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No Nerfing

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by More Dakka, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. More Dakka New Member

    Is anyone else tired of getting a game and it's great for the first 1-3 months and then all the whiners come out of the woodwork, cry OP, and then everything gets "balanced" and the game just turns to shit?

    That is my fear for this and every other game that comes out now.
    Classes totally change, weapons become useless, it really destroys games.
    Let the players find ways to overcome things don't just dumb down everything.
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  2. They did it too PS2.
    Fing whiners get on my nerves.
  3. Chompster Chompster Subordinate

    it's going to happen regardless, while one finds it to be annoying and whining. Others see as a game braking issue. hopefully as much as possible can get buffed out during alpha and beta but balancing after release is bound to happen once you start playing on a larger scale and things start taking different effect.

    As much as i would LOVE a pure lore abiding Wh40K game it simply isn't going to work. SM and CSM would go unopposed leaving the eldar and Orks with slim to no chance of making any progress(they'r already in the minority)
  4. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester

    I know exactly what you mean, though I fear it may happen all the same.

    I've seen it with Planet Side 2, sadly. Know it seems like one faction is favored for OP over others. Both with infantry weapons and vehicles.

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