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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Elius seemed unsatisfied with the response given to him by Jeresh, but this was to be expected when food was put within eyesight but just out of reach of the starved. So, with his sharp teeth locked tightly together, so as no to speak to far out of line, the hungry warrior continued his pacing. However, this time, mumbling under his breath as his eyes once again locked onto the meal to come. Soon shall the predator be unleashed for the hunt...
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    Strah stretched out as he watched the newcomer arrive with the company's thunderhawk, even sighing a bit underneath his helmet. The trip was uneventful, just like he suspected it would be. Saurids knew better than to try and ambush him and the rest of Curze's sons so the hunt was delayed for a moment.


    "Hail Brother Koschei, I trust you'll find out company to your liking," Strah greeted the Apothecary replacement, tapping on his chest with one extended digit before retracting the blade. As he was pretty much a fresh recruit in the Eight, this Apothecary was as good as the one before, their way of approaching the life in the Legion completely strange in Strah's view. But the Emperor made them all with a purpose in mind, so he simply shrugged and went about his work.

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    Picking up two shock and another krak grenade, young Night Lord overheard Elius' talk with Kar Jeresh. His squad mate was itching for blood, that was obvious, although it slightly put Strah on edge. Elius seemed too eager to crush these insignificant aliens which could in turn, lead him into making a mistake if what the Sergeant suspected it was true, that these Saurids were just a scouting regiment and a part of a larger invasion force. This of course still didn't solve the mystery of where in the warp were the humans, but at this point Strah simply focused his thoughts on something else.

    "Brother Sergeant," he approached Kar Jeresh next, his helmet covered with a fresh coat of camo-paint. "Is it possible to call in some kind of a mechanized support? If we were to dive into the center of the city, we might as well do it with style."
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    "Brother Skell, Brother Strah," responds Koschei politely, nodding to both as he finishes his work on Von Tildan, "My liking has nothing to do with anything, Brother Strah. I am assigned to serve here, and serve I shall."

    Turning to Kar Jeresh, he says, "Field screen detects no abnormalities, Sergeant. All life functions are well within acceptable norms. Initial assessment of Saurid biomatter effects on Astartes physiology indicate a reasonable degree of safety for ingestion, though one would recommend doing so only out of necessity, and with due diligence in supervision and recording, till more is known about this species. Report ends."

    While the others debate - some might say bicker - over the tactical direction of the mission from this point on, Koschei walks over to the supply crate to help himself to his allotment of additional grenades. He also takes the time to think on chipping in his two cents to the discussion, having a personal stake in the mission now.

    [OOC: Assuming we got 3 grenades initially, I'm putting Koschei down for a grand total of 2 x Frag, 2 x Krak, 1 x Blind, 1 x Shock]

    "Sergeant, Brothers, if I may," interjects Koschei at a lull in the conversation, "Doctrine and tactical disposition would indicate we prioritise a stealth approach. No matter that the enemy has so far displayed strength negligible to ours, we still know too little to be cavalier, given our numbers and relatively light mission load. Still, if the option for mechanised support exists..."

    Here, he glances at Strah.

    "...we might be able to split the squad for a two-pronged approach. An overt approach to draw attention would provide additonal cover for a stealth team to strike at the heart of enemy operations."
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    Hearing Strah speak seemed to draw Elius' attention away from the city. "Vehicles, brother? We do not need some large chunk of slug magnet to carry us into the city. All that will do is let them know where we are. Our vessel is the night and from within we shall spread terror and death wherever it carries us," Elius said with an abnormally large grin on his face.

