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Night Lord Design

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Two_Face, May 11, 2014.


How scary should Night-Lords be?

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  1. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    You guys are really making me want to play Night Lords.
  2. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Reminded me of Eidolon and the Warsinger. If EmpCs ever make it to EC the 2 Legions combined will deafen even the Waaagh.
  3. There are few things the Night Lords agree with anybody on.

    But the Children have the right idea with the use of body-rupturing sound.
  4. Skarboy Skarboy Well-Known Member

    Well actually within ADB's trilogy it mentions the lightning pattern on their armor. And in the Chaos Codex is a great picture of the Night Lords, lightning included.
  5. Fox Fox Active Member

    First hand experience... you need first hand experience. Trying to comprehend an irrational emotion isn't going to happen without first hand experience. Once you have that, then you can play shooter games and identify those emotions you mistook for simple adrenaline.
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  6. Fox Fox Active Member

    Night vision and their classic howling warcry, let people know you're coming, then attack later.
  7. Two_Face New Member

    It's sweet to see so much love for my little NL topic, and as for incorporating the "Fear" into gameplay, I think a big thing needs to be that they're only truly scary at night. I completely agree a NL charging you at daytime isn't scary (nor that he really could/should be), any CSM would look just as intimidating, but at night time..

    In my head the NL have an ability that only works at night/in darkness that lets them be effectively invisible, the NL could look like this (a la infiltrators in Ps2):
    Full Size (unlike Ps2 infiltrators, the NL would basically look like a shadow):

    To counter this being imbalanced, they could only use a melee weapon from this state. I don't think anybody could disagree being able to just appear from the shadows for a little stabby-stabby funtimes isn't pefect to encapsulate a NL. And on the flipside, I think it would be nicely horrifying announcing "there is a NL bastard stalking us", and having to figure out where he is, whilst avoiding getting ganked >: D
  8. Fino Fino Well-Known Member

    Have you guys played Warframe?There is a nice mechanic there that could be used for the NL.
    There is an entity called The Stalker in the game.He hunts down players that have defeated the game bosses.
    He can show up at any time,anywhere(even in stuff where he is not supposed to,like the tutorial),as long as you are being Stalked.
    When he shows up,your hud becomes blurred,your vision becomes foggy,every light source flickers,you hear a somewhat disturbing sound,and recive a threat via text,something of the lines of "I know your every move".
    He does this 3 times before actually showing up,with the threats becoming more and more...threatening.


    Now he could have this effect on the shriek(minus the text threats).
    Imagine,you shriek near enough an enemy,and his hud become blurred,his vision foggy.And he knows you are coming for him.
    The effect could also become stronger the more NL are shrieking,and the less enemies are hearing it.
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  9. Bajinda Bajinda Curator

    I think that we mostly agree on the level of scariness wanted .:p

  10. The scream when activated could come from different directions making the target disoriented by not knowing which way the sound is coming from.

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