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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Elius' lip raised slightly and the thought of having to fight such a creatures. 'I was built and bred for war,' he thought to himself in pride since he believed such a skirmish was beneath an Astarte. No matter, however; as it seemed the others in the squad did not share the same belief. And perhaps, at last these fiends would give some sort of insight as to what is going on on this, seemingly, abandoned world.

    During his pause in thought, Elius witnessed his brother Strah take off in flight to meet the enemy. Now, while Elius was by no means pleased with how things had gone to this point or even this battle with these xenos, he was not one to ignore a friendly challenge. "You dare seek to strike without me, brother? I see they skipped the patient organ in your implantation process," he said in an almost crazed tone followed by sinister laughing. And with out another moments hesitation, Elius activated his jump pack and came crashing down right next to Strah. His chainsword roared to light as Elius thrust for blood became visible in battle.

    OOC: Jump pack over the fence to @Colapse and using final action as attack with chainsword.
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "I see now why Sanguinius wears one of these things as a coat." The Apothecary spat, wiping the blood of his visor with the back of his hand. But before much else could be said or done, enemies from all around started jumping up. He disliked breaking his prior vow to protect the remembrancer, but was in relief to see another member of the claw protect her. Words would be redundant. And so he pulled his bolter out with one hand and rushed to the side of Jeresh who got the worst of the Carnodon.

    "Let me see that wound." The Shadow Doc snarled in a semi-commanding tone, as if expecting his patient to struggle like some bundle of pride that might be expected more of an Emperor's Child than a Night Lord. Without much glee, but purpose he got to work and started mending the flesh and bone where needed to get the fellow Astartes back into proper combat shape and relief him of his limp.

    While performing his duty as healer, the bolter never left his second hand, ready to unleash vengeance in humanity's name. Just then on his diagnostor helmet he saw two of his brethren take to great distance.

    @matt23 & @Colapse
    "Do not dare stride too far. Would be a shame if you chewed more than you can swallow." The Apothecary disliked jump pack patrons because they enjoyed close quarter combat a little bit... Too much. Nonetheless they were required, he hoped these 'younglings' knew when it was time to back off.

    1 Heal Action on Kar Jeresh.
    1 Overwatch Action with Bolter, shooting closest visible Saurid after performing heal.
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  3. Skell growled to himself as he moved his injured arm a bit, his body should repair itself soon enough but they pain was there. Damned beast was tough and able to get through power armor, he didn’t expect that but then again who would? He felt a tinge of fear within himself as he looked at the now lifeless body of the creature and he growled to himself again. He wanted to kill the thing himself but it proved too powerful and the squad had to help him. Shameful, shameful at best, he cannot take the pelt of this creature now which disappointed him. It before he could give himself a mental lashing more creatures appeared. “If there is one there are others as some may say but I do not be they would have guessed a lion would summon lizards.” Skell said as he took in the situation better, wondering what he could or should do. The safest option would be to shoot from here and let his body heal but the redeeming option would be to jump pack over and lay into these clearly less dangerous(in melee) opponents. After a few seconds he had decided as he activated his jump pack and soared for a moment before coming crashing down to start killing.

    OOC: Jump pack over and hit with chain glaive
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  4. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    The sudden assault by these ungodly creatures startled the musician, who very nearly dropped the writing implements that appeared bolted to her hands (perhaps proving that they were, in fact, not an affixed feature of Mamzel Kersaara). She bit down an undignified shriek although a rather surprised grunt still made its way past her lips as the Nostraman scrambled to stow the stationary in her satchel, exchanging it for her laspistol. Not that she entirely trusted the thing, but... better safe than sorry. Quickly as her artificial vigour of youth would bear her, the slender composer slinked back around the corner and the van, simultaneously trying to hide from sight and to get a good view of the action.

    OOC: Moving behind the civilian vehicle and trying not to attract too much undue attention.
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  5. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    "Tagging the beast for retrieval," Tarron Sarcarin remarked over the Claw Vox. "I can have the pelt prepared for you, Sergeant, should you like to make your claim to the trophy."

