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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

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    As the Claw started to leave, he gazed towards the survivors. "Lock the doors. Stay together. Preserve your food and water." He instructed swift and with utter determination, making it a proper doctors order.

    His feet moved to make him turn swift on his heels and he went to head out with the Remembrancer at his side, having a little bit of an issue to shorten his stride to adjust to the smaller figure.

    Only after leaving the shelter behind, he addressed Kersaara. "And Astartes do not fear death. That does not mean we should not... Respect it. I rather have you die in combat like those warriors you sing and write about, than coughing your lungs out from pneumonia and perish at something as foolish as keeping your hair wet in a winters breeze." Kar Raxus was a little bit confused at her response, not certain if she tried to impress the Nostraman with exaggerated courage.

    @Jorimel + Rest of Squad
    The Shadow Doc figured to get into the back into one of the other vehicles, trying to make himself as tiny as possible for the Remembrancer and others. Over the vox he spoke to the entirety of the squad. "What makes me wonder about the power grid is whether it was taken out efficiently by hitting the central power plants and sub-stations. If this was an invasion. Then it was well planned, what good is a planet stripped of it's population if you are not going to use it? Use the population for slavery? Sell them to another Xeno empire? There was definitely not an evacuation order, we would see pamphlets, abandoned cars in the roads, crashed ships and other evidence of it. This is too clean."

    He might sound slightly like a broken record, but it was itching him very bad to figure out what has happened to so many humans in so little time - not turning up the slightest evidence was endlessly worse. Kar Raxus would rather be dealing with an entire empire to fell but right in front of his face rather than chasing shadows like the Night Lords were themselves. Maybe the operation rooms killed his hunting instincts a little bit too much.
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    Seeing his brother Strah take off towards their Claw lead, Elius was quick to follow. He had grown tired of all this waiting around and keeping look out. Elius craved to figure this out and meet the challenge that hid in the shadows. Something strange was going on and the young astarte was all to eager to find out what exactly it was.

    Landing not far behind Strah, Elius stood a few paces behind his brother as their sergeant was addressed with growing concerns. Truth be told Elius shared the same mind set as his brother, but still felt the need to verbally acknowledge similar frame of minds. "As Strah said, a hunt to another city will bear similar results. If all other Claws report the same, going to another city will do little but change the surrounds. We need to look deeper here. With that said, I also would like to stay behind with brother Syrah, if you would have it. A two man team can quickly search out any evidence that might yet remain hidden," Elius said with his monotone voice.
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    Allocer watched as his Battle-Brothers left. This was where he felt separated from the Nostraman-born Night Lords. He was brought into the fold from Terra and was steeped in the Emperor's mission for his Marines: protect the Imperium, help it grow by finding the lost bastions of humanity, and kill all those who threaten it. As the others of the Claw were making their way out out he turned to the survivors.

    "We go to hunt. To improve your chances of survival here are the defects in your perimeter and defenses that I saw when infiltrating the building."

    He spent precious minutes with them giving them short instructions and a list of improvements they could make. He suggested ways to muffle and sound proof small rooms so they could talk without making too much noise. Something to give them hope and a purpose, the diet of the desperate. After seeing to their safety as efficiently as he could he melted back into the darkness to range ahead of his brothers; donning his helmet once again.

    "I do not like leaving innocents unprotected from the predations of the guilty", he said over the closed Claw vox. He then continued his infiltration and clearing of buildings trying to find some clue. Someone must have struggled, no population is truly of one mind enough to all decide on one course of action.

    Keying up the general channel "Allocer, Claw. When the population is the target killing would be seen as wastefulness. That or the population is hiding underground below our auspex's ability to detect them. We have yet to inspect this city. As far as we know, we are the only Claw successful in contacting the populace in any form. Perhaps we should also inspect the surrounding area, if this is popular camping area there may be more survivors. Over."
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    Having secured the survivors and exploited them for what information they seemed to have, Tarron Sarcarin moved to withdraw alongside the remainder of the Claw, though he lingered behind to watch the scout Allocer's back. Unlike the younger Marines, Tarron was driven by level-headed melancholy rather than choleric impatience.

    The skull-faced Butcher stood as a silent sentry over the scout's brief lecture, then addressed the mortals once Allocer had said his piece. "My Brothers have eliminated the nearby predators. Stay watchful, stay safe," he advised them, then he followed Allocer out.

    "Neither do I," he conceded to the scout's remark, remaining in contact through Vox even though the scout disappeared into the night. "But our place is not to watch over the Emperor's flock, it is to hunt the beasts that would terrorize them."

