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No open world at launch?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vaellyn, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    You people do remember that the plan is to have more then 2 armies on field at a time, right?

    Map design with time should go for 3-4 sides, king of the hill battles, odd temporary alliance here and there if one army proves too dominant etc.
  2. MindEmpty MindEmpty Subscriber

    That makes me so excited I hope it comes true!!!!:)
  3. That sounds just like every shooter ever. And it doesn't seem Wh 40k like.
    The only game that has massive shooter battles is Planetside 2. And that game gets stale from time to time.
  4. Roopevil roopevil Arkhona Vanguard

    they have a goal of 500+ players battle Ohhh i can right now feel the fps and ping issues .. that 64 players matches were pain in the *** ... fps were ok but ping !!! they neeed reallly really really good servers and tonnes of money to do anything like that
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  5. Shas'ui yen'shi Zatoichi Active Member

    I don't remember 1000vs1000 has ever been evoked, considering they were just saying it would be the most massive battles ever made, and even 1000 was never been made until a few months in PS2.

    Hence, no open world nor international server featuring roughly 1000 players battles, but step by step open world starting at release with regionalized servers, which is quite more realistic than the fancy promises of the pre alpha.
  6. Judge Judge Curator

    Maybe one day they could fullfil those pre-alpha promises, this game is set to last for years. Also, those who are against 1000vs1000 battles are maybe forgetting that in the future, the plan is to have a huge full open world, where those kinds of battles could happen and will not be a 1000vs1000 shooter room (that would be nuts). That's why this game encourages soo much the guilds of players, so one day we can actually fight like a real army (not just a bunch of kiddies trying to be rambo).
  7. Crioxus Arigulius Crioxus Arkhona Vanguard

    Miguel was a great business. He sold a dream, he sold an impossible project achieve, as always ...
    Now, although the result we will see the day or the game will be officially launched. When ? Maybe end 2016.
  8. Pinktea Recruit

    I just wonder how the game is suppose to last for years. They are launching it, from what it seems, as a battlefield in the warhammer 40k universe, perhaps some pve content included that doesn't seem to have been started on yet. Anyway, using the income from those initial sales + the ones they get now will somehow last to make a big mmo. It requires a lot of copies sold + enough lasting players that are willing to spend enough in the cash shop. Most likely they will keep develop the game as much as they can, but I fail to see how they will generate incomes for like 10years with incomes from a launch this summer with whatev content we will end up in and then only cash shop (expansions have been promised to be free).
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  9. Doombane Vaellyn Cipher

    After reading some of these comments, I understand what is going on. I see where they are coming from, loosing their designer and whatnot. I just really hope this game doesn't fail to deliver what we all came here for. I love Warhammer and this game is something I've been waiting for since I first ever began the table top. I think the addition of the two Xenos factions will help move things along, and I will be excited to see the boundaries that will be up knocked down in the future.
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  10. Shas'ui yen'shi Zatoichi Active Member

    i don't think they'll lose anything, the common captain is quite pragmatic and announce what can be done only, not trying to despise Miguel who I did like, the former team just had back luck with the pico tech as far as I've followed the dev of the project.
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