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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Von chambered another fresh round as the kill show was made. "Target down." Von said as the saurnid fell and his helmet began reading the creatures body to be slowly shutting down. approaching it Von seemed to examine it. "Think these ugly bastards are chem enhanced or just evolved to be this big and ugly." Von asked looking to Koshei he looked at the corpse before looking to there friendly devastator reporting in. "Well if your currently away from your team, I am sure we could appreciate the extra hands and heavy weaponry to help take more of these bastards out." Von said looking to Vorix.
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  2. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    As the heavy warrior Saurids fall in rapid succession, Koschei takes a moment to secure his assigned sector before blink-clicking the rune on his HUD indicating to the squad that he will be engaged in medicae work for the time that it is illuminated, and that his sector will need covering. Taking a knee by the Saurid warrior's remains, he activates his Narthecium with a flex of his fingers and begins taking histology samples. As the cutting and boring tools whine, taking biopsies and siphoning them into secure armaglass phials, Koschei proceeds to dictate notes to his onboard medicae suite.

    "Audio note begins. Date, XXX.XXX.M30. Seventeen-Twelve investigation, day one. Field autopsy, new xenos specimen, provisional designation, 'Saurid warrior.'

    Initial gross observation indicates significant combat-specific adaptations - natural armour and weapons (teeth, claws), enhanced bone and muscle density, increased aggression and blunted fear response compared to previously-encountered Saurid combatants, preliminary designation 'Saurid Baseline'.

    Furthermore, cursory histological examination indicates elevated concentration of metabolic enzymes and organelles in tissues, particularly skeletal and cardiac muscle. Specimen is clearly adapted for prolonged periods of violent exertion - whether by natural selection or artifice is unknown at this time.

    Further investigation warranted. Audio note ends."

    Done in less than five minutes, he blink-clicks the rune off and resumes watching his sector on high alert.
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  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    A Certain Amount of Violence

    Rhyneon took the hit with little effort, it was nothing to his training and he fully intended to repay it in kind. He held his chainglaive in both hands, setting himself in a defensive posture and preparing to let the Saurid come to him. He didn't have to wait long. The beast roared, thinking it had him cornered, and raised its clawed gauntlets. Electricity crackled along the talons as it struck, double-handed, one swipe aimed for Rhyneon's upper body, the other for his head. The Night Lord weaved away from one strike, but as he ducked, the lower claw slipped above his guard. He was a little slower than he'd expected and the punch of the blow knocked the air from all three lungs. The chainglaive parry helped to take the edge from the other blow, directing it away from his body and toward the ground. Arcs of energy struck the floor and charred it further. Swinging the weapon around, Rhyneon got in a glancing blow with the spiked butt, but the Saurid seemed too embroiled in the fight to care. The Space Marine was slightly staggered as he recovered his balance, and the enemy facing him was likewise, taking a step back to consolidate its position, armoured claws raised in a pugilistic stance.

    OOC: @dx144 Rhyneon shakes off his Slightly Wounded status but receives another blow. Current: Slightly Wounded. There are no more Saurids to be seen. This one is Wounded but not dead.

    Meanwhile, the beleaguered Night Lords Claw fought with renewed violence against the Saurids trying to bear them down. Aided by the timely arrival of two more of the Haunter's Sons, they fought harder, one's cry over the vox a near-bestial growl, the other hailing them in a mixture of grim joy and, it might be said, a touch of relief.

    "Ave Dominus Nox, Brothers! Let us bring these vermin down!" As he spoke the Night Lord used the distraction of Strah's attack to make his own, virtually shoving his bolter into the Saurid's chest and ending its life. It wasn't subtle. Gore showered over both Brothers, blotting out the lightning flaring on their armour for a moment. In the same instant, Strah sliced the head from the Saurid as fragments of flying enemy armour ricocheted off his chest. Somewhere in the carnage, the Saurid's dying blow glanced off his helm, but other than a slight ringing in his ears it mattered nothing at all.

    The other Night Lord was not so lucky. Just as he went to bring his own weapon to bear, he slipped. It was so rare a chance that had the two Clawmates not seen it, it would have been dismissed as bar room hyperbole. The Saurid leaped, and the Night Lord fell, energised claws cleaving him into three barely connected pieces that hung together only by macabre threads of burned tissue, blackened bone and protesting armour. The falling Astartes' weight actually leaned him further into the Saurid's attack, as if he welcomed Death's embrace with one of his own. The Saurid took full advantage, spinning around with a roar to face Elius down.

    Elius for his part was already moving, aiming to spear the injured enemy. He had plans for both, but Strah took one for himself. A pity, almost, but there was still bloodshed to be had, and wasn't that the main thing? His face cracked into a rictus grin, a deathshead beneath a skull mask. The weapon found the enraged Saurid as it shouted its triumph. It had been too swift to celebrate, and Elius punished it for its insolence. Rending the armour from its chest and upper arm, his strike continued, impelled by the force of his genhanced strength until it ground against whatever the creature had for a breastbone. Fragments of plates and gobbets of flesh flew wide as Elius completed his kill. He stood, panting but lightly, looking for more, but there were none.