    Then gunfire erupted across the field.

    "See to him, Apothecary," he advised Raxus, though he saw that their mender already had the same idea, attending to the injured, while Sarcarin climbed out of his vehicle and scooted across the front seats to drop out of it, leaving the doors open for a clear line of sight toward the advancing Xenos. He stayed in cover, alongside the Remembrancer, glancing aside to her momentarily to check her status. "Prudent as ever, Mamzel," he remarked softly, as he moved along the vehicle to stay in cover near the front, leaving the Remembrancer in view. Drawing his boltgun, he used the front of the vehicle to steady his shot as he squeezed the trigger and returned fire upon the Xenos.
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    The first rush of saurids towards the chain fence was met with grim precision by Von and Falchion who took every chance to make their shots count, one of Von's striking true and hitting one right between its eyes. Its skull exploded in a mist of red and bone fragments, the haze putting his second shot out by offering just enough obscurement that his second just hit a limb. The shot grazed the saurid, which growled in pain and kept running. Falchion shot the next with a solid body hit. They were tough, but the mass-reactive round took no heed of that. It dropped the saurid but its comrade hurdled the body. It was as if the blood drove them on. Falchion could see one of the saurids bracing as if to jump and vault up to the top of the fence as the whine of a jump pack behind him powered up.

    Enlivened by the prospect of bloodshed, Strah was the first to take to the air. Jump pack roaring into life he surged upwards, the short distance nothing more than a quick jump away. It was easy to overfly the first attack and it bore a dividend of its own - not only the unprotected back of the enemy, bared to his claws, but a sight of a second, more organised group of foes making ready to counter-attack. As he descended, Strah took advantage of surprise to impale one of the saurids through the back of its spine. It wasn't a good blow, but it served its purpose, his second claw bisecting the rest of the torso messily. The sharp cry and sudden appearance of the enemy among them caught the advancing troops in a vice of indecision, and Strah could smell a sharp scent through his helmet's senses - a reptilian musk of fear. Just as he took a microsecond the savour it, Elius dropped out of the sky to his left like a thunderbolt, ripping through another saurid in a shower of gore as his chainsword bit home.

    "You dare seek to strike without me, brother? I see they skipped the patient organ in your implantation process," he said, harsh laughter rippling out from his helm like an echo of the powered blade's teeth. He and Strah had nothing between them and the three unhurt saurids who were still running forward, in fear of the enemy, or desire for attack - he couldn't say for sure. Either way, blood was spilled, a curiously bright red in the dim moonlight.

    Back at the vehicles, Rhyneon took up a defensive stance, his meltagun held ready. A few metal wires weren't going to stop the flame, more they would be a simple blast of glitter to herald oblivion. He could see that a couple of the squad were less than full strength, but thankfully their Apothecary was applying his training faultlessly and moving to assist. Rhyneon's senses parsed the night air, the screams of the dying, the subtler purr of powered armour on the move - aware that attack could come from any direction. He was vigilant, a force for retribution waiting in the darkness. Raxus for his part made his way swiftly to Jeresh, commanding his commanding officer in the tones of a medicae who expects his patient to obey. Perhaps to his surprise, it worked. Kar held still while Raxus worked. The armour had saved him from bloodier wounds - most of the injuries were due to being pulped under the carnodon's massive form. He healed quickly, and Raxus knew how to stimulate the internal repair mechanisms gene-crafted into his blood. A little work with an injection here, manually pulling apart some of the more compacted sections of ceramite there and the Sergeant would be fine. So long as he avoided getting under any more trouble for a few more minutes. The Shadow Doc took a snap shot at the lead saurid still standing, almost casually using the bat-winged crest on the Sergeant's helmet as a sighting aid. It caught the saurid low in one leg, dropping it.

