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No Playable Imperial Guard? :(

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wisdomcube2000, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Citation?

    Also, The IG have a real problem with Orks. You think they could have hoped to hold Armageddon without the Space Marines?
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  2. Kunitsa Kunitsa Well-Known Member

    As much as i like to discuss with you, later okay? ;)
  3. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    You do realize that Space Marines aren't going to be at full novel strength anyway, right? In fact, they're probably going to be nerfed below Tabletop strength.

    There isn't a single faction in the whole 40k universe that can take on Tabletop-strength Space Marines at a 1:1 ratio, much less novel-strength Space Marines. Except Chaos Marines of course, because they are Space Marines too. That's why chapters are able to only have 1000 people without hundreds of chapters being erased from history every time they get in a fight.

    As I mentioned earlier, if this game has anything resembling a decent population then the Space Marines are going to take over 100,000 casualties within a week, and most of those will be Ultramarines. Considering Ultramarines are codex-compliant, that means the entire chapter is going to be wiped out at least twenty times over.

    So any Space Marine player who is expecting to be as powerful as the main character of a Space Marine novel, or even the Space Marine game, you might as well give up on that right now. It's not going to happen.

    So the way I see it, the Imperial Guard can take on most factions at reasonable (even if still not favorable) ratios, and can actually fight the Orks while outnumbered. Space Marines are the sole exception, but they *can* fight Space Marines on Tabletop, and in this game I expect them to be below Tabletop strength in order to balance them with the Eldar/Orks in the first place. Therefore, the Imperial Guard will be viable with minimal adjustments.
  4. I just don't think it is practical, and it gives humanity two factions in the game compared to the one of the others, plus a lone guardsman of any class its still weaker then any other race here. Their weapons are less effective and their armour is crummy, so trying to aug them to work as standalone characters game just is not practical. Lets have them as supporting cast and perhaps specialist missions, but overall they wouldn't really fit.
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  5. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    Then don't wander around by yourself? The Imperial Guard will just be more teamplay oriented than other factions. Emperor forbid that teammates in an MMO wargame need to support each other. Even if all we have are transports, a Chimera can eat any other faction's equivalent for breakfast.

    If SMs get a Land Raider then other factions better get their heavy vehicles too though, that thing's more of a battle fortress than a "transport". >_>

    As far as them and Space Marines not being allied, I doubt this game is going to be canon anyway, but we can make them "officially" friends while still able to fight against each other with some clever map design.

    Let them be enemies just like all the other factions, but place them far apart. Thus they will rarely fight each other outside of "misunderstandings" and "Friendly fire incidents". If they want to ally up, they can get in transports and drive/fly to the side that needs support.

    Of course, this means only one of them can "win", but that is a pretty typical 40k situation: technically they're on the same side, but if one wants to achieve their objective they're going to have to hang the other out to dry.
  6. CreatorOfMoon Creator Well-Known Member

    Teamplay ? you think ten guard who play in teamplay can beat ten SM who play in teamplay too ? You can have one bug on shoe or 10 against 10 shoes, it's the same you cannot beat them.

    All of you know it's impossible, there are not the same strengh, but you love play with IG so you impose your race just because you love them, I love Necrons and Grey Knight, but i don't want them in the game because there are over powered for GK and difficult with 'We'll Be Back'' for the Necrons, i don't impose my idea just because i love them.
    Try do the same
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  7. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    They can if two of those ten bring a Chimera. Oh, the Space Marines brought a Rhino? Too bad the Chimera eats it for breakfast, and can now support the Guardsmen against the surviving Space Marines. That's called playing to your faction's strengths.

    If the Guardsmen play to their strengths and out-play the SMs, especially the nerfed SMs that I 100% guarantee you this game will have even without Guardsmen, the Guardsmen will win. If the SMs play to *their* strengths and out-play the Guardsmen, then naturally the SMs will win. And that is called balance.

    And a Space Marine can't lecture anyone on having their imbalanced faction put into a game because it's popular. Everyone knows that Space Marines are OP 1v1 against absolutely anyone else. :rolleyes:
  8. Wisdomcube Wisdomcube Subordinate

    Sorry about that, in my excitement of finding the game, I forgot my forum search etiquette, though I didn't see it on the first page, so I figured go ahead lol.
  9. CreatorOfMoon Creator Well-Known Member

    Razorback, more easy more strong and a chimera don't eat it for breakfast. :rolleyes:
    First always think about ALL the SM tanks -_-

    Oh, and 10 Marines can easily killed 10 guard, you just stupid if you think the contrary.
    When Kunitsa say about Karskin and stormtrooper, OK
    But for guardsmen ... You never open a book right ? Arbites are more strongh than guardsmen ...
  10. Wisdomcube Wisdomcube Subordinate

    Yeah I'm not sure why adding the IG is so offensive to the games lore (I've only played the video game adaptions of it, so I'm not too familiar to the tabletop games, sorry lol). They can hold their own fairly well in the RTS games with a nice variety of units and abilities that together can counter whatever race gets thrown their way. Also in the latest DoW, it always seemed like the Elder were the squishiest in terms of hp and stuff, and they're are going to be a selectable race, so I don't see why the IG would be so bad as an additional force for the Space Marines/Imperium of Man side.
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