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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Bringing his van, positioned at the back of the convoy, to a halt when they arrived at the power plant Falchion slowly disembarked from the vehicle when ordered, keeping a hand on the hilt of his chainsword and casting a wary eye over his surroundings.

    Beginning to move closer to the power plant the Astartes turned at the sound of a heavy body hitting the floor, watching with practiced disinterest as some of his brothers hurled themselves into battle against the carnodon straddling the sergeant.
    "Who was it that said they wanted to face this creature?"

    Ignoring the current fight for the moment, knowing like Tildan that too many participants would make it confusing, Falchion glanced at the nearest of the civilian cars and strode to it's side, peering into the vehicle's interior.
  2. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Kersaara had rolled her eyes at Jeresh's order, having already felt a bit stung by their demand that she put on her seatbelt like some petulant child; but she nodded her head and complied. And so, she remained within arm's length of the van when Raxus spoke to her, drawing her pistol and showing it to the Astartes without even pulling her nose out of the notes she had compiled so far. "Very well. You contend with the likely thousand-mawed fell abomination that indubitably tackled and ate our front van, I'll sit here like a good little debutanté and give you nothing to worry about while I question just why I ever assumed every patrol and skirmish would be worthy of skaldic song and bardic epics. These legs stay locked and this mouth shut, mother."
  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "How unfortunate," Strah said lazily as their Sergeant got under attack from the wild beast. Legionary remained near the vehicle, looking around the perimeter for sings of any futher monsters lurking about, content with letting others deal with the current problem.


    "So, precious Remembrancer," Night Lord turned around and stepped over to where Kersaara was, looming over here as if he was protecting the woman but at the same time his lightning claws stretched from his fingertips, although the power field was still deeactivated. "What do you say - how would this Sergeant's perdicament be described in your history book? Foolish attempt of a monster attacking a warrior of the Emperor or warrior's own arrogance blinding him to obvious danger? Or something else entirely?"
  4. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    The newer voice led the older bat to look up from her musings, and frown. "Tough call." She glanced besides the van, trying to get a better look at the situation without coming too close. "Depends on the larger narrative arc. And your Sergeant's development. Or this deployment in general." She sighed, straightening herself and putting a finger to her lower lip. "If he dies here, I might... gloss over him. Let him fade into the hostile, dangerous omen that will be the overarching instrumentalisation."
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    Jumping out of the truck and preparing a combat stance, to see Jeresh pinned by some beast of the world, was rather amusing.

    Rhyneon smirked at the action unfolding but did nothing other than prepare himself for a possible action against him, grasping his chain glaive for this beast or a possible other to jump at him.
  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Leaping into action, Skell revved his chainglaive and took a kick at the beast, the crouching shape atop his Sergeant a huge silhouette and likewise target. Not a still one, either; Jeresh was thrashing underneath the carnodon. Some robust Nostraman hissed across the vox as he tried to get himself free. Tildan instantly appraised the situation: his Brother could handle it and room was lacking, Bolt pistol and knife in hand, he approached the kill. On the other side he could see Brother Raxus powering up his narthecium to give the giant cat a taste of bad medicine. For their part, Allocer and the rest stayed back from the fight - cramped space and large warriors limited the number who could give help. And the existing combatants should be able to deal with the threat.

    Coming in fast, Skell's chainglaive bit into the beast's back but it twisted with the blow, the thick fur turning a lot of the force as it rolled. It swiped out with a huge paw, but the Night Lord ducked back, evading its strike. Raxus darted in as the movement presented the carnodon's back to him, drill whirring. It hit a shoulder blade, eliciting a roar of pain. The carnodon leapt. Unfortunately for the Sergeant, its launching platform was his prone body. Skell jumped back as it hurled itself at him, both paws outstretched to pin the Astartes down. Whatever else it might be, the beast was not afraid. He knocked aside one paw and dodged most of the other but there was a sudden arrest to the movement. With a screeching sound teeth scraped across his armour, finding purchase in the weaker seal where his arm met the shoulder as he raised the chainglaive. With unbelievable strength, Skell could feel huge teeth puncture his armour, carapace and flesh. A surge of chemicals flooded his bloodstream.

