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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "Maybe that's true, maybe you're trying to lull us into a false sense of security to strike at us when you think we're weak. Wouldn't be the first time a Mortal has done something foolish." Rhyneon laughed. "I say keep an eye on him, but if he does have knowledge of what has happened here or of this plant then use him to achieve the necessary goals of our mission here." Rhyneon spoke openly, it was only a mortal after all, if he had a weapon and charge, the Night Lords enhanced physiology would see his attack coming a mile away and would make an example of him for his treachery.

    "You can start by telling us what these creatures are." Rhyneon pointed to the head at his hip, staring at the Scientist as he awaited a response.
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  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Elius smiled under his helm as Strah put words out to the others of a plan. As always, Strah seemed to know exactly what was on Elius' mind. This situation did seem strangely convenient for this human which made the likelihood of treachery all the greater. Drawing his knife in hand, Elius walked forward, "Just say the word, and it shall be done. I must say, my ephages of death are much better than my interrogation skills, but for this potential traitor, I shall try much harder to keep him alive longer... But I make now promises." Elius then let out one of his sinister laughs that always seemed to follow his version of dark humor.
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  3. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    While his Brothers entered the sealed chamber and subjected the Engineer to scrutiny and threats, Tarron Sarcarin stepped past and took to inspecting the chambers themselves. The Engineer mentioned surveillance and data collection. Useful. His weapons holstered, the Butcher was idly turning his combat knife in his hands, a habit he had developed long before he became Astartes.

    He turned away from the consoles, addressing the Claw and the Remembrancer over their shared Vox. "We should allow Mamzel Kersaara to handle this," he chimes in. "He has collected information on the xenos. It may be useful. And in doing so, he has served us much better than by throwing his life away in false courage."
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  4. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Kersaara rolled her eyes at the posturing and dismissed the super-soldiers mentally. It was easy to forget that they were but children all, and their recent attempts at interaction – be it to win her favour or to intimidate her – had shown this. Meeting a real person was something of a breath of fresh air.

    Resisting the urge to tell Raxus off for assuming she hadn’t spent most of her upbringing on Nostramo being utterly paranoid and suspicious of anything, the Remembrancer approached this man freely. “Nyktride Kersaara, I’d assume you would have heard of me if this planet did not look so… adorably rustic”, she began with, letting some of her foul mood shimmer through. Pistol in hand, she forced her way to the very forefront of the group (well, at least in her hubristic mind she did, realistically more weaselling around the Astartes than elbowing them aside). “They are the Imperium’s finest”, she assured him sternly, looking him up and down and finding nothing inspiring about him. He would be a footnote. “I recommend you share with them all you have observed lest we cannot help you. If you’re a loyal citizen of the Imperium and a proud human, you’ll be saved.”
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "I am co-operating! Would you really lie in my position?" Daril sat still, but his posture still slumped somehow. Madame Kersaara, a surer (or perhaps just more interested) practitioner of the arts of Human empathy could tell from his demeanour that the scientist was on the edge of mental collapse. Guide him correctly, and he'd be a useful informant; handle him with less care and he'd snap like a twig as easily in mind as he would in body. The Apothecary had seen men in similar condition before, and he too had a fair insight into his mental state. He wasn't withholding anything. In fact, he was more likely to start babbling everything he'd ever learned. "I'm not a spy, I don't speak lizard or I'd be able to tell you what they were saying. I've got recordings. I've got tapes. I've tried to run a translation algorithm but I haven't slept in four days and nothing makes much sense any more." He paused, looking up at Nyktride. "I don't understand. I'm terrified of you," he said, looking up at the Astartes in general and Elius and Rhyneon in particular, "can't you see that? What good would it do me to lie? I can't hurt you." He laughed, high-pitched and a little too long.

    Inside the bunker, ranks of somewhat primitive and chunky-looking computators and cogitator banks lined the walls, with occasional seats for human operators and small green-text screens. Strah and Elius could see the detritus from long life ration packs piled in and around a bin in the corner, along with several empty bottles. There was a faint UV glow from a sanitation chamber door but aside from that and a supply cupboard stuffed with paper stacks, print heads and other electronic consumables nothing else here was of value. The cogitator banks spooled paper, folded sheets cataloguing some kind of surveillance apparently matching what the survivor had said. There was a pile of chunky-looking data discs that would make a Mechanicum Adept's mechadendrites twitch. Evidence of a sort, at least, that Daril had been capturing enemy data. However, the two Night Lords were much keener on interrogating people rather than data, and Elius stepped forward with a knife in his hands.