    Elius then heard the newest addition to the squad, Koschei, speak and give his opinion on the matter. Truth be told, Elius had no desire to be stuck in a box on wheels and the thought of it made his skin crawl. So, with a smile on his face and sarcasm in his tone, Elius spoke, "If it is all the same to you all, I would prefer to not be stuck in a metal coffin. My strengths do no advantage myself nor the squad to be stuck within."
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    "It's fortunate that your desires match our provision, Brother, for we have not been granted anything like a stylish chariot to carry us into battle," he said, with a nod to Elius as he replied to Strah. He did seem to sympathise with the other Assault Marine. "I asked for something a little faster and more fitting but we are the Eighth Legion, I was told we wouldn't be waiting for the bespoke artisanal transports. As you can imagine it was quite the disappointment. I had in mind some little bat-shaped cushions and everything." Jeresh made a petite little gesture with his hands. He kicked the tires of the nearest native vehicle and it rocked a little, but settled back levelly enough.

    "No, what we have are these wonderfully-outfitted glorfied vans, but on the plus side, my Brothers, we'll look like locals until we open fire." He tilted his head, regarding the vehicles for a moment. "Well, apart from the trophies."

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    "Sergeant, if we are opting for the split-squad approach, I can volunteer for the stealth team. I can do the most good there," says Koschei in reply to Kar Jeresh's darkly humorous gripe.
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    Rhyneon wondered who this new member would be, they already had an apothecary so that means we're either going in for some thick fighting or there was a higher danger with this unknown xeno lifeform.

    As far as he could tell this was the first sighting of this new Xeno breed, so it is likely high command wants to learn as much as possible and the best people to do that were the flayers of the Legion. However this was all just news and he'd have to wait to see if he was one of the sadistic ones or not.

    As he watched the thuderhawk land and drop off the newbie, from his first words, he knew then he was going to be sadistic, that or a comedian. Sawbones pretty much demanded it.

    Rhyneon gave a sharp nod to the new Apothecary, taken completely unaware they were having an apothecary replacement, the mission must have taken up too much of his mind. It was a shame to see a squad member go, but such is life in the legion.

    As they arrived at the outskirts of the city, Rhyneon looked at the horizon and wondered if he could just burn it down, it was clearly corrupted by Xenos activity.

    "Could we not just burn it down and blame it on the city planners and developers having "Lack of judgement" when setting up the electrical works?" Rhyneon chuckled as he toyed with the three Krak grenades he took, he knew he probably had an obsession with fire and explosions at this point, but it was all fine provided it burnt and blew up the enemy.

    Grabbing three Krak grenades.
  8. "It is a tactical advantage to some degree I suppose, unless whatever is in the capital simply shoots at whatever moves. Though the trophies would probably give some pause, I like the idea though." Skell said when the sergeant talked about their transport situation. He must say using the vans was not the most... glorious of options but it should work well enough he supposed.
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    Deployment at Dusk

    From their vantage point overlooking the cityscape ahead, the Claw could speculate on the resistance they would encounter below. For most of the Legionnaires, that defaulted to anticipatory banter, whereas Tarron Sarcarin preferred to keep his musings to himself unless he thought they amounted to anything. As his brothers started suggesting an approach, however, the Butcher started paying greater attention to their talk. "For what it is worth, I have grown accustomed to the operation of the vehicles. However we choose to employ them, I can pilot one," the Butcher chimes in.

    He had not jumped to the chance of greeting the new Apothecary, though his visor turned to the new brother with an acknowledging nod. "Ave," he greeted him, his tone comparatively measured and even, a pensive bass. "I am Sarcarin, eldest of this Claw. You will learn to separate my younger brothers' adolescent rage from mission-pertinent intelligence, as I have," he remarked, his tone taking on a certain fondness that undercut the words.


    Wargear: 3 krak grenades.
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    Von Tildan nodded to the apothcary as he came sumbiting himself to anyalsis. "Welcome to the claw, Brother." Tildan said, simply. The marine kept his eye out looking to the envrionment listening to the wind and what sounds the world made listening for anything that may alert him to another pressence. "If we are splitting up into two teams, I'll join up with our brother apothcary in the stealth squad. A bit of Recon and fast strikes and fading into the darkness could might help us out with whatever these xenos have in the city." Von tildan commented.

    OOC Armory, 1 Krak, one Smoke, and one flash
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