    Leaving the survivors behind, he climbed into the Remembrancer and the Apothecary's chosen transport, taking the wheel. "Apothecary, Mamzel Kersaara," said the Butcher. "Fasten your safety belts."
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    Strah at first said nothing as his Sergeant denied his request, his claws remaining out for couple of more moments before finally being retracted inside. He was young and obviously frustrated, but the psycho-indoctrination all of the Astartes undergone before being elevated kept him in check. Orders from a superior officer would be followed, he was a soldier of the Emperor after all.

    "I appreciate your sentiment Brother Elius, but perhaps we could continue our hunt once the Sergeant deems it necessary. Plenty of mystery to go about around here," he gave a nod of affirmation to his comrade, who as always backed him up. Terran Night Lords should stick together after all. Speaking of it, he turned his head towards Allocer, echoing his comment, "This is on my mind as well. If these are no Xenos raiders, then there is only one place the populace could hide without us seeing them and it is also the place where if we'd stayed, I'd suggest going. Underground."
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    Rhyneon listened to his brothers talk, it was more musing than real talk.

    It was something to pass the time and question about that which none of us knew the answer. If Rhyneon really wanted to muse about life's greatest questions, he could. But knowing what the Emperor is planning, what the future holds and how long he'll be fighting for this time.

    Licking his lips and looking around, Rhyneon was just awaiting his orders to carry on.
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    Kar Jeresh was a Sergeant of some reputation, but he didn't like to trade on rank alone. He nodded to Strah as he spoke his doubts and theories aloud.

    "I agree. The best shelter against most external threats is that of the deep earth. It would be a sound strategy to explore such places, but Cambian doesn't have an extensive underground infrastructure. There's nowhere for anyone to hide for more than a day or two and even that is just sewers and storm drains." Even as he spoke, he brought up the town's schematics to double-check. Flickering eye lenses showed as he perused the display inside his helmet. "For that reason we will keep together. Should we need an underground exploration force in the future, Brother, rest assured you're first on my list."

    He turned to Raxus as he moved to climb into the lead vehicle. "We'd expect a paper trail in lieu of bodies, yes. I don't like the absence of all this - silence. So, we find the heart of it." Settling into the front seat the Sergeant took a moment to familiarise himself with the controls as the others found seats.

    Allocer was alerted by the rattle of the security shutters at the front of the building being wound down properly into place. As he turned, he caught a brief sight of the form of Andera gesturing to one of the others to bring something to her as she aligned the seats in the waiting room into a more useful arrangement. Someone was taking charge, it seemed. She waved to him, though in truth it might be hard for her to see which of the midnight-clad warriors he was in the gathering darkness.

    Claw vox crackled with chatter as the small convoy rode out of the town. The outskirts of Cambian weren't much to see, just as the inner city was barely worth the name. A couple of cervids leaped out of the way of Jeresh's somewhat erratic driving. The night deepened, and the quiet of the open road took hold.

    First van: Sgt Jeresh, Tildan, Sharack, Rhyneon
    Middle van:
    Sarcarin, Kersaara, Raxus, Davode
    Last van:
    Elius, Strah, Falchion

    Auspex scans showed no life signs outside those that could be expected of local fauna, and nothing larger than a fleeing dog-sized shape. The road was wide enough to start, but as it ascended into the hills it narrowed. The moon shone dimly, thankfully not enough to ruin the night sky with unseemly brightness. Two hours saw the Claw in the foothills, the promised camping land where the little group of survivors had claimed to pass a week in blissful ignorance. Sure enough, signs pointed the way to camp-grounds, each with its own bill of amenities and logos suggesting a certain safety in adventure. A short inspection showed that each roadside station was shuttered and empty, though likely more due to the end of the summer season than any external threat. Side-roads became tracks, and soon there was only one decent highway leading further into the mountains. Jeresh turned onto it, ignoring a sign that said Restricted Area. A wooden gate met with an untimely accident.

    Half an hour more, and the steep road took turns around rocky outcrops and the beginnings of scree slopes. A wild river tumbled over a huge precipice above, and the road took a sudden left through a tunnel. On the other side, Auspex readings showed an increase in local power fluctuations for the very salient reason that here, at last, was the mountainside power plant. The swallowed river plunged into turbines and workings that fed the town below - and far off Metucer - with its electrical lifeblood.

    Jeresh broke a little hard and was soon out of the van, stretching cramped muscles as he looked around. The convoy had halted on the edge of the complex, which still had some lights and the hum of an electrical fence. Perhaps quarter of a mile from the gated compound was the primary power plant; this was a checkpoint, complete with small office and comms unit. Signalling to all vans to stop he drew his bolt pistol and took up a guarded stance. There were three other vehicles in the car park: two domestic vehicles, and one larger transport, big enough to haul tree trunks and covered with a tarpaulin.

