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No Twitch June 23 & 30

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    There should be like, a stickied thread where people post screenshots (or simply quotes) of what devs say on Discord. Allot of people dont use the said platform but use the actual forum, and im pretty sure all of those people would actually like to read the things the devs say on particular matters that we are oblivious of now (cause well, not everyone uses Discord).
  2. That's why I said "I don't know what of Oveur 's Discord chats can be brought over and published here..." In theory we should be able to copy-paste those discussions over to our heart's content, but I don't know that there's ever been an 'official policy' on the matter. @NoahWard , @KatieFleming , @Oveur ? Would it be okay to copy/paste commentary from you guys from Discord into a section of the forums?

    But the most recent time with Nathan was back on the 16th, somebody cracked a joke about marching down to bE/Bandai headquarters and shaking people till EC gets more funding, Nathan's FIRST words were to the effect of "Yes, please go do that." He then expounded on the limitations of the team and how workflow prioritization has to work around the office to get most of anything done/in motion. Noah is on more frequently, and he tends to give more 'on the ground' comments like, like after chatting with us for a minute he'll say he needs to do a wireframe mock-up of (insert item here) for the 3D artist they just got loaned, or he'll solicit feedback like "OOkay who actually uses the Inventory button? I'm trying to find a place to put the Personal Goals button on the Hub's UI and it strikes me I don't remember the last time I used that feature."

    As a scientist by profession, seeing data and proof of method, or getting direct feedback from the community 'in real time,' I'm MUCH more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt when they state that something is a team limitation, or a matter of Noah trying to give himself a crash-course in Level Design as he's also coordinating the workflow on the art asset integration.

    Hopefully we'll get permission to repost some stuff. I'd easily volunteer a day scouring the Discord to get that started.
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  3. I'd still prefer an ACTUAL answer with supporting information than the summary they only have 1-2 minutes for on the Twitch. Call it my 'need to know.'
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  4. No, I agree with you. The lack of new stuff is frustrating. What I'm saying is that if you ask a question, would you rather the answer be "Soon(tm)" so they can get to more community questions or "We have a guy coming over from the Dead by Daylight team who is really good with (insert spiffy thing here,) but we only get him X hours a day because of their upcoming expac, so we're trying to get the Eldar stuff out first and we'll have him hit some of the new Ork cosmetics after that"? Personally I'd prefer the second one. It shows they are working, they accept their limitations, and have a plan to account for that.
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  5. This is actualy super correct. Time for excuses and talking is over. I want to play a game, i dont want to watch streams with one-year-in-development Terminators and CANADIAN HOLYDAYS (new meme) and other bullshit. I want fucking terminators (or SOMETHING damnit) as soon as possible. And i am starting to think this is not possible at all and was not possible even when they showed concepts.
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  6. Bruttus Recruit

    Not many will play as Eldar in the guild that I'm in it.
    I'm not obessed by Katie, but I just point it out, why only here, well, she's the only 1 that is stuppid enough to post things like that.
    And yes, in mine standpoint she should be, because her job is this: Determining and implementing the online community strategy (in line with the organization's objectives). The interaction with the community (a particular group or network of people)

    The Community Manager is thus the face of the organization within the community, and also actively engages this community with news, publications, conferences and conferences, and so forth. He or she also personally participates in the conversations.
    I don't see her doing this, only posting about when the twitchshows are, and posting the updates. However this is her priority, she neglets about promoting the game, and yes, when I see that there is no EC stuff on her officedesk, but also that she's posting screenshots of other games (But none is from EC) then yes, I believe that she don't do her job well enough.

    The reason why I reply on your reply's towards me, is the fact that you still believe that this ggame is gonna make it. And its not.
    I understand why you wanna defend this and in the beginning, so was I. I had high hopes for it also, but after 2 years owning this game, I don't see anny progress in this game.