    Seizing the chance Raxus jumped after the carnodon and the three rolled together, his added weight knocking everyone down. There was a protest of tortured metal as the parked transport was shoved bodily aside. Beast and Astartes tumbled in lethal combat as the Apothecary sought to sever the spinal column or at least get in a good jab to the back of the skull. His drill finally bit deep, the resulting high-pitched scream nearly deafening him and his Brother. Blood spurted out over fur and covered Raxus' helm, glazing his view in red. Surging at last to his feet, Jeresh circled the melee, looking for a way to attack without hitting either of his men. An improvised blow from the haft of Skell's chainglaive got the carnodon's teeth unclenched as Jeresh took an opportunistic shot with his blot pistol, ending the struggle. It fell to the ground limply, proud pelt washed in blood but otherwise unbroken. Skell - his view second only to that their Sergeant had enjoyed - caught a glimpse of a slight crack in one of the teeth. Whatever jest of nature had spawned such a beast, it had made it strong enough to challenge Astartes plate. The tales of mighty Sanguinius had not been an exaggeration.

    Kar Jeresh, limping, and with a cracked helm and damaged neck seal leaking fluid, leaned on the side of the van for a moment before aiming a final kick at the carnodon.

    "Kalshiel orra," he spat, favouring his left side as he straightened,not quite meeting the eye-lenses of either Astartes.

    Interested in the civilian transport, Falchion took a look inside one of the parked vehicles. There was room for two human passengers, with a small cargo space or third seat in the back, facing rear. A simple everyday vehicle. Notable for its simple combustion engine and not much else. But so far as he could glean, it had been left in good order for just another day at work. No signs of struggle. However, as the tall Marine stepped back, he caught a glimpse of something flashing in the mirror angled over the driver's seat.

    Back at the vehicles, Sarcarin took up guard duty as Strah chatted to Madame Kersaara. The young soldier's face remained impassive, hidden by his helm, but his posture showed that he listened intently. Likewise, as they discussed the Sergeant's poor luck or judgement - stopping short, for now, of taking bets - the rest of the Claw followed Rhyneon's suit in keeping alert, watchful but not interfering.

    Von looked more closely at the kill. It had been dead for some while - in his opinion, from the state of the blood and the lack of post-mortem rigidity, over a day. The body was missing sections from its meatier zones - the stomach, the thighs, the upper arms - but that was not shocking to an Astartes, and still less to Night lord. The huge cat had eaten well from the corpse. It was the body itself that was ... troubling. The basic shape of Man, held as sacred by superstitious men but held up by the Imperium as the ideal - was almost parodied here: a bipedal form, with two arms and legs likewise, but joined at the back by a long, muscular tail. The skull was longer than a man's and reptilian. It resembled nothing so much as a large, upright-walking lizard somehow combined in shape - though surely not in genetics - with that of a Human warrior. Its skin was a dull greyish-green, splashed and marked with blood that was darkening in oxidization. Powerfully muscled - where such things had not been devoured - it would have stood taller than the average Guardsman at around six and a half to seven feet tall, bulkier in muscle. It wore simple fatigues and had a belt with a sidearm - probably some kind of solid ammunition pistol - torn off and hanging to one side. It had boots. Long claws decorated its hands, but it had unmistakable fingers. It was a xenos breed to turn the stomach of all but the most hardened Magos Biologis with its divergent closeness to the Human - given that the Martian in question still had a digestive system.

    As to what the creature looked like in life, Falchion was getting a clear object lesson. In the reflection in the groundcar he could see what his idling, waiting Astartes Brothers could see - that the sound of the fight and shot had attracted notice from the compound beyond the fence. Several of the saurids were swarming towards the gate, while in the background, sounds of barking speech and crude sirens blared. Dull gleams from torsos and upper portions of limbs indicated some kind of body armour, but they did not wear helmets. Several of them hefted large but plain solid-shot firearms, already spitting bullets towards the Astartes group - falling short of the gates but getting closer. Others carried one or two strangely hooked blades of an unknown alloy, forearm length and wickedly sharp.

    These - surely xenos, just as they had been warned against by the Iterators and Chaplains of the Legions - were not native to the world of Myrtos 4. If there had been any doubt, both Elius and Von had found nothing like this in their searches for local fauna. Almost Astartes-swift, they leaped forward in a bounding run, a high and ululating cry disturbing the night.

    The gate and fence provide two rounds of soft cover from missile weapons as they are metal but only chain link style. After this, they will be too damaged to count. Large vehicles (the three vans, the larger civilian transport) provide medium cover at the front (engine block) and soft cover everywhere else. The security hut provides hard cover. Skell is slightly wounded (small movement/attack penalty, lasts for one round due to Astartes healing factor) and Jeresh is wounded (greater movement and attack/defence penalty, will need rest or medical help to clear). There are seven saurids approaching in a mass and they will reach the fence in two rounds - scaling the fence takes one round from either side. There are an unknown number of reinforcements (at this time) at the electrical plant inside the compound.

