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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Now as I recall the Claw Master had every one of his Sergeant's using proper lightning claws, not these knock off electric talons. Certainly nothing like training. Vorix hurdles the low step of the pond trampled by his past three strides, leaping more to hoist the heavy bolter held towards his waist rather than to get his feet over. A quick glance back reveals all three pursuers are still doing just that, and making good strides, hah, towards catching up. When the confines of a door frame spare him from being surrounded, he turns and spits. The acid mulling around in his lower jaw for the past few seconds flies with an accuracy guided by experienced mischief and well aged disrespect for all things not of his legion. Betchers broth splats against the xeno's nostrils, no telling what snorting it was like, but it was unpleasant enough to make the thing flinch. Slapping a hand to his chest, Vorix slips his fingers around the bolt pistol anchored next to his knife, pops it up towards the thing's throat, and discharges.

    Before it even thumps to the ground, Devastator Throke is on the move. Ought to see if I can get one of the serfs to recreate that, probably inhale anything if you growl loud enough. The low chuckle that follows crude thought is lost beneath the bellows of angry reptilian hunters. Surprisingly it was the wounded one gaining, a fist sized mass reactive shot had chewed open the left half of its torso, and the thing just did not seem to care. A few more might of done the job, but then there was lightning and a few more bodies larger than his own geneforged form baring down with predatory swiftness. Of course they were not the only predators around. Vorix grins easily enough seeing the distinct glow of a plasma weapon, first thing to catch his eye before the dark midnight clad ceramite wielding it and several other weapons. A pair of double wide sliding glass doors disintegrate during his exit/entrance combo.

    "Vorix Throke, Eighth Claw, reporting from recon: enemy located, impromptu ambush is a go." Legionnaire's speech lingered on the hard Es in his first statement, and in spite of the massive saurid loping out into the opening after him, he did not look the slightest bit concerned. Now whose dumber, the walking lizards, or the man carrying a small sun in his hands? Ought to be a fun show, if we're lucky, or he's unlucky. It's only when he gets close enough to make out the non-standard mark of helmet that his levity falls away. Oh son of a mother, why is the fool meant to be keeping everyone healthy running around with the damn plasma gun? When a white-blue sun burst streaks towards the beaten path behind him, Vorix wrenches himself around, snout of the big gun in his hands raised. Heel skids back and stance catches in a rough and ready firing brace. Sighing he unloads on the wounded one, seeing if he cannot do the job properly this time.

    OOC: Full attack action on the wounded Saurid with heavy bolter.
    Grenades: Stun, Krak x2
  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Colapse
    Elius watched as Strah took off towards the battle below, "Always trying to beat me to first kill! The darkness comes for you, xeno's scum!" Elius thrusters came to life, letting off a modified screaming noise that projected eerie sounds across the area. Looking back to as he leaped off the building, Elius laughed eerily as he spoke, "I will try to leave blood for you to spill, brother!"

    Turning his body towards the battle, his jump pack turned him into a living missle. Locking on to one of the vile reptilian creatures closing in on their brethren, Elius could feel his hearts kick to life and his mouth begin to water. His tongue ran over his sharpened teeth cause blood to fill his mouth, only making him thirst for battle more. Distorted, maniacal laughter began to come from his vox caster as he drove towards his target. He would use the force of the jump pack and the fall to attempt to spear the Saurid into the ground. He would then attempt to drive his chainsword into its mouth, causing a messy and bloody scene for all its allies to see. After all, fear was just as deadly as any sharpened weapon.

    OOC: One attack using jump pack and force to spear Saurid. One attack with chainsword to same Saurid's mouth.
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Friendly spotted," Von said his rifle was raised when he first saw the nostramen's form almost firing upon the figure, until he recognized as well as with his targeter that he was a friendly. Not so much for his friends following him, Spotting and hearing the saurninds coming he took cover and raised his rifle for the door. There apothcary firing upon the healthy one, and the devastator going for the wounded one. "A Devestator Vorix, of eight claw, I'll assume thats the same claw Strah has located." Von said making a safe bet as he raised his rifle. "Providing cover fire and support against these lizards." Von said Taking aim at the saurnid that Koschei was firing upon he fired upon it as well looking to the devestator he kept the next round closely chambered ready to switch targets to aid a fellow legion brother quickly in putting down the hulking brutes.

    OOC one attack on the healthy saurnid one defensive overwatch on Vortix
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  4. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Rhyneon stared at these new beasts, disgustingly inhuman, each bore disgusting parts he wanted to tear apart, the larger foe seemed the easier to face head on, the other hard to see fast move would be an issue to face. With stealth on his side and a blast from the meltagun he was sure he'd take down either of them with ease, it is after the initial blast that he'll be in for a true fight.