    Next to the dead carnodon - the body bleeding heat into the night air - Skell berated himself. He could have killed the beast on his own. He should have. It wasn't enough to simply be the terror that comes in the night - he ought to be able to deal death whenever he chose. His bitter self-reflection was soon leavened by a practical streak, one that lead him to warn the others that there might be more carnodons close by. If such a thing hunted in packs, they would be a force far greater than these lizardlike mockeries of men. His and Rhyneon's helmet lenses met briefly as each scanned for threats. Then he leaped skywards. A couple of heartbearts later, his chainglaive lead the way down as he dropped onto the outermost saurid, herding its fellows back to Strah and Elius, decapitating his foe in a textbook strike.

    "I can have the pelt prepared for you, Sergeant, should you like to make your claim to the trophy." Sarcarin offered dryly, leaning in a little to where Jeresh was standing, still adjusting the neck seals on his battle-plate. The Sergeant growled a little in response, evidently taking it for sarcastic humour whether or not Tarron meant it as such. He took a prudent approach, using the vehicles as cover even while he glanced over to make sure that the fragile Remembrancer was safe. He took a shot where he was able, but in the sudden chaos of three Night Lords falling on the enemy from the skies he couldn't be sure if he hit the saurid or if it was riven from existence by one of his enthusiastic brethren.

    Mamzel Kersaara, meanwhile, was making good use of the well-honed survival instincts Nostramo bred in its children. Stuffing the tools of her trade into her bag she found a corner both sheltered and with a view of the fight, another trait that had served her well. Her night vision was good, not as good as the genhanced version given to the Brothers but acute enough to see the battle. It was a bloody shambles, the saurids taken down swiftly and often in pieces. A brutal death quite fascinating in its sudden totality. Should pagan notions such as a soul have any currency, she'd swear that a soul severed so quickly wouldn't even have time to realise that it was dead.

    Two saurids remained, one virtually underfoot as it clawed up at the assaulting Night Lords with a shaking arm and stabbed with its blade. The first blow skittered off powered armour with a shrill sound, not even scratching the paint, but the second - driven upward by desperation - hit Elius in the vulnerable join between his leg armour and the hip, the armour just turning it aside from a groin hit. The sharp pain felt cold, surprise as much as anything. Its last standing comrade snarled, bringing up its crude firearm in a display of final defiance. But - as it fired - its hand shook. Strah took the hit this time, the solid slug impacting on his armour's chestplate just below the winged skull. It was a good shot, but it failed handily. If anything, the skull-faced helm only grinned more widely. Surely a trick of the light. A second later, the saurid's head exploded from behind, decorating Strah with more sanguine trophies.

    "Having a little trouble there, Brothers?" Davode's voice rang out over the vox. There had to be a reason the man was nicknamed Thescoro, after all. His shot completed the extinction of the vanguard as someone stomped down on the remaining saurid. Bloody scraps and bisected bodies were little impediment to the Night Haunter's sons.

    Seeing the destruction - and now with an insight into the foe they faced - the saurids gathering back at the manufactorum base retreated into the building complex, vanishing from sight leaving traces of heat and fear-musk in the air for a brief moment. It was no mystery where they'd gone - they planned to use the complex as a base for attack, rather than open assault. But they did not do so in silence. Barked orders and dragging sounds followed in swift order, and suddenly the darkness was rent with tracer fire.

    The saurid first wave has been killed and the main body of the enemy is occupying the electrical plant, using the buildings as cover. They have one heavy machine gun type weapon set up across the front of the main entrance, and are raising cover as fast as they can. Ranging shots are not really a danger to anyone except the Remembrancer but the heavier calibre gun could be. The factory can be reached in one action for a jump pack user, two for anyone on foot. The chain link fence is not a significant impediment to an armoured Astartes and will not take extra time to either beat down or bust through if desired. Buildings are providing most of the enemy with hard cover. A battlefield estimate suggests at least 20 more saurids with a few more likely inside from the odd shot from a window here and there. The factory is laid out with one main building at the back and two smaller ones each side of the entrance, two storeys for them, three storeys for the main core. The side buildings are the size of a small house, the main complex that of a decent leisure centre. The hydro-electric feeds take in the river alongside the right as you look at it.

