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No Twitch June 23 & 30

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Without giving away too much of the EC Social Media/Community timetable the next two-ish weeks, do y'all have some things planned to maintain contact to and from the community? Maybe a Thursday Twitch? The two week gulf announcement followed by Valrak's video has the community scared and gunshy, @KatieFleming. The picture of the tank was cool, but the community has seen pictures than never became reality before.

    Can bE get off its butts from worshiping Dead by Daylight to step up its engagement with Eternal Crusade?
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  2. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    The Dead by Daylight team is completely separate from the EC team. They have their weekly Twitch on Thursday's so we can't use that time slot. And it isn't a matter of picking another day either, we have a dedicated guy from IT who runs our shows who is scheduled at certain times outside of his other duties for streams.

    In the meantime the best place for news is always our Steam news page which we update regularly.
  3. Morseth Rockalypse Steam Early Access

    Will see if there would be any useful information about the game on 23/30 instead of stream.
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  4. Keep it a bit more civil guys or I will start removing posts. You can be disappointed and still remain civil in how your express it. I remind you that I am a gamer just like you all and I am in the same boat where I am waiting for content while having to deal with posts on the forums. So this is your only civil warning I am going to give you. Have a good one!
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  5. Dargadon Dargadon Drill Abbott

  6. Dangerisimo Dangerisimo Arkhona Vanguard

    The first step to mending relations with the community is communication.
    Too long have we sat in this echo chamber in our own filth and vitriol, too long have we felt that our railing goes unheard or ignored. No twitch? Okay, but that doesn't mean shut us out.
    More dev interaction on the forums is desperately needed, let us know you're still there. With all these vacations and sick days the community feels alienated and unheard, there's several threads posted every day offering fixes, balances and changes in an effort to work with you.
    And yet almost every one of those threads dies or gets locked because it degenerates into trash. Do the devs even see those threads? Maybe, who knows?
    I want to see this game become lauded as one of the best 40k adaptations since DoW, but that cannot happen unless you, the devs, work with us, the community.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Katie, I know the DbD team has to have playtime too, and they have a community to appease, same as y'all. But right now Behavior posts about y'all's lunch and snack opportunities twice as frequently as they do about EC. I'm sure you know this, but bE's last FOUR EC-related FB posts were on 3/17, 3/21, 3/23, and 5/24, and the one on March 21 was about Maxime, not EC, so technically THREE posts. In the same timeframe DbD had SEVEN.

    I totally get observed holidays - I work for a city and accrue lots of holiday time - but 2.5 weeks of radio silence after 3 weeks of radio silence, with no commentary other than "watch Steam news" while one of the most vocal/visible standard bearers of the community posts a video of his frustrations (really everyone's frustrations, but Valrak's been a long-time preacher of EC so him finally getting to that point should say something,) that has already garnered 10 times the viewership of the latest Into the Warp? THAT message is being seen ten times more frequently than YOUR message, and really at this point one piece of tangible news would put out a lot of the brushfire.

    At best it feels like build up to a huge reveal (what I *hope*,) and at worst it feels like playing for time (what I figure at this point,) or running out the clock (what I dread.) A quick peak around the community (official, unofficial, and just general chatter,) shows a lack of hope and a lack of trust, which scares me.

    I'm not blaming our developers for city/national holidays (that's unreasonable,) but "see you in three weeks," at this juncture, feels a bit like sitting in the trenches, expected to soldier on during a wave of endless Heretics while the Lord Militant is off doing things he promises will make things better "soon."
  9. 1) I hope this is sarcastic. If it is ignore #2.

    2) If you are not being sarcastic, let me explain. Lots of places have city/provincial/national holidays that are "observed," which means you either let your people off or pay them overtime (in the US that's 1.5x your normal working wage.) Most corporations will just give their people the day off to avoid having to pay the overtime on their team, or they will scale back to only 'essential' personnel during that day (and what's 'essential' about a game company?) Chances are on those days there will be an on-call QA staffer, an on-call system engineer, and they will only go in if critical systems are failing. Apart from that the shop will be closed.

    3) Yes, you paid them. I paid them, too; on Day One. Depending on what pack you bought and how far back you bought it, you not only got ALL the RTC you were promised, but you got all the swag without having to pay a point for it. As for YOUR CONTENT, you're being unreasonable to yell at the developers when its not the developers pulling programmers into other projects, or re-allocating funding from EC into other projects. There are system balance issues to resolve before they can get to "your persistent world" and "your terminators." If you think the game is unbalanced or horrible now, just wait until you can auto-deploy a trooper who STARTS the game in Relic Armor with a Power Fist and Stormbolter, or a Chaos Terminator who can do the same, but with a flaming Autocannon... Oh the explosion THAT day will be on the forums...

    Breathe. Focus fire where it belongs. Quit obsessing about HYPOTHETICAL toys you don't (yet) get to play with and work on constructive solutions to the problems with the game as it EXISTS NOW.
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  10. "There is a terrible darkness descending upon this game,
    and we shal not see it ended in our lifetimes."
    Forum poster Samugremus
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