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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Silent as the wind Von Kept watch as he watched and listened to the others, Keeping a eye out for each of the teams, As He heard the query and the word Carnodon he picked up his auspex once more deciding to see if had anything in its database on the world about the being Carnodons. Pressing several buttions before waiting for a reply he would go back into overwatch once more on the look out for predator or prey.
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @EntireSquad + @Casavay

    "Does Sanguinius not wear a Carnodon coat? However it may be. These humans are too afraid of those creatures. My hypothesis is that something else is causing this panic and the Carnodons are simply used as the first best explanation, rather than anyone knowing about the actual situation." The Apothecary chimed in to share his knowledge, although he himself did not want to get too distracted from their assigned task - to find out what occurred and reinstate law and order. The Night Lords way.

    Kar Raxus held his bolter more proactive now, ready to unleash its deadly shells. He was not too concerned about his own life if one of these Carnodons would suddenly show up. The Remembrancer was another story. Not to forget, if humans, the Apex predator of the galaxy, were so afraid of them. Then why did these Carnodons not freely roam these empty streets? Why was it not fully reeking of those creatures and bloodied streets? The Apothecary hated dealing with the unknown. How could one cure a disease if one didn't even know the disease itself? His body straightened in attention, paranoid about another predator stalking the Night Lords, just as they have hunted these mortals as their first prey.

    The Shadow Doc turned towards the frail woman next and slightly behind himself. "I suggest you to keep that pistol of yours handy. Just in case someone or something decides to perform a rather foolish performance in hope to attain glory."
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    Although irreverent at times, Kersaara readily complied with Raxus' order and drew her gun, examining it carefully to ensure it was ready. She nodded to herself as she decided that it was in satisfactory order, gently caressing the slide. "What's this about Carnodons and sudden worry?", she asked the Shadow Doc unafraid, but losing the smile. "If a planet like this can be home to Carnodons, why am I paying an exorbitant tax on importing Carnodon hide drums? Had I known, I'd just raise my own in father's backyard..."
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    "It is not fear of the Carnodons, madame." Raxus couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Not for me anyhow. As I stated moments ago. I believe these humans huddled up believe that wild Carnodons have caused this situation. But as experienced medical professional, my theory is that something much more gruesome is out there. Their survival instinct is dominating their thoughts. Having annihilated any sense of rational and courage. We humans are the dominant predators. Which means if there is something causing your kin to hide like that." The Apothecaries voice darkened and under his helmet his eyes squinted.

    "Then something far more than some random loose beasts are roaming the streets. Something like us." He was referring obviously to the other Night Lords. "But what is far more concerning is the lack of any evidence. Where is the blood? Where are the corpses?"
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    Looking over the small scene of slaughter they had unleashed, Elius grinned slightly. It was easy kills, but it had allowed him to loosen up and prepare for the coming battles. However, a small part of him had wished for more resistance and more challenge.

    Hearing his brother Strah ask him a question seemed to draw him back into the moment. With a nod, Elius answered, "I would second the notion of finding a high vantage point from which to watch. This amount of noise and activity should draw any other predators within the area. From a high point, the hunter shall become the pray."


    Hearing Falchion's warning made Elius laugh slightly to himself. He then spoke in a slightly sinister voice, "Anything that believes it is still the hunter now that we are here, is in for an unpleasant awakening." And with that said, Elius engaged his jump pack to the nearest building to watch and wait for any signs of enemies or victims to come.
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    Allocer slowly knelt and removed his helmet, mag-locking it to his hip. He gave them a warm smile, "Hello, my name is Allocer Davode. Please do not let my appearance frighten you. You do not have to fear any longer for the Imperium is here and we protect our own. We will move you to safety but first, please tell us what attracts these things you are hiding from and from whence did they come? My brothers and I wish to hunt those that have caused Imperial citizens harm."

    While keeping his combat knife palmed behind his back Allocer slowly extends his right hand palm up he asking, "Do you have injured?"
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    @matt23 @Avenging-Angel

    "I agree with my brother, this "chardoron" or whatever they call it is hardly something that should trouble us. We're here to hunt for proper prey, the things responsible for the sudden dissappearance of these humans, not some backwater carnivore," Strah replied to Falchion and activated his own jump pack, following Elius onto the higher ground from where they could spy on the thing they were supposed to draw out in the open.
  8. @Colapse

    "Well then, if we do find any carnodons we'll just hang back and let you try and take their scalps. Of course they might always take yours though."
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    "We could hear you hiding from at least two hundred metres." Rhyneon mentioned. "You're lucky we're not Carnodons. Whatever they are, although I'm sure we're worse news if you don't put that knife down, Mortal."