    The lone survivor took a moment to steady himself against the remains of one of the benches and looked up at his saviours. "Your thanks my Brothers, it seems we were all but lost. Who is your Sergeant? Are there reinforcements coming?" He paused, shaking his head. They could follow his gaze to the five ruined corpses on the ground. Koschei would be able to take their geneseed but little else remained to do for the slain. "If we had been able to take the fight to the air, like you ..." he let the sentence trail away. "This wasn't supposed to be our end." He was silent for a moment more, helmet lenses glinting as his head turned from one fallen warrior to another.

    "I am Kerr Sherven, and I salute you in the name of the Night Haunter. Let me thank you for making these bastards pay."

    OOC: All enemies are dead, one Night Lord remains. @Colapse @matt23

    Claw Sergeant Jeresh absorbed the news from Vorix with a momentary pause as the newcomer takes a moment to check his weapon. He looked him up and down.

    "Has anyone ever told you that you stand like a whore in a back alley?" Astartes being blessed with perfect recall - at least for events since their remaking - he searched his memories for any reputation clinging to this one. Jeresh reached out an armoured gauntlet and wordlessly tipped the other's bolter muzzle away from his brothers in arms. "I remember you, Vorix. I recall something about you being - what was the exact phrase? 'skilled in walking a fine line between ignorance and low cunning'." He snorted. It was hard to tell if he approved or not.

    "You're honest at least. Form up with my men and let's go, we have enemies of the Emperor to punish."

    He nodded to Von. "Good call, we can -" He stopped, raising a hand for a second then gesturing to the Claw to cover the points of the rough square that Vorix had so lately entered as he spoke over a private vox channel. "... Understood, Sir," was heard by everyone as he finished, then pointed his finger in turn at two of the remaining Astartes, directing them to come closer. He had a method of speaking to them privately, likewise, but old habits died hard. After a short conclave he sent the Astartes loping on their way, Falchion with a last salute. "Hunt well, Brothers."

    "The rest of you, we-" Again cut short as Koschei began his analysis. This time, however, the Sergeant beckoned Von over as he went to crouch beside the working Apothecary. "'The better one knows one's enemy, the easier it is to find his heart'," he quoted the old Nostraman saying as he watched. Kar looked up to Tildan. "Does what he's saying match up with what you've experienced?"

    "He took a more direct route," he offered to Koschei by way of explanation. "They certainly look like a bulked-up version of the little ones, which I think is a rough layman's translation of what you're saying. We got something like a carnodon, too, up in the hills. Pelt's back at the vehicles." Alas for the spirit of scientific enquiry Kar Jeresh was not to indulge his fascination with biology for the present; he contacted the remaining members of the Claw and arranged to meet them at the forward position established by Strah and Elius.

    "Rhyneon," came the harsh yet sibilant sound of Nostraman over the lone Astartes' vox, the Sergeant oblivious to his fight, "stop pissing about in the shadows and get back to the main Claw, we need to move out."

    OOC: @Vulpas @DeranVendar @Draconion the three of you are with the main Claw who will be joining up with the forward strike team.
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  4. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Cunning and or ignorant enough to keep me alive and the enemy dead Sergeant. As for the stance, not terribly familiar with whores and the like, might need to go bother the Remembrancers or Librarians about that sort of thing." Vorix's grin neither dipped nor grew, instead he wheels around and lifts weapon's barrel right back up to cover the advance. "If you lack anywhere specific you need me, I'll just get cozy in the middle and watch all points on the advance." Not too keen on hanging around the front line, the Night Lord makes himself cozy and quiet, very quickly becoming an ignorable element in the now patchwork squad's formation.
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "Heh. Good answer." Jeresh nods as the newcomer makes himself at home and keeps his guard up.

    "While we gather and advance you can share what you know about the enemy. Looks like they move fast - not too fast for a good sprint to be useful. Don't misunderstand, it's a valid tactic," he added, standing once more as he tapped his chronovox unit. The device burbled. "Smaller ones attack in packs, rushing en masse to make up for lighter weight and small weapons fire. They even used clubs, deluded fools. Still, can't fault them for trying, they didn't flee."

