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No Twitch June 23 & 30

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Yeah more waiting and seeing the game dying on steam , Yeah..... God do u even hear us???
  2. Maybe they should take some hints from the Return of Reckoning community? It'll be a bit sad when a rebirthed privately developed game has a higher player base then a commercially developed one.
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  3. Bruttus Recruit

    Can you explain to me how you still have fun if you have to play the game if you are forced to play the same maps. where no reall content update is. Or that you and your friends are forced to wait 30 min in qeue just to play 1 game.
    Where the dev's are lying to his customers
    Where the dev team is reduced almost on a monthly base.

    Defend this game as mutch if you want, I won't stop you, but when people that defended the game with heart and soul, made YouTube video's of it, etc... are leaving the game, because they are disapointed by the state of the game, and theyre disapointment is actually valid, then I wonder if you're intellectual cappacity are normal.
    You tell your friends about the pittfalls of this game. How many friends are returning to this game.
    Ofcourse its fun to play with your friends, but do you really think that they enjoy the long waits?
    Or maybe you don't play as LSM, but 1 of the 3 other factions.
    So the qeue won't be so long then, but again 95% of the time you have to play against LSM.

    For me, well, I haven't played the game for a few weeks, because however I'm a 40k fanboy, but I can't bring myself to open the game and start playing, because I know that i'm forced to wait atleast 30 min before I can play 1 map.
    Just checking the forums from time to time, because still deep, in mine heart, I hope that they change the game or the state of the game.

    But I'm realistic, because I know that Nathan is appointed to keep the game aslong as posible playable. Its just a quick moneygrap.
    The people that leave the office, are not being replaced, and still less and less dev's are working on this game.
  4. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Im not defending this game so point that textwall somewhere else. You could poke someone's eyes out.
  5. Bruttus Recruit

    Yes I see, I quoted the wrong guy, It was for Katzu.
    Sorry, mine bad.
  6. This is easy to the point of comedy. We have fun because we 1) enjoying spending time with each other, 2) take each match as a new challenge and try different things, play with different ideas of capping points, switch up our play styles and just enjoy ourselves, and 3) when the PvP queue is too long, we go play PvE for a while, level alts, hop to another faction and play as them for a bit.

    You play the same maps in tons of games. You play the same game modes in tons of games. What matters is you do the things that you enjoy and you don't do the things that bother you.

    You do know that since Valrak's infamous video he's been back in the game DAILY, right? That he said he's frustrated but he still loves EC and wants it to do well, right? That the ONE video is just his venting/blowing off steam and it doesn't stop him from playing, right? Or is this just yet another attempt to cherry-pick that ONE video and make an entire apocalyptic vision out of it?

    Cause for concern? Yes. Issues that need handling? Of course. End of the world? Hardly.

    And we can spare the insults, if you don't mind. I'm saying if you don't like the game, go and do things you DO enjoy. I'm not questioning your mental capacity and I'd appreciate you not question mine.

    Yeah, we play other factions, but we main LSM. Of the 7 guys I've gotten into the game, only 1 isn't playing right now, because the Steam Sale let him get a game he's been waiting months to pick up, and nobody can fault him for that. We play PvE, PvP or anything else for typically 2-5 hours nightly unless family obligations or illness get in the way.

    And whether we're playing LSM or against LSM, the goal is the same: shoot the peoples, cap the points, blow up the vehicles, and above all else, enjoy playing the game together. This is a team shooter, and whether its our first time on Maggon for the night or our 10th time at Olipsis, no two games play the same way and we don't always play the same thing. Maybe I'm gonna breach for my guys with my storm shield GA this time, or maybe we're gonna all make the LSM hate us by filling the sky with Swooping Hawks. We dunno till we get in there, but we don't let ourselves get bogged down by the 'what ifs' and 'what should bes.' That way lies madness.

    What about you and your friends? How did you guys try to keep the game fresh and enjoy your time together while playing?
  7. Hey @KatieFleming , when should we expect this week's show notes? I can't wait to hear about the upcoming campaign and storyline advancement.

    Yeah, yeah, I hear you guys now: "Soon(tm)"
  8. Bruttus Recruit

    O yes, I'm in a LSMclan.
    And this is the situation that we have now in the clan. 3/4 of the clan aren't playing EC, unles its an clan event.
    1/4 are the fanboy's, that are talking about War 40K and playing the game on regular basis.
    Oure clanleader is daily on TS, but rather play's other games than this crap. His mindset is the same as mine.
    And the last time that I played EC, was a couple weeks ago, when I and mine clanmates where waiting for atleast 1 hour before we could join a game.