    @Colapse @Casavay @Avenging-Angel @Uriel1339 @Vulpas @Kalle @matt23 @TuskatheDaemonKilla @dx144 @Kilrane
  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Von discharged the empty shell from his rifle before grabbing his rifle and slinigngit onto his back. Spotting the Saurinids corspes he found a perfect oppurtinity for some more advance recon even if dangerous, it may provide some questions or tactical info of the current foe on the planet, or even the battle they were taking on right now, or perphas even the fate of the civilians. Getting up a hand went to his helmet moving up to the face plate and removing it. "Brothers I am moving up on the Xenos postion, going in for advance recon, and intellgience gathering. " Von said another report given as he moved forward combat knife in hand. keeping low he kept his other hand out aiming for a corspe he saw on the ground one of the Saurnids with there heads still in tact, Facing the gate by the guard post his combat knife came out into the rings down into the gate cutting through it and with his other hand he began pulling it apart making a entrance for himself.

    Moving forwards to wards the body Von went quickly grabbing the saurnid its neck as his boot came down stomping into the creatures rib cage. pulling up the head came off with a pop. with that Von attempted to move to cover by the gate controls as he began working the xenos skull. Poping through Von opened his mouth and then bit down into the brain attempting to absorb the information from the xenos and take as much as he gain.

    OOC one defence on Von on action eating Saurnid brain for intel.
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    Kar Raxus growled as the enemies fled, at least his administrations to the Sergeant were effective enough that he could lead them properly into the upcoming battles. "I suggest to inform the other Claws of identified hostiles, Sir." The shadow doctor from the streets of Nostramo offered to the Sergeant before walking over to Von as he started to take apart one of the Saurids.

    "I hope you are aware of the side effects of what you are doing. Your mind could be filled with more than just intel. Their thought process. Their feelings. If they operate on something close to a hive mind, you might even build an involuntary synapse link." The Apothecary lectured the fellow Night Lord, understanding the desire to impress and learn, but the methodology was... Wrong to an extent. Do that type of ordeal once too often and you might gain one or more voices in your head - or so was Raxus' strong belief. Every Astartes experienced the Omophagea differently, depending on the victim. Eating a recipe book here and there was one thing. But eating an unidentified xeno brain? Nobody could predict what Von would experience.

    Kar Raxus sighed, unable to change the past, and went to a nearby alien corpse, starting to take samples and cut it casually open to get a rough idea of organ placement and types. "On a different matter. These seem too human for my liking. Current hypothesis. Missing humans somehow linked to these creatures. Maybe genetic experimentation. Maybe assimilation. Parasites cannot be ruled out. If parasites are to be identified to be the origin of this cause, Brother Von Tildan must be quarantined immediately." He was too used speaking into an audio recorder while performing research - requirements by the librarium. The lack of such device however apparently did encourage him to share his thoughts with the rest of the squad.

    OOC: Double Action on Lizard-Alien Field Autopsy
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    @matt23 "I would never dream of it brother," Strah replied, his helmet lowering down to see the bullet's impact on his armor where the alien tried to take him out. It was a curious, that these creatures thought they could kill one of the Emperor's Chosen - it just meant the Night Lords were correct at deploying here. Saurids were needed to be taught a lesson in fear and Strah would oblige.

    Elius was with him and so was Davode, between the three of them and the rest of the squad the aliens were done for. But still they persisted. They hunkered down in the large structure, obviously attempting some kind of a last stand. It was foolish and futile, but apparently they didn't know that. Strah would've loved nothing more than to launch into the air once again and continue where he left of but the psycho-conditioning kicked in and he halted for a second, opening vox to Jeresh.

    "The immediate threat has been annihilated. What are you orders, Sergeant?" @Jorimel
  10. @Jorimel

    Taking note of the destruction of the aliens' first wave Falchion began advancing towards the electrical plant, building up speed in an attempt to outpace the machine gun fire. The ease in which the Saurids had died filled him with contempt for both the xenos and the humans who'd lived here. As such any honour that there might have been had was already lost and with a blink Falchion opened a vox link with Jeresh.
    "Can't you just summon aerial support and blow them all to Nostramo?"

    OOC: Running towards the factory

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