    He assumed agility would be on his side against the brute of the two and then with his chainglaive could keep it at bay while crippling it's body. It was what he thought a good plan, who knew if these beasts could even feel fear, but they seemed fleshy and would bleed, and if it bleeds, he can kill it.

    Letting his meltagun blaze apart where the more hidden Saurid was, he couldn't help but laugh seeing the stream fly towards the Xeno, amplifying his helmet's audio to make the laugh louder and distorted as he quickly moved to have his chainglaive ready.

    Attack on the clocked Saurid with meltagun and defence on the Shock Troop Saurid with chainglaive.
  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Advance and Follow

    With steel in his spine, Strah leapt forward to put ceramite in someone else's. His indoctrination and inner purpose united in a perfect wave of violence, drawing on the hatred he felt for the invaders. Lightning claws sliced out, a deadly embrace to the Saurid below him as the young Night Lord used the weight of his drop and momentum to add to the damage he inflicted. Sound and light preceded him with the burst of the shock grenade. It was a calculated assault, but a joyous one, and in common with the enthusiasm of youth, it went a little differently to his design.

    Shockingly bright light brought a stream of Nostraman curses from the embattled Night Lords below, and possibly his Clawmates as they hadn't been alerted to the tactic either. But thankfully, the stunning noise and brightness did give the attacking Saurids pause. One threw up powerful arms to shield its face in an instinct as old as the first aeons. One of the survivors promptly rammed a chainblade through its exposed abdomen, viscera gushing out as the toothed sword revved and whined in protest as it cut armour, hide and bone. A shower of gore rebaptised the two fighters and seemed to give them heart. The one with his back turned to the newcomers fared best, using the flash to dart between the two Saurids bearing down on him. His armoured boot flicked up into a cracking blow to one Saurid's knee joint. He shot another burst of shells, armoured shards spalling off and blood flying everywhere. One Saurid dropped, bellowing its last defiant roar. Another hurdled the body, looking around frantically for the source of the interruption.

    Strah wasn't blinded or deafened, and he could take full advantage of that. Twin lightning claws severed downwards like the pure judgement of his Lord, each cleaving the armour asunder as they dove into the seals beneath each arm. Strah brought his hands together as if to make a prayer. The end result as he wrenched them free was a credible, if rough version of the Nostraman Blood Condor. The Saurid collapsed in a pile, life snuffed out.

    Beside him, Brother Elius laughed with a macabre killer's joy and hurtled bodily towards his prey, intending to use the sheer force of a falling Astartes to his advantage. He hit like a meteor. When Lord Curze, the Night Haunter, had landed on benighted Nostramo his gestation pod struck the planet with a piercing, shattering shock. What better example to follow? Jets screamed as his jump pack accelerated his drop. One Saurid stood its ground. The other fled, and Skell stormed after it in pursuit, his own pack letting him glide after the fleeing enemy like something from a nightmare - never stopping, never giving up. It separated his kill from the herd, but Elius hadn't time to examine his Claw-Brother's tactics. He hit, and he hit hard. The air was knocked from all but his extra lung as the crushing force he was applying buffeted him back. But beneath him, be could feel and hear the crack of bone under the protests of breaking armour and the hot, wet give of pulping flesh. He rammed his own chainsword into the creature's head. It protruded from its mouth in mockery of a tongue as the beast died.

    Dead Saurids: 3
    Stunned Saurids: 2, one injured
    Saurid AWOL: 1 (no longer in this fight)
    Due to very successful use of violence you now have 2 enemies standing and 2 wounded Night Lords as allies in the fight. Strah and Elius killed one apiece. The others got 1. Skell is chasing his down. Since Tuska has left the game, he will be hunting the fleeing Saurid and tracking it to a base - as a Claw you can call in 1 x Tracking Favour to get a fix on an enemy emplacement when it suits you. Skell will be retired (on other duties) and won't be contactable after this.

    @Colapse @matt23

    Rats on the Walls

    Rhyneon took a short moment to assess the situation. One large, heftily armoured foe; one smaller, likely faster and with the indoor height advantage of being able to easily skip up walls. Choices, choices.

