Oh, and i almost forgott: WARLORDS!

  7. Bruttus Recruit

    You do know, that you are 1 of theyre last defenders of this game, right.
    Because everybody else has the same thought, that this game has failed, and that they are felt screwed.
    When I bought the game, it was then by early Alpha, and there was still talking about a Persistand world and open world.
    So yes, I feel screwed, and yes, I payed also more then the 50 euro, but the game isn't worth it.
    The elites are a joke
    There is no content, except new skins where you have to pay rtc or reall money for it.
    There is no love comming out from the Dev's.
    If you wanna play with friends or with youre clan, you are punished by the eternal Quesade. If you have enough patients you can after 1h waiting, joining a game.

    SO yes, I feel scammed
    And yes, I accuse them for having no ideas. Because when they are passionate about something, they don't need to ask us for the 3th time what we as players wanna have in the game. They should have a vission.
    But it seems that I'm talking to a wall that doesn't wanna see the reality.
    Have fun with defending the game, because soon enough, you will be the only player left, with maybe some straglers that doesn't know about the state of the game, or other white Knights.
  8. How about Twitch on Thursday?
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    No problem. I agree to any other day. I want my patch and my twitch. Let them report back. Enough for them to wriggle out.
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    Katie said in another thread that their show is run by an IT guy who works for multiple projects and has an schedule they must fit in. Thursday was not an option either because there is the regular DBD devshow in that room.

    Sadly it seems like they will be gone for 2 weeks.

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