    "The government has ... Myrtos has ceased all - all ..." The stuttering youth was perhaps Strah's age, but he had clearly not spent his time in Astartes training. Tarrin recognised this as easily as he saw first the man with the knife drop the blade, which clattered on the floor, and the woman put down the ladle.

    "Then it's true," she said, speaking up instead just above a whisper. "The alien warlords - they really did come here. We saw it on the news. The men from the stars - you're the men from the stars."

    "Have you come to help us? Everyone's gone." She looked around. Eighth Legion iconography was not designed to reassure. She rallied, looking from Rhyneon to Tarrin and back.

    "We went out for a week into the hills, it was a camping trip, we'd just spent the last few months on a really big work project and we wanted some time to relax away from everything, just us and nature." Her eyes were seeing the peaceful scene once more. "It was so peaceful. So ... quiet. We didn't have any comms, just a univox for emergencies. We didn't know what was going on here until we got back. We still don't know." She swallowed nervously, glancing back at the warriors in midnight clad. "We drove back and all the roads were deserted. The houses were all empty. Everyone was just - gone. We got here three days ago and we just kind of - holed up, we didn't know who to contact, what to do ... We had a look around outside but we got scared. There's food and water here. You can stay here if you like." She paused. "Maybe the cogitator has something but there's no channels broadcasting. We tried that. The - we ..."

    "She's saying we've been hiding in this damned station like a bunch of scared children because someone -" here the former knife-holder glared at the man with the flare gun, "was too much of a coward to go back outside."

    "Valna please, this isn't the -"

    Valna cut the woman off with a sweep of his hand. "Oh, it's not the time? When IS the time Andera? When is the time we should start standing up for ourselves and stop cowering in the dark waiting for the star-men to come and save us? If they even HAVE come to save us?"

    Mortals. Was it like this, before the Haunter united everyone and took away all other fears? Petty concerns, little conflicts while the world went to hell? Or did their base animal minds render them unable to truly focus? Nuggets of fact sifted from the stream of emotion did provide something of use. These people had been forgotten or abandoned by not being in the city when the event happened. Perhaps it had saved their lives. Anyhow, they knew nothing of why. Raxus' Claw-vox suggestions were as good as any why they thought it might be the monster they knew, rather than the alien threat they feared.

    Drifting out from the now opened sanctum Nyktride could hear something in the deeper recesses of their tones that - just perhaps - a genhanced transhuman might miss. The sound of children, huddling around a flame in the dark when the only flickering light was a candle set in a human skull. A drumbeat heart. A staccato pounding of distant feet. They could hear the sounds, but did they hear the music?

    Andera focussed. She looked up to Allocer, his words finally sinking in to her panic. Her eyes on the hand she could see, not the knife. "No Sir, we are unhurt," she said, a touch of relief in her voice. She got to her feet, taking a step or two towards his towering form. "I -" She reached out a small hand to touch the midnight plastron, as high as she could reach, like a child seeking its parent. "I don't know if we are Imperial citizens, but -"

    "Yes. They were going to say yes." Valna was blunt.

    "- we need your help. As for what we know, it's this: we got back to the city and everyone was gone. No signs of a panic, the cogitator stations were all shut down at work, the lights were off. It was like everyone had just picked up their coats, and walked out. We are hiding because we don't know where they went. We figured that we'd have a good supply of food and water here and somewhere to, er, to gather our wits and plan."

    "It isn't working. We haven't been able to get anyone on the vox. There's just answer messages or the chimes ringing out. The power's running low on everything. We don't know how to get the cogitator banks any more power. We - the lights are fading out. They said - they said they were ready. Ready for threats from outside. They weren't. Now you're here." Oblivious to the ambiguity she plunged on. "We don't have anyone else and we'll do everything we can to cooperate. Work together. I saw the news when the first star-men came. They said we would be part of a huge star-spanning Empire. I want that future." She paused, her voice dropping to a whisper. "I want a future. We can't have one stuck here."

    "The nearest real city -"

    "Cambian is a city," someone muttered.

