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No Twitch June 23 & 30

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Nah; I don't listen to NEARLY enough emo music to be a Dark Angel. I mean I only listen to 'Friday, I'm in Love" on Fridays if I am - in fact - in love.

    I've gone back and forth with Xeprim and while I appreciated his point of view, it wouldn't surprise me to discover that he was banned. For what specific infraction? I don't know, nor do I really care. Sometimes you cross a line, and if the forum admins banned everyone who said something bad about EC it'd be... me and newbies alone in here. That would suck.

    Then again I also personally think game sign-in activity over a month and forum posting privileges should be linked, so maybe I'm not the best to judge who does and doesn't get the ban.

    I have problems with EC like everybody else, and when they are more than minor annoyances I file my bug reports, talk to Noah and Nathan about it in Discord when I see they are posting, and I move on. I don't come in and swing my crap all over the walls and expect them to take it and like it, and when they come back and explain a situation I listen. You get more done that way and you avoid bans that way. Its also called being an adult.
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  2. I honestly don't pay attention to every single thread, so I don't know what might have happened, or what he may or may not have said. Nobody on here is that interesting to me. I just know that, given our previous conversations, the fact that he is banned doesn't surprise me.
  3. Yup, that's me: blind, dumb sheeple who is totally okay with the Stalinist-like censorship of our heartless Overlords...

    If its cool I'll just go back to my having fun playing Eternal Crusade with my friends while you bask in how right you just were.

  4. Bruttus Recruit

    I'm not sure, but I won't play as Eldar and I don't wanna wait 30 min before entering a game.

    Sorry, I disagree.
    When Katy accepted the roll as Community manager, there where also some responcebility's with it.
    She is a public person.
    I don't care what games she likes, but working for the game industry, she should post screenshots of her gaming progres of EC. That she play's other games, I don't give a sh*t, but aslong if she's working for Nathan, she should considering what she post.
    Heck, in mine country, you can be even fired if you post something negative about your workon social media. Because its public, annybody can see what you have posted on social media.
    Its the same as George Lucas is posting on social media a screenshot of a Star Trek game. You know how many people would react on that?
    She should, like her job describe's, promoting the game, and she doesn't do that. She should activility joining the community. Like that the community bring up idea's for this game, thats not Nathan's job, but Katy's job.
    Posting things on her account about the progres or state of the game, even if it is on her privat account. Thats advertising and promoting.
    Other community mangers that work for other company's or dev. team, they have alway's something near them that promotes theyre stuff, in Katy's officedesk, its just a garbadge, and no trace of annything that can lead that she works for a small team that are working for a certain game.
    So I have the impression that she sit there just for the "money????" and isn't even proud that she's involved with this group of developers that are trying to get this game up.

    And thats why I think that they don't have to ask to the community what they want in the game. If they are proud of the game, they should have a vision about how the game should be. Agree allot of promises where trown away because of various reasons, but there are allot of other lobbyshooters. They can atleast see about why this or that game is succesfull, even if it is a lobbyshooter. I give an excample, the battlefield games, theyre multyplayer is pretty good, why is it??? Just the same with MMORPG's. WoW is still number 1, however other gaming company's have try't to copy the WoW formula, but none have suceeded. WHat did they wrong, and what did Blizard good?

    I disagree with your opinion about that
    Skins and weapons are an extra for the game, they are not game content
    The only time that I considert that we received something was when there was a new fortress map, that was for me a game content.

    Sorry, those campaigns means nothing.
    The basic will still be the same. Winning 10 matches before the time is over, and thats it
    I don't need a writter for it.
    And you have missed my point. Its not about the wright helmet that I'm waiting for, its the char. customization that I'm disapointed am. There is no progres in your char. after lvl 5, you got your vet. and lvl6 is the endgoal, you can't go further. If I go to RO2 Vietnam, and see how the char. progres whille you lvling, I'm happy, because I can unlock new skins.
    In this game, you are forced to make decisions based on your LP. Even with your vet, with 1400 LP, you can't get the haloring on it with champion gear or you are over it.
    If you go to the game overview on this forum, it states this:
    What is Eternal Crusade?
    Online multiplayer 3rd person squad-based
    tactical shooter with tanks in a persistent war

    I don't see anything persistent in this game. The worldmap you say, I don't have the feeling that this or that faction is kicking ass and claiming zone's. Maybe you see it difrent, but not me.

    Yes, its true, the game deserves more, and has allot of potential, but in mine opinion, the dmg is done, and its to late.
    The only reason how to save this game, is completly start from zero, and use the basis from this game to let the other game work.
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  5. Ghetsum Ghetsum First Blood!

    Actually, it was insinuated that the problem were up the chain, not down. So, no, it wasn't directed at players.

    It was also a joke.

    If there's someone who feels like I actually threatened them or intimidated them, they're free to contact me, and they can come over for some scotch and cigars, and we can talk about how bad the newest edition of rules of the tabletop are or something (or maybe how good they are? I don't know, I haven't actually played them yet), because the only people who would read this would be Warhammer 40k fans.
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  6. What if we just want you to THINK we're threatened just so we can get scotch and cigars and talk about the wonders of 8th edition?

    Asking for a friend... ;-)
  7. Ghetsum Ghetsum First Blood!

    I guess the next question would be whether you're in the Philly area :p
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