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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

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    "I have a bad feeling about these... Survivors." Raxus was carefully to not use the word 'human'. "They speak of alien invaders and how they survived from a camping trip. If we were to hunt as efficiently to take care of all foreign life forms like they did so far without destroying the cities... Then these should have not survived. I suggest a quick yet thorough medical check-up including checking for wires or similar implants to make sure these are not living traps for us."

    The Apothecary was as paranoid as anyone would be having grown up in the streets of Nostramo. These people were too good to be true, giving useful information and yet clearly showing dependency. And who knows their mental state. If they were to meet the actual perpetrators and if those foreign creatures would promise these five mortals to see their loved ones again. The Astartes would be betrayed in a heartbeat.

    "We will have plenty of time anyway while we get the trains back up and running again. It might be noisier and less stealthy. But I rather get into the city fast and find clues to this supposed invasion than trek through the abandoned mountains." As a doctor, Kar tended to be utilitarian rather than waste time or beat around the bush.

    "Let us have a closer look at these people." The Shadow Doc ordered the remembrancer in an adequate tone that would be between a doctor and an assisting nurse.

    @SquadMembersInside + @Jorimel
    Whether or not she would actually tag along, he had a new immediate purpose that was a pressing matter for the overall safety and success of the mission. He made his way purposefully and swift towards the building that contained the five humans. Once upon entering the building he nodded towards his brethren and approached the humans, helmet and bolter now removed and clamped to his waist.

    He went down to a knee like a father to be on the same eye height as his child. "I'm an Apothecary. A healer. My name is Kar Raxus." He introduced himself. "Before we make our way to Metucer, I want to make sure you are in a good medical shape. Is there a private room where I can look at each of you, one by one? After all, even in dire times like these, medical privacy is something I uphold if possible." What would be considered for the Nostramo born as a 'warm smile' might be interpret by a commoner of a foreign world as a 'creepy smile' or maybe even straight out as sinister.

    In attempt to re-assure them, he showed the double-helix of his role that adorned his shoulder pad and tapped it gently.
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    Von tilted his head back as he heard his brothers getting the information he looked back up. "Seems the humans are speaking some truth the beast the Carnodon is a species that does inhabit this planet, Quite a predator something that might pose some amount a threat if one is careless."

    As Von heard information about the state of the power grid a idea began forming in his mind, about trying to locate other survivoers or gather more intel. "I believe, it maybe a bit usefull to check out that military base as well as divert power if needed or restore if possible, Possibly accessing a military security devices to find out what happend to the people of this world, Possibly correlating it with the survivoers, may bare fruits. " Von said as he heard another jump pack and heard Skell's voice he grabbed his sniper rifle up and began to move.

    "Breaking off from overwatch Going to assist with Skell in working on getting the power up Along with making sure if there is anything prowling out there that we wont be at a great disadvantage if its the thing that went after this worlds people. ," Von said to his squad before looking to skell and activating his Vox once again.

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla -
    "Brother Skell, I shall move to assist you and with the task of brining on the power I have a few extra tools that may help," As Von said as he landed with a Thump moving to follow his assault marine brother before opening up the the vox again. "This beast your are planning to hunt the Carnodon, You seek to slay one and take it apart for the mortals for its meat? mind, if I assist in this hunt? There maybe a few things that maybe usefull on this beast besides its meat." Von said a as he kept up to his brother.
  3. @Entire Squad

    "We should move on to the next settlement." Looking after the mortals felt like a waste of time to Falchion, something that felt (to him at least) opposed to the Night Haunter's teachings. "Let the Army or another claw take care of these mortals."

    Moving from his position in the street Falchion approached a nearby transport vehicle, barely acknowledging the sergeant's message with a single click over the vox network, and experimentally began poking around inside it's cab, attempting to get it running so that they could leave the empty city.
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    Kar Jeresh's low growl came over the Claw vox.

    "Ladies, is there a reason you two are taking the scenic route?"

    He ducked outside briefly to see Falchion looking over the mass transit vehicles and, after a brief scrutiny, the skull-faced helm nodded in approval. "Don't start anything up yet," he cautioned before disappearing back inside to watch as Kar Raxus attempted to converse with the less skittish mortals. Or at least, to try to make them less skittish.