    He wasn't the only one. The Butcher was idly turning his own knife over as he spoke. "We should allow Mamzel Kersaara to handle this," he chimed in. "He has collected information on the xenos. It may be useful. And in doing so, he has served us much better than by throwing his life away in false courage." Daril's head followed his words as if on a swivel. He tracked from Elius to Tarron and back. Sure enough, the Remembrancer stepped up, winding her way past the hulking Astartes like a mongoose amid rattlesnakes.

    “Nyktride Kersaara, I’d assume you would have heard of me if this planet did not look so… adorably rustic”, she began with, letting some of her foul mood shimmer through. Pistol in hand, she forced her way to the very forefront of the group (well, at least in her hubristic mind she did, realistically more weaselling around the Astartes than elbowing them aside). “They are the Imperium’s finest”, she assured him sternly, looking him up and down and finding nothing inspiring about him. He would be a footnote. “I recommend you share with them all you have observed lest we cannot help you. If you’re a loyal citizen of the Imperium and a proud human, you’ll be saved.” She said it with finality, and one look at Daril's eyes showed her that he'd taken the lifeline offered.

    "I'm sure I would have remembered you, Ma'am," he said, looking at her black eyes, distracted for a thankful moment. "Last thing I heard before the - they came, was that we were under attack and had sent word to the, the men from beyond the stars," he said, sitting up a bit and searching for a more grown-up name he could call them. "Imperium, that's it is it? To help us, anyway. We'd heard from their, from your, missionaries, and they were talking to our government, and then this - then the invasion happened. There was panic, the airwaves were full of emergency broadcasts and nothing else. You know the ones? 'Get to the shelters, do not stop, get to the shelters'? Well we tried. I'm the only one that managed it. Do you know why?" He shook his head, a slight edge of hysteria in his voice. "I was in the lavatorium. I owe my life to my cafinare addiction. The bunker was the only place I'd get peace to sit for as long as I liked." He paused. "Sorry, sorry ma'am. Anyhow look, so far, from what I've seen they are killing everyone. They killed everyone they found here. I - I think they ate them."

    "At first the government thought they might be something to do with you. Like - a threat, the stick for the carrot so to speak. But we soon worked out they weren't when they took out the spaceship you had in orbit. We knew because we got the survivors coming down in pods. We don't really have orbital defences. We couldn't help. And we couldn't fight them in space. The government sent word to your people. Look, we might not have said Yes immediately but we want to be part of this Imperium. It ... it's plainly our only chance, you know?" He looked up at Nyktride, at Raxus, at Falchion, at Tildan, where his gaze stopped a bit longer. Back at Rhyneon.

    "They are some kind of lizard people and they have uh, solid slug weaponry, military discipline, knives - a lot of knives. You've fought them, you know as much as I do, but I might be able to do more if I can get the use of a bigger cogitator. Analyse the reports. Get to the government centres, maybe some of them survived in the bunkers? Us, I mean, not them."

    While the sole survivor spilled his metaphorical guts, Skell kept a vigilant watch on the world outside, Just because they'd found a live Human didn't mean that all other threats had gone away. In the distance, he caught sight of a flicker in the shadows - just a slight movement, at first, but enough to set him on guard. Just as he brought up his weapon, a rune flickered on his helmet's display: Squadmate. Davode slunk out of the shadows with a hail, walking tall now that he was within calling distance. There wasn't any movement from the litter of corpses - if there were scavenging rodents, as there surely must be, and birds, both were staying away from the Night Lords.

    Shortly after this, as the lights came on with a near-painful suddenness, Sergeant Jeresh loped out from the starkly outlined shadows and jogged up to the group.

    "Power is on, and it looks as if we've restored it to the main supply lines and the cities. Aren't we the regular Thirteenth." He tapped the side of his helm. "Command protocols indicate we proceed to the capital scouting out any larger settlements along the way. If we find any larger concentrations, we are to find a defensive locale and harrass and disrupt until we can bring a larger force to bear." Everyone could hear the grin in his voice. "This live one got anything worth hearing?"

    "Get anything of use and let's get a plan for the advance. Any tactical suggestions, speak up. Raxus, do what you can to fix up any injuries that still need attention. Tildan - any of that technical junk of any use?"