    But for the rest, you don't have to convince me, mine mind is already set, that this game is failed, and lost. And if I have to believe the steamcharts about this game, its less then 560 people are playing this game on the last 24h.
    So in this trent, after Aug. there will be again 300 people left that are still playing this game.

    If I remember correctly, you are telling, for defending this game, That you are allot on Discord, and that Nathan answers the questions from people that are on that discord. But then I wonder how it is possible that you still believe Nathan's words. You ask to fix this, Nathan's answer will be we will looking at it. You wants that this or that in the game, Nathan promise that it will be done, And you believe all those things that Nathan's say's. and now I i'm gonna insult you, but you, sir, are a bigger fool than I thought. Nathan's words mean nothing annymore. With all the promisses and lies that he told, I can't believe him annymore.

    He and Katy should leave, and there should be others take in theyre place.
    A couple weeks ago, I saw on Katy's twitteraccount a photo from her desk.
    However there was allot of crap on her desk, there was nothing about EC. By people who are making a game, there is Always something near theyre pc about the game that they are making, direct or inderect.
    They should honestly telling how the state of the game is, we are no fools, we see whats going on.
    The only thing what most people are waiting is when they pull the plugg off
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  9. I'm not one to tell you or your guild how to operate, but of that 3/4 doing something else, how many are playing new games from the Steam Sale? How many are waiting for the Eldar campaign? How many are ACTUALLY just done playing EC entirely (which if you're an EC guild, why re they still there?)

    Then move on and quit letting it bother you, unless of course its not lost in your mind and you're just raging to rage, in which case why aren't you doing the things in game you find enjoyable? Certainly getting on the forums and yelling "the end is come" can't be fun for as long as you've been doing it.

    I don't know what of @Oveur 's Discord chats can be brought over and published here, but its more in depth than what gets said on Into the Warp where they only have so much time to pass info along. He's gone into specifics, limitations on him and the team, DETAILS of things. Whether you believe him or not, he provides enough data and explains the process, which as a chemist and lab analyst who focuses on presentation and interpretation of data makes a HELL of a lot more likely scenario than "NathanandKatiedon'tcaregameisdeadblergh." I don't believe blindly, but when a case gets made and its points are valid even if I don't like it I have to accept it.

    Oh my metric Jesus you are so obsessed with Katie its unreal. And so for the fourth time now because you haven't caught it the last three times you've had it spoon-fed to you, Katie is a Community Manager. That's a Mass Communication/Journalism/Public Relations career path and not programming, and so has NOTHING TO DO with making the game. I'd rather be a fool than to be so dense as to have to be told a fact four times and still remain willfully ignorant to it.

    Your position seems to be that the (non-programmer) community manager should have detailed reams of code or whatever sitting on her desk if she cares about the game. That makes as much sense as saying I need to have gallons of acid at my desk and I have to constantly post about chemistry and environmental science on my Twitter or I don't care about my job. That makes NO sense.

    But for the sake of argument I went and looked the image up. I take it you mean THIS picture?

    Lets see... So there's a stuffed parrot (ie Jasper,) some grenades (cuz 'grenade queen,') a Lara Croft figure (cuz Katie's crazy about Lara Croft,) some ETERNAL CRUSADE community art submissions (which are OBVIOUSLY NOT ETERNAL CRUSADE RELATED IN ANY WAY,) and over in the cor... well what's that? That looks like the corner of a tabletop 40k Administratum or Mechanicum building and "Space Marine: Warriors of the Imperium, Volume 1" (which both obviously have NOTHING TO DO WITH ETERNAL CRUSADE.)

    If you hate Eternal Crusade then get the enjoyment you can out of it and just go wait for the next 40k game. I don't understand your pathological need to whine and cry about how you feel you've been cheated (in your shoes I would have just saved myself the grief already,) or about how Katie actually has a life outside of her work that she actually enjoys.
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  10. Perhaps you can enlighten the rest of the community, or at least those who do not participate on discord, as to some of the highlights and explanations that Nathan gives for things? It seems that many of the people who frequent discord have a much more optimistic view of the game then those who are left out of the information loop. We are missing the details you are talking about, and while I personally would love to believe things are shitty because "reasons" (I know and you don't), as opposed to Nathan and Katie don't care the game is dead, others might like to visit these forums and not feel angry about what's happening here and with the game. So if you are truly the last white knight here please enlighten us.
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