    "There's an office over there," Andera said, quietly, looking up in awe as she the chance to properly observe a gene-son of the Night Haunter. Despite Raxus' reassuring words she didn't look too calm, but it didn't take much persuasion for the little group to be taken aside and examined, but the two women insisted on going together for some reason not entirely transparent to Raxus. While he checked them for any signs of infection, disease, or implanted explosives, with the benefit of state of the art Martian tech it didn't take long to conclude that they were just tired, frightened and feeling directionless enough that the Eighth Legion provided a welcome respite. Which was, to some, how it should be: after all if they were not criminals, then they were not prey.

    To others, they were a distraction. Kar Jeresh leaned against one of the support pillars and folded his arms, waiting for the squad to come together with ill-disguised impatience.

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Vulpas @Uriel1339

    Not a full update, just a bit more info as you go along.
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    After his check-ups were completed, he put the helmet back on to make use of the claws vox system. "The survivors are exhausted but technically fit to move. No infections, implants or other abnormalities have been found. I see no reason for them to accompany us as they gave us all the information they could provide. If anything they have lower life expectations with us, as we seek fight where they seek flight." Kar Raxus stated in his neutral tone.

    He let the humans be, regrouping at the Claw leader for further orders. Although he made a brief direct communication to their mortal companion.

    "The humans are infection free. If you wish to converse with them, feel free to do so. However, we are moving out soon, so I suggest you to stay close to me." Kar Raxus instructed her, not sure how the Remembrancer would actually fit in the chain of command. To him, she was simply an observer. Almost like an eye of the Night Haunter himself.

    Was she truly just here to compose songs and poetry? Or was there... He shook his head. 'Present over future. Without today, there is no tomorrow.' The Shadow Doc reminded himself and simply surveyed the area, Bolter in his hands but barrel pointed at the floor.
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  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "We are wasting time with these mortals, we already have the Remembrancer to worry about, these will only slow us down even further," Strah snapped over the squad's vox after listening to what others had to say. Once again, his patience was running thin after no other thing, dead or alive, showing its face in the gardens except for those weak prey-animals.

    While his brothers spoke and shared different thoughts, as it was normal for the Night Lord Claws, at least in his opinion, seemed to be quite individualistic in nature and with no strong central command structure, the experiment Kar Jeresh was obviously conducting here was beginning to bore Strah. They were being tested, the Sergeant wanting to see how they would react, but this required restraint which young legionary didn't have. At least not yet. And the idea of going out in the wilderness to hunt some great felines was even less compelling. While Strah had no problem with going off on a relaxing safari, doing this now when the entire planet was shrouded in mystery reeked of self-indulgence of a kind he didn't tolerate.

    Having no more patience to watch the bleeding animals, Assault Marine signaled Elius that he'll be moving off and he activated his jump pack which, in couple of strides, got him to the transit station and where his senior officer was.

    "Sergeant, I don't like this. Too many missing humans and too little in form of tracks or any other signs of their departure. It's impossible to simply hide this amount of people and what is even more disturbing is the lack of signs of struggle. People don't just disappear into thin air so I think that we are wasting time with all the leg work by going into other city. However if you really wish to pursue this plan, I volunteer to remain behind and search some more."

    "Also, can I speak with those mortals you captured? I want to know if they know anything about those prey things me and Elius slaughtered and more importantly, where did those come from?"
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    Ryneon just listened to the mortals, talking with a terrified animal was rarely a useful thing to do.

    The talk of Xenos arriving made him question it a bit but considered it a miscommunication in part from the natives. If there was a credible xeno threat then we'd have been notified from the moment of arrival and this would have had more of war footing than a Liberation.

    "Falling back to Claw position." Ryneon voxed leaving the mortals alone.

    With that Ryneon rejoined his leader and brothers.
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Von Stopped in his tracks as he heard his sergeant turning and stopping he could already hear a bit of disapprovment in his sergeant's voice.