    Stealth was a valid tactic, all sons of the Haunter knew this, but you couldn't stalk a stalker. Briefly, Rhyneon's thoughts flickered to the idea of what a joint assault with the Raven Guard might look like. A trail of bloody corpses, certainly. But the lugubrious Sons of Corax took no joy in their work. Unlike him. Cruel laughter bubbled up as the Night Lord made his decision. He raised his meltagun and shot a stream of cleansing fire towards the little would-be assassin. Superheated molecules steamed all water from the intervening air with a deadly hiss, then the dragon's roar of the strike marked the bloom of flame. The smaller Saurid tried to dodge the sudden blast, and it made it to the edge of the strike, but not fast or far enough. The meltagun cooked, charring the paint behind it and the smoking corpse fell, leaving a silhouette of its desperation on the wall. It was a swift kill. Rhyneon got a blast of heat from the backwash but the armour protected him, and he raised his chainblade.

    The unfortunate thing about it - which he'd been expecting - was that the lovely blast of flame had alerted the other Saurid to his presence, and it was bigger. It was also blooded, determined, and angry. The Night Lord parried the first strike from its sweeping claws as the Saurid lunged towards him, not able to get a full charge in the smaller space but still bringing a hefty force to bear. It swatted his chainglaive aside with ease with one hand and Rhyneon just managed to keep hold of the weapon. He ducked the other strike and kept moving, but this time he wasn't so lucky. The massive armoured tail of the Saurid lashed out, knocking into him with what seemed at first a glancing blow, but it powered on, sweeping him from his feet. Rhyneon crashed through a conference table, splintered wood flying, chainglaive high, limbs akimbo, defences open. With the reflexes only an Astartes could bring to bear he scrambled up and onto one knee, getting the weapon in front of him to block the next attack. With a shock, he realised that he could hear a steady dripping sound under the roar of the Saurid and the plink of cooling masonry. Blood. His own.

    OOC: Rhyneon has killed the Steath Saurid and is in combat with the Battle Saurid. He is Slightly Wounded and has a small attack and defence penalty as per Wounded rules.

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  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Getting up Rhyneon was impressed, the beasts can draw blood of an Astarte.

    Blood for blood as they say, "I'll flay your flesh for that." Rhyneon's laughter returned as he got his chainglaive ready for the inevitable attack, the creature looked like it had the mind of beast, bait and strike.

    Draw it in and strike as it tries to close the gap, just need to keep it at a distance and bleed it dry. Rhyneon wondered if it'd even realise it was close to death or not as it is drained of it's life essence.

    Smirking, Rhyneon got his chainglaive ready, taking a more defensive and reactive stance, holding it with both hands and ready to strike in a slicing motion or in a forward poke.

    Defensive action of self and reaction to the Saurid's actions.
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Brother Meets Brother

    Koschei instantly assessed the situation: two incoming, one wounded, one unhurt. Targeting reticules painted firing solutions over the chosen prey as he unleashed a burst of superheated plasma. The cleansing fire would have left his sight glowing with after-images, but the superior technology of his helmet lenses automatically darkened to compensate. Through a shrouded view he could see the armour crack and blister, laminated surfaces splitting, eliciting a roar of pain and fury from the oncoming Saurid. It looked deadly, but somehow the xenos' armour shed its outer layers without breaking fully away and the beast kept charging. It raised its claws as if it would strike Koschei down, but the medic - surprisingly nimble in his Astartes warplate - sidestepped the blow, readying his plasma gun for a second blast. The Saurid ducked at the last moment, not able to slow fully down, and crashed bodily into Falchion. The Astartes was knocked aside, but appeared unhurt at a swift glance, righting himself and preparing to get in his own attack.

    "Vorix Throke, Eighth Claw, reporting from recon: enemy located, impromptu ambush is a go." the incoming Battle-Brother growled by way of introduction. Haloed in a shower of glass, he burst onto the scene after both Saurids. Seeing the plasma gun cradled lovingly by the Apothecary before him he jinked to one side, automatically moving into a firing stance, feet wide and planted. His bolter spat a brief bark, mass-reactive shells headed for centre body on the wounded enemy.

    It was - no other word for it, a glorious explosion of targeted precision violence. A shell found the gap in the Saurid's armour right over what must logically be its heart, and when it hit, the bullet-nosed grenade buried itself through armour, through hide, through flesh. Lodged in the middle of the Saurid it burst into white-hot fragments, quickly quenched in gore. Gobbets of flesh and bone and armour peppered the scene in a gruesome rain as the bullish warrior was hurled backwards by the force of the shot, dead before it hit the ground. His second shot missed the flying corpse, but that was moot. A clear kill. Helmet runes painted the Saurid black.

    "Friendly spotted," Von announced, sanguine in his assessment. "A Devastator Vorix, of eight claw, I'll assume thats the same claw Strah has located." Von said making a safe bet as he raised his rifle. "Providing cover fire and support against these lizards." He moved with well-drilled precision as the Saurids ran towards the Claw, matching targets with Koschei, and let loose a shot from his rifle right as the Apothecary's plasma failed to take it down. The shot struck true, hitting the Saurid in the area Koschei had damaged. The lizardlike humanoid grunted, trying to bring its electrified claws to bear on Koschei but it fell backward, ably assisted by Von's boot as it collapsed and died without landing its blow. Electricity fizzled across the damp ground and died. The rest of the Claw got to save their shots as nothing else appeared to be following the stray Devastator.