    @Colapse @Casavay @Avenging-Angel @Uriel1339 @Vulpas @Kalle @matt23 @TuskatheDaemonKilla @dx144 @Kilrane

    I have also summarised Cover and Wounded in the Discord channel Game and Character Discussion (pinned).
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    "I believe, I have found what may have helped or had taken the mortals some kind of x-" Von was caught off on the vox as he heard the familiar sound of a fight. "Von moved upwards as he heard the shot. "Xenos," Von said as a fire fight began. Putting his combat knife to his side and bolt pistol on his belt he was quick to grab his rifle and take cover to the ground, looking to keep down and to strike from afar and out of view he took cover near the edge of the road spreading out and away from his brothers.

    Taking a look through his scop Von began to count his eye passing over each xeno looking for differnces between them, whether it was from clothing or weaponry, he looked for the one that looked to be in charge of these beasts. "Engaging." He said through the vox before he choose his first target and fired with his sniper rifle, shifting his rifle he took aim at another and fired once more.

    OOC All out attack on Saurids
  8. @Entire Squad

    "Brothers. An enemy has revealed themselves to us. Let us teach them to fear us!"
    Falchion had turned when he noticed the reflections of the approaching aliens, swiftly taking stock of their equipment.

    Finding them lacking the Astartes drew his bolter and as he heard another of the squad begin opening fire Falchion moved so that he had a unopposed shot and took careful aim at one of the aliens before opening fire.

    OOC: Balanced attack on Saurids
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Finally, this entire mission was starting to feel like one big miss," Strah said lazily, the young legionary not trying to offer any kind of assistance to neither the Sergeant nor the wounded members of his squad. Apothecary should do it, he was wasting enough time prattling around with that quad-legged carnivore so he could actually do something useful. As for these aliens that suddenly revealed themselves, Strah held nothing but contempt. They were ugly things, heretical even, in their attempt to mimic human body. Just how far would these mongrels go to emulate the glorious mankind and its achievement was beyond the Night Lord, but whatever they planned on doing was about to meet its unfortunate end. Sons of Kurze were here and that meant alien extermination was upon them.

    Unfurling his claws like a bird of prey, Strah allowed the power armor's systems to unload a fresh dose of adrenals in his cardiovascular system, helping him get to that elevated state of mind faster. With a thought, his jump pack was activated and the Night Lord rose into the air, for a second his bulk eclipsing the stars and casting a long shadow over the incoming Xenos. It was only proper that he allowed lightning discharge inbuilt in his armor's backpack to enhance his appearance, giving him the looks of some ancient wraith. It was of course, a bit of showing off but the Night Haunter taught his sons to prosecute wars in this way and spreading terror was something every Night Lord should at least attempt to do when he gets in contact with the enemy.

    Strah aimed his flight to carry him over the gate and into the back of the saurids, intent on dropping straight onto those aliens that he saw were carrying ranged weapons. It was pretty much textbook move, Assault elements attacking rearguard of the enemy force and prevent their support while the rest of the friendlies dispatch melee oriented troops. Smile crept on young legionary's face as he was in the middle of his descent, claws thirsting for blood.

    Who would've thought? I became a proper soldier after all.

    OOC One action on flying over fence and getting to ranged saurids, other one attack on them with lightning claw. If there's no need for spending one action on the first move, then all out attack on ranged saurids.
  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    The sudden appearance of the new creatures instantly made, Rhyneon grab his meltagun and prepare it to fire.

    "It appears some creatures belief themselves to be the lords of night. I believe we should educate them, brothers." Rhyneon sneered as sighted them and prepared for their arrival..

    This mission seemed to have as much intel gathered as Rhyneon knew about the Imperial Palace. Next to nothing.

    The fact Xenos were around and the first mention of them was from the mortals of the world and that no information was given about this place to them. It irked him. He enjoyed the darkness of night, but he could see in there, he knew what to expect. The unknown is always feared, why else do people always try to know everything, to satiate their fear of situations. Astartes are no different.

    Whatever they were, Rhyneon doubted they'd survive a blast from a meltagun, not much did. Although it did hurt his eyes at times, but sometimes a cleansing flame costs something of all who see it.

    Full defence stance on self and squad.

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