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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    When the report of Human objects was reported in, Tarron altered his path to rendezvous with the rest of the Claw near the transit station. At some point along his path, he caught up with Allocer, moving parallel with the Recon Marine to advance on the station. "I hear you, Allocer," came Tarron's easy bass through the Vox. "I am moving to support."

    "Claw, the Remembrancer has her own objectives here. It is not in our place to endanger her nor is it Legion doctrine. Sergeant, we have our sights on five Humans. Are we cleared to enter?" the Tactical Marine requested, exchanging his bolter for his chainsword and combat knife, one in either hand. These were close quarters, and the butcher's son retained the skills taught to him by his father before his Astartes' ascension.

    While he waited, Tarron switched to private frequency. "The path is cleared, Mamzel. Stay safe."
  2. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    The Remembrancer, who was keenly aware of her nature as not even a soft target - granted, to these nephilim, even small tanks seemed to be soft targets - stuck close to her self-appointed guardian, unashamedly using him as something of a shield. "Not to insult you, terrors of the night, but there are many things that frighten the ordinary man. You are hardly the only one, nor the scariest, especially to the loyal and faithful", she responded to the same comms channel, glancing around but not really looking for anything. This scene was barely pianissimo, and she was looking for some pointed fortes. But... this gave her time to brainstorm how to represent these rather interesting personalities. She continued to chat quietly while she walked.

    "For your information, I absolutely adore dead animals, prepared by a cook who knows what he's doing", the composer spoke with a chuckle, rather amused at the audacity. "In case you ever want to impress me with your cooking skills, I've been meaning to try eel. Friends tell me the texture is divine, but I could never get over the sight. Could be a challenge for your 'make-food-good-looking-skills'. Eye eats along and all that."

    "Thank you kindly", Nyktride responded to the once-butcher, and left it at that for now.
  3. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Rhyneon smiled behind his helmet, "So those who hide in the dark meet the nobility of the darkness. I am sure they will relish a meeting with us. The mortals just went missing or assumed dead missing?" Ryneon asked curious of what they might find out here in this ghost town.

    Hearing the others talk of how best to hunt and prey of mortals, Rhyneon could help but wander at what was going through their mind, each one of them could take on twice their number and not break a sweat.

    "We could always, just ask them, as strange as a concept that seems to you. If they do happen to be our enemies not like they're going to do much and if they have anything that can relay our discovery just jam their signals." Rhyneon said shaking his head, always over thinking and planning for a worse case scenario, I guess that comes with the territory of the Eighth Legion.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Affirmitive will begin overwatch procedures." Von said, Shifting over he began to climb up a building intending to take to the high ground with his sniper rifle to provide overwatch not only on the building down the street with the humans in it that his brothers were entering but providing overwatch for his brothers who seemed to trying to lure what ever did this to the world, Von heard the word dusk raiders and his memory began scanning through rembering of one xeno that matched the description, High speed degenerates, that treid to spread terror and pain all for there desires. If it was they who did this they would defiantly be fighitng a hit and run scenario.
  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "Both," Jeresh confirmed tersely, moving closer to the building but keeping to the shadows, keen to see what the Claw would decide.

    Von Tildan scanned the animals, his auspex showing him data: four legs, slighter than the average riding animal - deer-like, too small for draft work. Probably ornamental, certainly herbivores. The herd scattered as Strah swooped down. Fleeing to the far corners of the ornamental grounds, emitting shrill cries. Dying. It was easy to kill them - no challenge at all, but it did spill blood, hot spatters of it decorating Strah's armour. Panicked and scared, they ran everywhere, milling, directionless except in their haste to get away. In fact - there didn't seem to be anything else frightening the cervids. Some armies would use herds of animals to flush out the enemy or discover minefields, but here the only threat was the Night Lord.

    Inside the transit hub, the only other signs of life cowered. The Claw considered the merits of deception, or getting a softer voice to talk, but in the end responded in the way they knew best: with fear tactics. Skell leapt onto the roof.

    Once the herd was running, the small, residual sounds of living people occupying space - a scuffle here, a loud breath there - ceased. With the sound of something large landing above - however softly for an Astartes - there was a scream from inside. The tapping of his haft on the roof was not enough to drown out the noise of chatter below.

    " - quiet, they'll hear us - "
    "You stupid bi-"
    "Shut up! Can't you see she's frightened enough?"
    "We're all frightened, why do you-"
    "What is it? Is it one of the carnodons? It could be a carnodon. They had some in the park, didn't they?"
    "Get the flares, we might scare them off."
    "Do you really think a hungry carnodon -"
    "Just. Shut. Up. Listen. There's definitely something on the roof!"

    Meanwhile, Allocer took advantage of the distraction to make a stealthy pass around to the other side of the building. He could see several platforms, some with mass transit cars, others empty. A wide glass door was an easy entrance but for clandestine entry, a smaller side door should just allow his broad frame to slip inside. The Night Lord pushed the handle experimentally. Not even locked. Tarron got the nod from his Sergeant and moved to flank his Brother, finding a service hatch for delivery vehicles that would lead to the same refectory.

    As the Apothecary guarded the Remembrancer, who was taking in the minor spectacle with interest and no outward signs of alarm, Elius leaped down to join Strah in the slaughter. Bloodied blades reaped an easy toll. The parklands beyond the scattering herd were free of any other targets, and now littered with dead and dying animals. It should draw out any other predators.

