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Discussion in 'Eldar' started by CaptainNemo, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate


    Thanks for delivering Wiler. Forum salt is part of a healthy diet.
  2. The only two nerfs they need are:
    • Remove double Melta Bomb
    • Add a bit of recoil to the guns without recoil
  3. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Ahum... do explain how this should work out. Anxious to hear that:D
  4. And what would you give us in return?
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  5. Undo the Reaper Launcher changes
  6. How's that help us in AV. You make every other race just better at AV due to how melts bombs work. Now don't get me wrong I am by no means saying keep Eldar 2x melta.
  7. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Either troll or not really thinking things trough. That's why I asked him to elaborate on how he wants to make this happen. Usually, their own words betray their thoughtlessness. Then again, maybe he would have suprised us all with a well thoughout and workable solution... :)

    To Mr. Data there: You really need to ponder what would differentiate a single melta bomb FD from a Tactical with a melta bomb and Melta Gun. You would need to come to the conclusion that... it's that the FD wouldn't have a capture key, would be weaker but 15% faster. Then you would need to face the decision: Does this sound balanced and fair? Then you should come to the conclusion that no, given the current game design paradigm, this wouldn't be fair at all and such a change would require a quasi rat-tail of changes to happen to be workable. Long story short: Taking away double melta bomb wouldn't be fair or balanced, current game design doesn't allow for such a change without becoming a serious, crippling nerf to an already quite pressed faction.

    And yes, Reaper Launcher needs to be looked at as per Brent's admission to having overnerfed it... what, a year ago?:p

    Also: What weapon requires more recoil? This smells like it's aimed at the Hawks?
  8. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    40k is an odd spectical of a gaming franchise because people will often gravitate towards where their interests lie. For the bulk of fans that means playing Marines as most the content of 40k is based on the various marine chapters.

    Eldar do not have as big a following so see fewer players running the faction, simple as that.
  9. What annoys me the most is all this "Firedragon Spam" that is being banded about... normally its only 2 players running Firedragon. Its the fact that we also have one, maybe two, hawks running support and the fact we can get there fast to deal with the vehicles. The only time we run more than 2 firedragons is on fortress maps, when we have to cover two entry points, then you might get 4 firedragons with 2 reaper launchers as support.

    However, as Lady pointed out, its the fact that it takes 7 Eldar players to co-ordinate a trigger battle in a war party. After that the pugs take over and the war party gets shoved to the back of the queue for every map.
  10. I tried to play Eldar for 1 week now. No games in EU, not even in prime time.
    I assume there is no future for Eldar in EC, but at this point I seriously doubt there is a future for the whole game.

    Without updates and some clear annoucements from behaviour this game won't last until Fall 2018.

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