    "Whether that makes them too stupid or brave, I'm not sure. Thoughts?"
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  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "If I did not know better Sergeant, I'd call them a scaly strain of Ork. Cunning enough to pick up and use our own weapons, or repurpose them in certain cases, and apparently capable of crafting some rough mock ups of our own kit. Laughable if it were not for the fact that Venn had a forearm torn off by one of those knock-off lightning claws of theirs; and the fact he already threatened to take my tongue if I dared to giggle at him again." Left side of his mouth crooks up a little higher, holding back a laugh not unlike the one that got him put on scout procedure, best play it safe till he had a better feel for Jeresh. "But, we picked up reports of possible aerial units from some scattered transmission. Granted it could of just been the PDF pissing themselves over our own assault units taking point. Either way, eyes peeled all six ways."
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  7. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Rhyneon noticed the runes of his helmet chime and change to an amber, altering him to wounds inflicted within his body, then changing to a flickering green/amber. Every day was a learning experience with Xenos.

    "Not bad... Not bad at all." Rhyneon wheezed as he pulled up his meltagun to fire at the left leg of the Xeno's body. Letting it's super heated gas fly towards it, just like the previous Xeno, he hoped to take it down.


    All out attack with the melta gun on the Saurid's left leg.
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "That was a fine kill brother, if a bit messy," Strah commented on Elius' work with chainsword. His own claws were thick with the Saurid blood until he flicked the wrists, spraying the extra tissue on the ground around him and allowing for the power field to burn the rest of it away. Before you knew it, his lightning claws were back in pristine condition, although they were yet to be retracted back.

    "Hail Brother Kerr Sherven. I'm Strah and this is Elius, we're of Kar Jeresh's Claw, sent to scout ahead. Me and my brothers noticed you were in trouble, so we swooped in to save the day," he spoke as matter-of-fact, although he made no attempt to help the other Night Lord. Some things remained the same even after his gene-surgeries and an offered hand could be seen as an insult or a simple show of weakness, so Strah decided it was best to just move on.

    "What happened here, besides you being ambushed? Have you found what happened to the human population?" Going straight for the essence of it, the young legionary asked the question which was the burning the most in his mind ever since they landed on the planet and started the mission. But as if believing he overstepped his boundaries, Strah straightened up like a predator sniffing the air around him in preparation for another hunt.

    "And more importantly - are there any aliens around here towards which you could point my brother and myself?"
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  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    No sooner was the fight finished than when Elius began working on his trophies of war. Stringing up the bodies one by one on the highest post he could find after the skins had been flayed. It was a methodical task, but one Elius seemed to take great delight in doing. Hearing Strah, Elius answered with a laugh, "Messy or clean, death's embrace feels all the same to them now." He then listened as his brother began speak to their Legion brethren. It was something Elius took very little interest in as it was not spreading terror across this planet's surface. After a moment of waiting for Strah to finished, he then spoke in a cold manner, "Yes, point us in the direction death is required and we shall -ensure- it is done. These xenos carry little intelligence so thinking they did anything but kill this population seems like wasted time and effort, personally. The only thing we can hope for now, is that there are enough of these creatures to enact the correct amount of vengeance upon."
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  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Rhyneon took the injury in as his helmet relayed precise information about damage and potential reduction in combat effectiveness, just as he'd been taught. He didn't need a device to tell him where it hurt, but the suit also provided a swift injection of chemicals to go with the diagnosis. The slight kick combined with the pain aided his focus and he shot again, aiming low to bring down the Saurid or at least hamper its mobility. Plasma streaked out. The Saurid attacked in the same moment, lashing out with a tail-sweep that knocked Rhyneon off his feet. The speed matched his own and both combatants were hurled back.

    The Saurid let out a hissing snarl of pain as the plasma hit, toppling sideways with the combined momentum of its own movement and the strike. The Night Lord flew backwards, crashing through a splintering desk and onto the floor hard enough to crack tiles. Pain lanced through him at the impact. He struggled to get into a more combat-ready position. He could hear the enemy's groaning hiss as it scraped furniture aside and the crackle of a blast from its powered claw-weapons, but the discharge swept harmlessly past. Rhyneon realised that he was still flat on his back, his frame refusing to obey his will. Something beeped in his ear, the suit's systems working frantically to stabilise him so he could respond. For a few frantic seconds he couldn't get any response from his own body, then he managed to raise his head. The Saurid was prone, its leg blasted away by the plasma still scenting the air.

    OOC: Rhyneon is Very Wounded and will need assistance to get back to full combat readiness. The good news is the remaining Saurid is dead, and he can't detect any more at present.

    Astartes Wounded Statuses:
    Slightly wounded - will clear in one round due to Astartes physique. Small penalty to movement, attack and defence.
    Wounded - will need one round of medical attention to remove, hampers movement and therefore ability to attack or defend. Drops to Slightly Wounded in three rounds of rest due to Astartes physique. If the character does not rest they will take six rounds to drop to Slightly Wounded.
    Very Wounded - as above, plus attack, defence and movement are further affected. The character will not drop to Slightly Wounded on his own but can be healed to first Wounded, then Slightly Wounded over two rounds. Three rounds of rest will drop the character to Wounded on his own but he cannot heal further without help. Even with healing, the character will not recover further from Slightly Wounded until he rests if he has been Very Wounded.

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