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Discussion in 'Eldar' started by CaptainNemo, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. right... look at how well chaos is doing


    or LSM

    Your territories are untouchable

    Orkz have no Kommandoz in game, do you know what a Kommando is? No, we have loota, stormboy, shoota and slugga, Slugga arent stealth at all they are just another standard Shieldbro, if you can't see them coming you need to check your eyes
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  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Keep playing for a couple more months before saying to veterans that they are wrong
    the Kommando is the ork elite its in game

    Eldar cant lose territory if they dont have matches , if eldar have that much territory its because the only eldar matches are played by a full stack of myst and not pugs

    i dont even want to reply to your previous post , you just talk without any argument , any clue about what your talking , not using any maths what so ever .... so basically shitposting

    if u want to improve and understand how the game works we can show you , but if u want to keep complaining about eldar beign Op then : GitGud or keep crying

    Eldar is a noob destroyer race sorry...
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  3. -Do no try to defend the movement of your vehicles, when you get inside one of them this song automatically plays "
    " while you chase everyone around, try to stick an explosive on one of those vehicles being actively driven without dying in the process, I dare you.
    -Vindictator is aviable in only 1 single MAP
    -Scorpions arent predators they are WORSE they are totally invisible after 5 meters unless you are playing the same faction
    -Your gun has a speed of 750mph it does way more damage in less time than a bolter and have 55/220 rounds, what the hell are you talking about!?
    -The only time an eldar is squishy is when you have poisonous rounds or shit like that because they can also stack crazy armor.
    -Its also easy to talk about head shots or even body shot when you are tiny and slim as fuck, LSM, CSM and Orkz probably have twice the size of your hit boxes
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  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I feel like this dreadfully inaccurate post hasn't been addressed the right way yet:
    -Yes, Hawks can fly over the entire map in a matter of seconds, even the big ones like Torias. They are the hardest class to play in this game but the most effective once you figure it out IMO. In terms of overall combat effectiveness, they are on par with Shoota-boys and Traitor Marines, making up the S-A+ Tier but they aren't widely superior to any asset, only much less intuitive to counter. Hawks are awesome for carry players to farm pugs.
    -Our vehicles are identical only with less EHP, additional weakspots and the abilitity to glide sidewards at slightly slower pace. Thats it.
    -This is flat out untrue. Eldar vehicle weaponry is directly subpar, no Eldar tank will ever win a direct confrontation with a Predator. Our Vehicles are good to run people over but that's all they are good for.
    -Our basic rifle has a DPS of 250, compared to the Boltgun's 232. There is no difference in accuracy or recoil, we have less damage/clip and subpar modding capabilities.
    -Yes, and invisibility is useless.
    -The Lashsword is precisely as balanced/unbalanced as the Necrotic Chainsword. I think both should cost more LP, thats it!
    -No, in fact I believe only three of our classes have 100+ base armour. The 50HP are a significant drawback as soon as healers get involved, in particular pocket-healing, so is the lack of toughness. Besides, almost all Eldar builds will end up with significantly less armour compared to their counter-parts. In particular this hurts the Banshee and the Dire Avenger.

    As for the territories, as Krayt said: Most Eldar games you will enter have at least a small warparty in it. In every match I play there are (without party) about 3-5 players I know by name and can rely on to play the game well.
    Additionally, there are almost always at least 1-2 carry-players who are equal to the very best Space Marines outside of Blop.
    Fianlly: There is a way I know, a match is lost and that is when the team doesn't talk to me.
    An Eldar match without coordination is impossible. We communicate a lot, because we have to. Nothing we do happens randomly.
  5. Lore wise Kommando is supposed to be an Ork that can camouflage since they are rareboyz, we don't have that, they use that name to refer to the elites? well that is bad and wrong.

    You say you can help me understand how it works, go on. none of you have done it yet, the last guy here said "INVISIBILITY IS USELESS" which I don't know how to take.
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  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Yes Swooping hawks are the most agile class in the entire game and the most fragile at the same time

    Eldar transports can move left and right not only straight forward and have better acceleration than other races , they pay that by having 3200 less hp (4800)

    Noope, eldar vehicles will lose any vehicle vs vehicle fight , the only vehicle capable of doing damage is the siege one , only usable in fortress modes like the vindicator , and unlike the last one he doesnt one shot

    Nope , our basic rifle does 20 damage per bullet and 750 rpm wich means he has 250 dps wich means that he will " obliterate" 350 armor in 1.4 sec or 18 shots , see ? its called math

    Kommandos or slugga for Orks

    Orks can , please play the fucking game

    bullshit , all eldar classes have 50 less Hp and warlock+swooping hawk+avenger only have 75 armor , our armor regen is the same as all the other factions and since trinkets give you bonus with % of ur stats we gain less stats overral with trinkets

    Right now we blame your lack of knowledge

    Then use your fucking brain and use a lascanon instead of melta bombs ffs , A BRAIN , why would u rush a fucking landmower with a meltabomb when u can 3 shot it from the other side of the map?????????
    we have 3 fortress maps , not one , but keep trying
    What ? havent you said that ork invisibility was shit ? its same for eldar , use your fucking eyes

    Avenger catapult : 250 DPS
    Bolter cqc : 233.1 DPS

    Naked Marine : 300 ehp
    Naked Avenger : 225 ehp

    Ttk marine vs avenger: 0.96 sec
    ttk avenger vs marine : 1.2 sec

    catapult have 55 ammo , bolter is can get up to 60 per mag with drum mag
    so catapult can get 1100 damage per mag and bolter 2520

    do you understand now ? you need to take into account the class with it not only the gun

    but we cant stack as many armor/hp/toughness as other races

    Thats a scrub argument , learn to aim , eldar's head are the same size (if not bigger) than lsm/csm ,

    Your knowledge of the game is lacking , keep playing the game and come back later when u will have all races leveled up at least

    Edit : just saw that you asked to understand so sorry if my message is too agressive , i am too lazy to change it now the post is too big , but yeah feel free to ask if u need an explanation on some points that u dont understand

    Edit 2 : here is a pic of the kommando
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  7. No biggies, I have to buy that.
  8. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

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  9. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

  10. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Well its 25 bucks for a shit veteran ... at least it looks cool but besides that he is pretty meh... and you can only use it once per match

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