    "Shut up. The nearest real city is Metucer, it's three hours. We can take a train. Maybe someone is there, maybe there's something we can get from the broadcasters or something. There's an army base on the outskirts. They might have a better idea than us. They're soldiers, like you." Her eyes met his. Allocer knew that they whatever they were, it wasn't soldiers like him. Andera's lip trembled as her adrenaline ran out and she threw her arms around his waist, or at least as much of it as she could manage, crying, her face pressed awkwardly against his armour.

    In the ornamental gardens of the estate, Strah and Elius could see only the cooling corpses and fleeing prey of the cervids. Nothing stirred in the shadows. When you were the fear, this was normal. But nothing else stalked on the edge of vision, nothing else came to see what the bleating stampede was about. Silence. Except for the drip of blood, whinny and the distant sounds of their Legion-brothers talking to the Humans. Under it all, the faint hum of the Remembrancer's mnemonic recorder. Falchion's vox over the comms warned them to look out for carnodons but to be honest, there wasn't even the ghost of a beast. A single bat fluttered past, swooping in a looping line after nocturnal insects. It wasn't the Imperial way to believe in omens. Beady black eyes ignored the statue-still Astartes completely.

    Tildan used the time to browse for information about the animals, one eye on the sky as always. He quickly found a short datafax about the carnodon, a huge, muscled and heavyset sabre-toothed cat indeed reminiscent, as Raxus claimed, of the soft pelt that swathed mighty Sanguinius' shoulders. Where the Primarch had strangled one virtually in his cradle, the average Human would be a little snack for the great cat. An Astartes - well, now an Astartes might just break a sweat. Perhaps it would be a challenge for his more fractious brothers. A blink-click swivelled and turned the wireframe image in his HUD, clothing the powerful skeleton with muscle and meat. The reverse of what a Night Lord would do. Falchion kept watch from the high ground. Like Skell, he was observing, taking in the surroundings. A little back and forth banter between the Brothers showed how relaxed and alert everyone was. Beside them, a slight flicker alerted him to Kar Jeresh landing in a crouch next to him. The Sergeant nodded pleasantly. He clutched a small, glinting device in one hand. A univox, the simple pre-paid comms device used by the poorer citizens of the world to send and receive voice messages. He held it up.

    "Now you'd think," he said, low over the Claw comms, "they would take more care of a possession like this." He brought the univox up to his faceplate and sniffed. Then, like a grinning hound, he parsed the scents from below. A leap, a short run, and he was striding in through the door Tarrin had taken inside. A casual toss to Valna, who caught the flying univox in a reflexive hand, staring up at the skull-faced giant now standing behind his men with a sass-free open mouth.

    "You dropped your comm-unit."

    Jeresh took a seat across two of the low benches, which creaked alarmingly. He gestured for the Claw to continue. Watching what they would do next. Sarcarin, who knew most about his reputation, hadn't seen this side of him before. Something to do with Jandur Kel? The Remembrancer?

    "Don't mind me, Brothers." Claw-vox frequency broadcast Rendezvous, transit station. His head dipped once, to Allocer. "I see you've found a friend."

    There are small cogitator banks in the office part of the station. Power is low, down to emergency levels but anyone with some skill could get enough to get them working for a bit. You can do this without a technical challenge. Some transports run on fossil fuel derivatives, the trains are electric. Again, power to the grid can be re-routed. There are vehicles large enough to take a couple of Astartes or so, but you would need a convoy to transport you all - certainly possible. Orbital maps confirm a larger city to the east. Claws Five, Eight and Twelve report a similar lack of any signs of people or useful information. Claws Eight and Twelve have been recalled for redeployment to the south, where there is a major industrial complex on a river. Claw Five is to secure Cambian and open up the central square as a possible landing zone. You have five unhurt humans, several days' worth of food supplies if you don't mind transit station food, and so far the water and sewerage systems are still working on emergency power levels. The domestic power grid is similarly running on emergency backup protocols, hydroelectric power coming in from the mountains to the north. Carnodon territory, if you're interested in a nature walk.

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  10. Upon hearing s variety of details including exactly what a Carnodon was and the lack of power despite there being a power source in the mountains Skell thought up something for him to do. “Brothers I will go see to the lack of power, as well as possibly securing meat of superior quality to whatever these mortals have been eating.” With those works he activated his jump pack and screamed through the sky, landing when the force of gravity overpowered the jump pack and then jumping again. Doing his best to move towards the mountains in a speedy fashion. Both to secure power but he also wanted to see these Carnodons, and kill a few, he hoped their skulls would be an interesting shape.
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