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No open world at launch?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vaellyn, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Doombane Vaellyn Cipher

    Okay guys, I'm really worried about recent developments that I've heard about through the grapevine.

    Is the open world PvP conquest we promised not going to be delivered at launch? That would make this game an updated Space Marine game, which we all know is going to be shit.....

    Why the hell would they rush the release date without an actual open world? I don't want to play round based battles that simulate the "open world" feel. That was not what we were promised.
  2. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    "Recent" developments, as in one year old. In short, there will be no open world on launch, there will just be massive battles. The tech they tried for it wasn't working quite as they expected. There will be persistent map and they will gradualy merge territories until they can open it all up.
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  3. Jericho Jericho Forum Beta Tester

    Sorry you lost me there but enjoy your thread where ever it goes
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  4. Miguel Carron promised us open world and 1000 vs 1000 battles.:D BUT HE IS GONE. Nathan came and destroyed our dreams about large scale battles. But Nathan is much better then Miguel, because he is not feeding us with fairy tales, he promises us only what bEhaviour can actually DO.
  5. Ugh god, even if that were possible I would not enjoy 1000v1000 battles.

    40v40+ zerg battles in Warhammer Online were bad enough....
  6. It's an alpha, it hasn't been 'launched' yet


    Agreed, that's what RTS games are for
  7. I think 100 vs 100 on the relevant size map will be just good.
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  8. Even that could be dicey.

    I can imagine the PC death squads unleashing balls of fury over and over in unison.

    Warhammer Bomb Groups all over again...*shudder* haha
  9. plz no
  10. Well im realist and i realise that devs just cant do more then 150 vs 150 on map in the very best case. They have problems with 32 vs 32 even, so you better forget 1000 vs 1000.:D

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