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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. @Avenging-Angel
    “Not a bad idea but how do you suppose we do that?” Skell was quiet for a moment as he expected an answer but came up with his own. “What if we had the remembrancer attempt to speak with them to lure them out? Or what if one of us can muster a voice that sounds like a young boy?” He was silent another moment. “The second half of the idea may be flawed but still we may as well make use of the remembrancer while they are here.”
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  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    @Avenging-Angel @TuskatheDaemonKilla + Rest of the squad,
    "Several creatures spotted." Von's voice would cut in the astartes kept out of sight as he spotted the creatures his auspex picking them up, Attempting to scan what it was from long distance he would attempt to identify the specices of animal as he spoke. "If they are hiding rushing in and spooking them maybe your way of flushing them, Skell if lfushing them is your came i am sure your armor could handle plowing through the window, though with some work and your jump pack maybe the door, Attempting to draw the mortals out with our rembramncer seems possible as well but be weary we have our objective to make sure no harm comes to her. If I shifted my postion I could attempt to go through the door a more easier way, Though we must be weary if it is trapped. If you do flush them make sure to have a few of others around to catch the mortals and make sure none of them die before we get the information out of them." Von said before shifting a bit.
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  3. @TuskatheDaemonKilla

    "Get onto the roof and just walk around." Pretend to be a flock of birds like the Raptor you're meant to be. "Maybe tap your chain-glaive on the roof as well. And getting them to talk with the remembrancer is a better idea than talking with one of us."
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  4. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester


    "These mortals are already afraid, hurdled in that building like insects," Strah told his brother as he knelt down on the last rooftop they reached, remaining in the shadow of the outcrop like some gargoyle made out of ceramite. He was completely still, the silenced suit of power armor helping with keeping the low profile. "And those animals remember back on Terra, we used giant stim-rats to flush the prisoners out on the open. I reckon the same thing is being played out here."

    "There are other hunters on this world, dusk raiders most likely given the lack of populace," Strah added, the legionary's face twisting into a vicious grin. "It has been a while since I stalked proper prey. This would indeed make a fine excercise, don't you agree?"
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  5. Imperius matt23 Curator


    "I remember fondly the creatures of the prisons. The only true things you could trust in the dark, for an animal does not act out of any desire other than to survive. At any rate, they clearly do not understand who it is that has found them then. For they are no longer the hunters," Elius said and he inhaled unfiltered air through his breath apparatus. He then leaned further forward trying to analyze the overall environment they now found themselves hunting in. It was easy to find pray at times, but the true test was keep their legion's nature and tendency in check.

    Looking over to Strah, Elius spoke once more as he felt the adrenaline begun pump, "I have longed for one such exercise for some time now. However, I believe we could lure the pray into action with the sounds of stalking. A well placed noise or motion could get them to come out into our trap. There their screams shall be the signal to all that fear incarnate has arrived."
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  6. @Vulpas @Avenging-Angel
    Skell made some mixture of a grunt and grumble. “I like Falchion’s idea. We make them come out to see what is going on and we have the Remembrancer talk to them. It would look bad if we just killed them and they weren’t the ones we are supposed to kill. The Night Haunter only kills those who are deserving, it just happens a lot of people deserve death.” As he said this he leaped from a few more roofs until he managed to grapple on to the roof of the building. From there he made his steps as quiet as he could, only making small tapping sounds where his foots met the ground. He tapped the bottom of his glaive against the floor as he walked. Intent on following the good idea his brother had.
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  7. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester


    "If they are what they think they are, we'll need more than just a well-placed sound trap," Strah replied, slight nod was the first move he made ever since he squatted at this rooftop. He agreed with Elius' plan but intended to add a little twist of his own. Suddenly he launched himself from the building into a free fall before reaching that certain height were the activation of his jump pack wouldn't alert the entire town. Then he pressed the button and the proverbial wings on his back sent him flying straight towards the animal herd.

    "Let us offer them a slightly bigger target than couple of little mortals," Night Lord said as he sent a mental note towards his fists where lightning claws unfurled from their holding, ready to be activated at the moment's notice - right about when he lands into the herd. While the Legion's drilling didn't make his paranoia go completely away, which was proper as like before, he too was now in a lair of vipers, the bonds of squad brotherhood made him confident that his brother would watch his back. Or at least pretend to until the real enemy shows up.

    But now, that was secondary. Murder-lust was fighting to reach the surface and Strah grabbed it with both of his hands and let go. He even let it show in his voice, the excited purr of a mountain lion as it was about to slaughter its victim, as he tapped into the vox channel on where the Remembrancer was, wanting to share everything with the woman. After all, that's why she was here for.

    "I do hope you are not a vegetarian because if you were, you might want to go back and sit this one out in the drop pod."


    OOC jumping into the herd of animals and starting the butcher's work.
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @Colapse | @Casavay | @Avenging-Angel + Rest of Squad

    "Madame Nyktride Kersaara will not engage with any potential enemy. She is here to observe. We are here to rectify past mistakes." Kar Raxus said, on an open channel where Nyktride herself could hear the Apothecary defend her life and physically moved already a step closer to her, ready to hold her in place if she actually was mad enough to agree to the claws plan.

    "Those humans are scared. Nobody knows we are here. Yet. So something else must pre-occupy them." The self-titled Shadow Doc could not even imagine in the slightest what has gone into his brothers minds to send her in out of all people. If she was maybe half her age and had appropriate combat training like a proper Auxilia soldier. But a frail old lady who spent her time writing literature and music? No. He would not want to put her on a preliminary surgery table this early.
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  9. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    While his brothers were talking about slaughter and sending old women to the front lines Allocer was quietly working his way through the city. His preternatural affinity for the dark allowed him to flow from shadow to shadow leaving only absence in his wake. He clears structure after structure marking buildings as cleared to the rest of his Claw. Finally arriving at the transit hub he did a slow check around the building looking for traps, guards, and improvised defenses. Seeing only crude attempts and relatively fragile barricades Allocer finally broke comm-silence.

    "Claw, Allocer. I will infiltrate the building, observe, and then subdue the occupants with appropriate escalation of force. Confirm.", he said into his vox. His adherence to Terran comm etiquette shining through again.
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  10. Imperius matt23 Curator


    A large and sinister smile came over Elius' face as he paused a moment to watch Strah fly down into the targets' location. With a quick push of his legs, Elius lept from the ledge of the building and down into the city using his jump pack to guide him to where his assault brother went.

    "The vale of death has come over this place, the little mortals will stand little chance," Elius said as he landed behind his brother. He then followed closely behind him, watching his back. The motor on his chainsword then started up as he spoke, "Should we even wait to see what fear draws from their lips, brother? Perhaps, before their last breaths, they my rectify their pitiful excuse for existance."
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