    All hostiles accounted for, Sarcarin was startled to hear a slight, rhythmic sound from the small Human he'd been protecting bodily. Gloved fingers tapping out a tune, Madame Kersaara was humming.

    Sergeant Jeresh assessed the unlikely shambles. Bits of cooling Saurid decorated the urban scene. There was no word yet from Rhyneon, the only nearby Claw member who should be roughly within sight, so he despatched Falchion and Sarcarin to back up their Brother. Tilting his head for a moment, he listened to the oblivious composer's tune, then nodded to Davode. "Mind the lady," he said, softly, without any sarcasm for once. "Claw Master Kel is particularly keen to hear what she comes up with." Turning to the rest of the Claw he continued, tapping into the Claw vox:

    "Strah, Elius, Skell, status report." From the embattled two he had yet to get a response, but Skell came over loud and clear. "Tracking enemy to a possible hidden outpost, Sergeant. Ave Dominus Nox. We hunt."

    "Hn." The syllable betrayed little from Kar Jeresh. He looked Vorix up and down. "Eighth Claw not a promising billet, Devastator? I am Sergeant Kar Jeresh, this is Third Claw. Are you the first wave of reinforcements?"

    OOC: @DeranVendar @Draconion @Vulpas sorry for the delay, here is your half! Falchion and Sarcarin's players have dropped out so those two Marines will not be returning, similar to Skell they will be retiring but in this case will be sent to track the stealth Saurid to make sure to secure a live specimen for analysis which they will take back to higher command. There is no bonus from this but I wanted to write them out with action rather than bullets. Davode will remain on Remembrancer Duty for the present due to work demands. Sounds like a good time to acquire yourself a Devastator ...
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Well met brothers of the Night. Beautiful evening for dispensing justice, wouldn't you say?" Strah spoke as he landed and promptly annihilated one of the Saurids, his question directed at the two embattled Night Lords. His claws were wet with alien blood, a familiar sensation and a welcome one in a sense that he was performing his duty as it should be done. These creatures were the enemies of Mankind and as such, they deserved only to be squashed.

    Not skipping a beat, Strah whirled around and went for the second Saurid, the one that didn't seem he was wounded, from the looks of it at least, but then again the young legionary was hardly an expert on alien biology. He knew one thing though, he killed one of them now, he can kill them all.

    Lighting claws, the favorite weapon of any true son of Kurze, were stretched out in a mockery of lover's embrace as the legionary attacked, once again going for the weaker joints around arms and neck in order to make the kill as clean as possible. The only disturbance was a familiar voice speaking into his vox, one demanding answers. "Sergeant Jeresh, this is Strah. Me and Elius have made contact with the friendly troops and are moving to relieve them. Strah out."

    @matt23 @Jorimel

    OOC 2 attacks on (not wounded) Saurid, both with lightning claws.
  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Elius could say nothing as the joy of battle once more filled his veins. The laugh that poured forth from his mask as he descended, only continued as he made a bloody mess of the xeno's head. Elius' neck cracked as he rolled it in a circle as he looked at the last target. "An injured xeno hardly seems worthy of such a glorious death, but I suppose I shall suffer through it," Elius said in a highly sarcastic tone. Lowering his chainsword back to his belt, Elius activated his jump pack directly at the finally, injured xeno. He would attempt to spear the xeno into the ground before using his fists to beat the structure of the bones in the face to liquid. It was a joyous moment for Elius to be back in combat, almost like coming back to where he was meant to live.

    OOC: All Out Attack. Spear injured xeno. Punch injured xeno.
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Yes to both sir, albeit, it seems entirely unintentional." Vorix approaches the Sergeant with a pigeon toed gait and heavy weapon clutched horizontally with both hands, one on the large central gap grip, other bracing it from the underside. Allowing himself to halt at rest, he stands like one about to pop a squat and drop trow. "Sergeant Venn told me to get lost, was ruining the illusion of a tight ship, needed to go be useful outside of his line of sight. Made contact with a Saurid patrol about seven blocks over yonder-" he juts the barrel of his weapon around, little regard for the safety of the others as he tilts the thing towards them in the process. "-scalies are sterner than I initially gave them credit for. Mighty convenient your squad was already in position to ambush Sergeant. Mighty convenient." Smile dips from his face, never grows either.

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