    "A bit of curisocity sir, so far we have seen most of the human populist seems to have been gone accept the group we have found hiding, there last reports had them camping out in the woods at least to what they say, which made me wonder if there was any reason whatever did this avoided the wilderness, whether it be the wilds itself or that they avoided the wilds just to nab people from the main populace centers, Along with wanting to help a brother with his hunt." Von said looking to the sergeant stopping his tracks and turnign to him.
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    The Claw gathered and, while a few kept their counsel, the majority gave opinions. Kar Jeresh wasn't a man known for long speeches but, as he weighed what Tildan and Sharak were about, he tapped the faceplate of his chin thoughtfully. Ignoring the ordinary humans who once more clustered, comparing experiences of the Apothecary's ministrations. No-one seemed entirely at ease, but they did look as if they felt safer with the Night Lords than without. A new experience for many.

    Strah was allowed to speak with them, and the end result of his questions revealed that the cervids were usually in the local park around the mayor's house. Herbivores, supposedly quite good to eat but off the menu. They were kept for decorative use only - being a rare species from a distant continent - and roamed the wide, forested grounds quite freely, except for the boundary fences. Someone would have to have let them out of the grounds if they wandered the city, because the fences were deer-proof. It had been the subject of local news some few years ago. Total trivia to an Astartes; important local news to these people. Such sheltered lives. His request to remain behind, however, was denied.

    "Curiosity has its place," Jeresh continued, his eyes sliding right to the Remembrancer, "but we'll stay as a unit. And what you say about the power grid has merit." A brief nod to the would-be explorers. "A bigger city likely has larger centres than this one, but it's doubtful they have population in significant numbers if they haven't taken steps to revive the power grid."

    "There's the military base to consider, but since you've got a vehicle or several up and running let's get us a convoy and take a look. If we get nothing there, we head for Metucer and if that yields nothing then, and only then, do we report back a null result. Jandur Kel is not a man interested in transit depots and scenery."

    He spared a glance to the little knot of humans. "You've got food and water, and a reasonably secure place to stay if you lock the doors this time. I'd suggest keeping a rotating watch and staying put. If your own government doesn't resurface soon you may rest assured that you will be treated as part of a compliant Imperial world and iterators will be along to bring you into that fold shortly. Enjoy your breath," the Nostraman parting words were often used with a double meaning, but this time, Jeresh certainly seemed to be sincere.

    "They're just going to leave us h-"
    "Shut up, Valna."
    "May the fates guide you, officers," Andera said, drawing back from her protective orbit around Davode. She looked up at him once more. "Thank you for ... well, for confirming for us we weren't the only ones alive on this world. I hope you find out who did this."

    Jeresh walked outside to where Falchion had managed to get into the cab of one of the vehicles, a bit of a squeeze for his genhanced frame but if he sat on two seats and moved them right back he was sure he could drive the simple system. It was a covered vehicle for domestic and light haulage, and it would bear the combined weight of three or four Astartes in armour and gear well enough, one in the front and three in the back. Three such vehicles should carry the Claw. It wasn't in style - each transport had no windows in the rear compartments except in the doors, and no seats except for the driver's section - but they were rugged and would cope with roads and tracks well.

    "Last call for cold beverages and fresh local meat, Brothers."

    @Colapse @Casavay @Avenging-Angel @Uriel1339 @Vulpas @Kalle @matt23 @TuskatheDaemonKilla @dx144 @Kilrane

    Please post any last things you wish to do here in the next short while, if there's anything more you want to do before leaving, if you want to bring anyone along, and so forth. You'll need two more drivers to make the logistics work but any one of you can do it from skills learned in basic training. Once I have any remaining updates from anyone for this section I will move you on into Bat - I mean Carnodon Country.
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    "I have no fear of infection", Kersaara quietly outside of vox to the "physician" guarding her. She was taking notes still - putting impression to paper as inspiration. Inspiration, soon to be wrought into sound, into a new concept of its own, to propagate further impression. Music, and indeed all art - they were wonderful when given life and allowed to breathe.

    Despite her words, the Remembrancer remained with the Astartes. She had no desire to be too caught up in interviews with survivors - curious the word and thought of scrambling rats might be - if it meant slowing down the Astartes and risking being left behind. Most Nostramans - most low-born Nostramans, as these champions' dialects and manners seemed to betray - did not tolerate fat that could be excised, and the slender one was not keen on making her presence unpalatable.

    At least not yet.

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