    As the two infiltrators made ready to breach the building, Rhyneon spoke up. "We could always, just ask them, as strange as a concept that seems to you. If they do happen to be our enemies not like they're going to do much and if they have anything that can relay our discovery just jam their signals." Von nodded, shinning up to a good high point where he could watch over the team and any incoming with his sniper rifle at the ready.

    Allocer moved, Tarron stepping in on the same count. The darkened building let in little of the dim light from outside, but that was no obstacle to a Night Lord. From each side passage they could see a small room empty of targets - a storeroom in Tarron's case, an office in Allocer's - leading to a main chamber, divided by a low bar behind which was a food preparation and serving area. Seats in the other, larger section held a group of five huddled humans, standard Terran morph, two female, three male. All early in life, only one armed.

    "They're still up there."
    "Keep it down! They'll hear us!"
    "That sounds like something on two feet."
    "Now you're just being ridiculous, how could -"
    "Something's still killing the animals ..."
    "It has to be a carnodon. Maybe if we keep quiet it'll go for them and leave us alone."
    "At least they can't open locks. What? Don't look at me like that."
    "I don't know if I locked all the -"
    "You're shi-"

    The main difference between the screams of one of the men and that of the women was register. One of the other men grabbed a kitchen knife. One of the women, a heavy ladle. The last man held a flare gun in trembling fingers. As a missile, it wouldn't hurt, but it could cause sensitive Nostraman eyes a little trouble. Did the humans know that? The two Astartes took this in at a glance. Tarron looked to Allocer and they stepped forward. Now all eyes were on them. For those outside, the heat signatures of the group huddled closer together. Inside, the man with the flare gun looked up at the towering figure in midnight ceramite - and up, and up - his companions closed into a group, as if sheer bundled mass could save them. He took a swallow and a deep breath.

    "Are - are you from the government?" Behind him came a whimper and a brief, hushed babble. One of the women was crying, the other one holding her in her arms. He lowered the flare gun. Allocer and Tarron could almost hear his racing pulse without the benefit of their helmet scans.

    "We're ... uh ... officer? " He didn't seem at all certain of the title. "W-where is everyone?"

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  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    The boy lowered his makeshift gun. Wise.

    "We are Legionnaires," Sarcarin corrected them. "8th Legion, attached to the 85th Expedition Fleet of the Imperium. My name is Sarcarin," the Butcher replied, mag-locking his chainsword to his hip. The gesture was largely symbolic. Even unarmored, an Astartes could overpower these frightend civilians without issue. The combat knife remained in his hand, though he held it in a reversed grip, letting the gloom and the breadth of his arm keep it out of view. It was mostly for familiarity's sake, the weight of a weapon in his hand grounding him in the moment while he weighed the implications of their question.

    "The Myrtosian government has ceased all communications with the Imperium. We are here to ascertain the cause of that and bring Myrtos IV into compliance with Imperial decree," he explained. Then, he treaded forward, gaze momentarily sweeping them. Instinctual paranoia was kept in check, his look critical and brief, then he rested his eyes on the speaking male. "We were hoping you knew," he concluded, an implied prompt for the youngster to speak up.
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  7. On the roof Skell could of course hear the apperantly fairly young humans be quite alarmed, probably by the two brothers who had entered. He was able to pick up the fact that they hadn’t killed the mortals which both gave him a mild sense of relief but equal amount of disappointment. They better make themselves have a purpose here or this was simply cutting away time that could be used for the proper activityof scouring the land for something to bring harm to. He then hear them talking about some kind of creatures, mistaking him for one in his actions on the roof for a moment. This made him quite curious. “Mind asking them what a Carnodon is?” He asked in the squad vox before he decided to stop the tapping and simply look around while he waited for an answer.
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  8. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Rhyneon closed in and took a closer look at the mortals but what needed to be said already had been said, anything he'd say would just be repeating the same questions.

    That was until Skell spoke up.

    "We could hear you hiding from at least two hundred metres." Rhyneon mentioned. "You're lucky we're not Carnodons. Whatever they are, although I'm sure we're worse news if you don't put that knife down, Mortal." Rhyneon knew enough that an overconfident Astarte could be brought down by the lowliest weapon and that knife could slice a throat, cut a vital artery or scratch his paintwork maybe damage some servos. Who knew what would happen if a frightened mortal decided to use it, it is highly likely they'd be seen and turned to a pile of ragged flesh.

    But it payed to be cautious as times. As Rhyneon thought before, overthinking and planning for a worst case scenario was the Eighth's territory.

    Rhyneon kept his eyes fixed on the mortal with the knife, meltagun in hand. Highly unlikely he'd actually fire it, in this close range with several others nearby, who knows what'd happen. Still, he could bludgeon the man to death relatively easy.
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester


    "Our brothers seem content with prolonging their existence but you know what would've been done if it was up to me," Strah said as he watched one of the animals sprawled on the ground, twitching as its main artery was cut in half with one lazy strike.

    This was wasting precious resources, a voice told Strah and he instantly growled, the old convict and rat-catcher still alive somewhere deep inside of his mind, and he didn't approve the reckless slaughter. But as the years went by Strah heard less and less of that nagging voice as the call for blood pushed everything aside and drowned the world in red.

    "What do you suggest we do next? Perhaps get back to a vantage point and wait to see if the owner of these creatures will come to see what has happened or should we continue and go deeper into the city to try and find more of the mortals to play with?"
  10. @matt23 @Colapse

    Falchion paused in his circling of the building when he heard part of the conversation between his brothers and the mortals. Glancing towards where Strah and Elius were Falchion headed back to be in front of the transit station.
    "Be on the lookout for carnodons. I imagine that they're some sort of "dangerous" animal."

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