    If they wanna make this gmae succesfull, start making new maps and new gameplay.
    For instand, I'm playing RO2 Vietnam, the last couple day's. however the maps are the same, they are huge, you can make strategic decisions and there are difrent kind of gameplay. I don't see it on this game, the maps, even the fortressmaps are to small, and everybody already knows how to attack or defend that sector.
    If they could bring that feeling from RO2 with the huge maps and clear objectives, I would play every day

    But the game advertising right now, thats a bad decision, and in mine opinion a last effort. If you wanna promote and adevertise the game, it had been done before and in the first weeks of the game. Right now, the entire planet knows of EC, and you see the numbers, less then 700 people around the world play this game.

    And for the rest, yes, I feel that i'm being scammed.
    All the prommised things that I hoped for, whent to the trashcan, and yet I try to play the game, because i'm a 40k fanboy
    I went agree with only maps, instead of the planetside 2 meets warhammer 40k
    The char. customization is crap. for some skins, you have to pay RL money, because with the faction RTC, it isn't enough to pay a decent helmet.
    There are alway's lies involved and promisses be made, but none are kept.
    The game that I payed for isn't worht the 50 Euro, and its a shame.

    On the moment that Nathan went to Bandai/Behaviour and asking more funds and people and can back it up, then I will give mine full support back, but not like this.
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  7. And I take it they won't hop in to play against the Eldar, either, which is a shame.

    Slow your role. Lots of people post personal stuff on their personal Twitters. That wasn't the EC Twitter account and so she's allowed to put her own interests on her own feed. If it was on the official EC feed I'd agree with you, but here you're just plain in the wrong.

    And I do feel the community could be leveraged more effectively, but I'm not in change of those decisions, and given what I've seen I doubt the community would do what they were asked to anyway.

    After three years of owning this game (bought my Captain pack 07/03/14) I see progress, so I guess our mileage varies and we'll have to agree to disagree.

    There are EIGHT campaigns ready to deploy, and each will no doubt be dropping more Faction RTC. You not handing them money is your choice, and you're free to make it, but understand its nobody else's fault you're waiting for your 'decent helmet.'

    On that point we agree. @Oveur (and others) need to bust down doors and get more funding/support for this game. It deserves it and it needs it.
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  8. ded gaem
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  9. That's it, just stop right there. That's the bottom line. I also take issue with you saying that there are eight campaigns "ready to deploy", I know you go to great lengths to defend these guys but there are eight campaigns in various states of being worked on (7 being written by a guy in Australia).

    Last thing as an aside, in THIS thread there was a military veteran who offered to kill players on Katie's blacklist... There are angry customers who threatened devs with ugly things before, and these people were banned, but a user who is volunteering to kill customers wasn't reprimanded and did not have that post deleted? Shame. Especially when I know that Ms. Fleming has looked at this thread since the post was made.
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  10. 1) From discussions here and elsewhere, it is obvious to me that the problem isn't the team, but the guys at corporate holding the purse strings. I have ZERO problem with our development team putting the verbal/proverbial/actual fear of God into the people who have let the fact that EC is a Behaviour title slip their minds. Boots to asses. Mercenary sensibility and lead-pipe cruelty. There's a reason we don't have any more 'pie in the sky' developers on the team.

    2) The eight campaigns are approved and they are being written. For me, provided they can demonstrate a solid "full-faction campaign" mechanic, the stories 90% of the player base will be tied into will write themselves. I want the team to have a story so we can learn more about the characters we've already met through the Graham McNeil stories and so there can be actual Lore just like some of the better map campaigns I've run in my local game stores.

    3) Threatening ACTUAL violence should be warned AT LEAST, I agree. Having re-read the posts you're talking about (mine on page 11 and @Ghetsum on page 13) they sound less like "I'm gonna kill players" and more like "Where are the problems; we'll get 'em!" In the very next post he started by saying "But seriously." If I felt Ghetsum's post was threatening to anybody in any way I'd have been the first to hit 'report.'
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