    "Tildan, Davode, scout the perimeter. The rest of you, fan out, not too far." His voice came low over the common vox. "Mamzel Kersaara, keep to the vehicle until we have secured the gate." There was a low chuckle. "Or at least, checked out that hut over there. Auspex re-" He was interrupted by a low growl as he stepped around the parked hauler to get a closer look. Something was sticking out from behind the front wheel - it looked like a loose bag or bundle of something like hide. Leathery, greenish. Dotted with red.

    The sheeted transport rocked as something leapt from under the canvas. A sudden blur of movement and Kar Jeresh was on his back, massive ceramite-clad form pinned under a still more massive shape. Jaws dove unerringly for his throat as huge paws pinned the Sergeant to the ground. An unpleasant crack rang out over the compound. Breath knocked from all three lungs, he would not have been proud of the strained yelp that echoed over the vox.

    You can see two civilian cars and one goods hauler. There is a small hut with a single heated room that contains (visible through a window) a desk, cogitator bank and vox relay. There is an external vox point that could be used by drivers to speak to the hut in order to be cleared before the hut operator would open the gate. There is a hard surface to the gate compound and the road ahead leads to the main power plant. It is blocked by a high gate and a fence. both scalable but electrified. There are lights in the power plant but none in the hut, which is deserted.

    In front of the hauler is a carnodon, which would easily reach the top of the window of the vans you've been riding in at the shoulder. It is mostly brownish-grey in colour with patches of white breaking up its silhouette. It is large enough to easily pin down an Astartes provided it gets the jump on one, a fact currently being demonstrated by Kar Jeresh, who is immobilised at present. It has its jaws around his throat and is slowly - if ambitiously - trying to crush his armour. Further behind the truck lie the remains of its previous kill, which is seems likely from the blood around its muzzle it was in the middle of eating. It looks unhurt.

    @Colapse @Casavay @Avenging-Angel @Uriel1339 @Vulpas @Kalle @matt23 @TuskatheDaemonKilla @dx144 @Kilrane
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  8. Skell, who had been quiet for some time after the sergeant had stopped him from simply leaving for the mountains, came out from the transport after hearing the Sergeant make a strange sound. He naturally saw the sergeant under a large creature and he reacted accordingly. A smile came across his face as he moved forward quickly and pulled his chain glaive from its mag lock. He had wanted to fight these creatures so he was quite glad to have found one plus the idea of saving the sergeant and redeeming his previous embarrassment would be nice. As such he revved his weapon and moved in to deliver a swift kick to the creature's neck. Ideally this would both break the neck and get the creature off of the sergeant. Though a part of him wanted the creature to resist the blow to allow him a proper fight with it. Or perhaps he could scare it off and follow it to its den, he had already formulated a plan for what he would do once he got there. But unless that happened it would be irrelevant, so instead he focused his mind on the possible fight as after he landed the kick he prepared his glaive.
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    Tilidan was out of the vehicle as fast as he got in, Hearing a order to scout the area he would enter the shadows and do what he was told, Until he heard the sergeant stop talking, swining his head the night lord brought up rifle, Skell already at the aid of the sergeant attmepting to kick the beast off of him, "Can't get a shot off, Chances of hitting friendly to high, @TuskatheDaemonKilla Skell this ones yours suggest going for the artery in the neck of the beast. @Uriel1339 "Keep the Rembramncer inside a vehicle, Encountered a Carnodon." Von said dryly and roboticly.

    Smelling copper in the air and keeping his auspex out Tildan, looked to track movement wondering if there where any more Carnodon's in the area, Taking his eye off it, he looked to the fresh kill thinking on about investigating, If it was simply a animal or something else. Putting his rifle to his back he grabbed his bolt pistol and combat knife. keeping a eye out for any more possible threats in the area or signs of life.
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    @Vulpas & @Casavay
    "Negative. Engaging Carnodon to aid Skell and Jeresh." The Shadow Doc responded swift over the vox, opening the door and getting out - Bolter mag-locked to his waist. He leaned one last moment into the vehicle to speak to the remembrancer. "Stay inside. Pistol ready. I will be back in a moment." Kar Raxus spoke with a commanding voice as he gets combat knife ready in one hand, the Narthecium drill already whirring to ensure it's functionality.

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla & @Jorimel
    "Do not underestimate this beast, Skell." Raxus semi-growled through the vox, admantium teeth flashing as he grimaced, breaking out into a quick short sprint to close distance to the creature and his kin. He would attempt to drive the knife right into the jaw or otherwise keep the maw occupied while the Adamantium-tipped drill would go straight for the neck. It could pierce Power Armor, so it would for sure breakthrough the flesh and bone of a wild beast.

    The Apothecaries logic in intercepting the kill was not to steal the kill from Skell or forbid the Sergeants - but to keep wounds to a minimum. There was value enough in one of these beasts that Sanguinius used it as a coat - he was not going to expect a single kick or such would kill it on the spot as if it was some starving street dog of Nostramo.
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