    Overall mission orders: Gather anything/one you want from here and plan an advance on the capital. Other Claws will be doing the same, each one spiralling in from different vectors. Scout for major concentrations of Saurids, engage any you can handle as a Claw and disrupt those you can't while calling for backup. There is now power to the main transit network. You have access to a map of the area and one local man. Intelligence gathering is a bonus. Short term goals: get to the next group of Saurids and show them the Eighth Legion way.

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  6. Falchion listened to the survivor's words for a moment, picking up on what he considered a key point, before new orders were delivered.
    "This almost feels like the endgame of one of the Night Haunter's actions. The healthy dose of fear will keep this world compliant."

    Turning from the man Falchion made his way back to the building he'd cleared. Carting round a piece of a victim wasn't the same as leaving them strung up in plain sight, nor was it as much as a deterent but it could be a warning. Finding an intact head among the shattered bodies the Space Marine set about removing the face before pressing it against a kneepad, the eye-lights illuminating the fleshy trophy from within.

    Heading back to where the bunker was Falchion glanced at the vehicles they'd used to get to the power plant, a small smile appearing on his face.
    "We could go back to that town and ride a train or two. They might draw the aliens to us like bugs to a flame."
  7. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "Scepticism in a survival situation is your best friend. And I prefer to question a plausible threat than let it slide, you're an unknown, a threat. For all we know this whole place is rigged to explode once you press a button and you're waiting for a target to kill. Or you're as you saying. Scepticism helps." Rhyneon shrugged, confused why he even explained his situation to the mortal, maybe he thought he might as well since the mortal was one step away from shitting himself it seemed.

    The lights would have rather irritated, Rhyneon if it wasn't for his helmet, little miracles....

    "If the trucks are running we should just use them to move to our next target, as much as I relish the chance to kill these xenos or mutants or whatever they are, we need to have our wits about us, we might be the Night Haunter's enforcers but we're not the gods and immortals that the mortals believe us to be, and as much as I like for more leg room on the trip, the Legion frowns upon unnecessary deaths." Rhyneon spoke grimly as he gathered his weapons, this place was finished for him, there was no enemy just a scared old man.

    "Just let the man be on his way, if he crosses us or reveals our position, I'm sure we'll repay him in kind." Rhyneon chuckled as he raised his meltagun to his helm.
  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "There's one thing I don't like Sergeant," Strah spoke in the squad's vox, after investigating the chamber with Elius and the following result giving him nothing to go on, the young Night Lord was once again restless. "These saurids are obviously a void-faring capable race but they're armed with solid slug weapons and crude sticks. This, in my opinion, doesn't add up - they should be more advanced than this, or they could be some off-shot product of Orkoid genome, but I highly doubt it."

    "I suggest we put a locator on this facility, relay the findings to the main force and ask for a Techmarine or another member of the Mechanicum to come here and sort all the mess this human Daril gathered. Also, I changed my opinion - better to keep this man alive, it would be stupid to waste the resources. Let's just leave him here, like the first group we came across, for the second unit to pick up. We already have one human tagging along, two would make us the laughing stock of the Eight."

    "And I agree with Rhyneon. Get back to the trucks and leave this place behind us, the hunt must go on." Strah tried to keep his words as composed as possible so he kept the reply business-like. In his opinion, this whole mission was wrong and he just couldn't put his finger around it, so the faster they get moving and get to the bottom of this entire invasion the better.
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  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Elius growled in frustration when the human took over interrogation.To him, the only truth that comes is with the letting of blood. Pain forced the truth in any situation and it was a good way to find one's character. Thankfully, Elius lost interest in the matter when the Remembrancer started to address the fearful, coward. The though of hiding in here while a planet's worth of population died out there only faired to make the Night Lord sicker.

    Hearing everyone discuss as to what should be done next made Elius stop looking about the room, and return to the squad. It had grown frustrating to be out of combat so long and Elius began to feel that itch in the back of his neck. This was not to say that Elius could not control himself, however; he preferred not having to worry about when they would see combaylt again. Elius was no diplomat and this showed more and more with every human interaction he had. "Let us get a move on already. This human has no useful information on how to proceed with dealing with these xenos and this place hides no secrets. Every moment we waste here is a moment not spent spilling the vile xenos' blood," Elius spoke with a little bit of frustration showing through, and perhaps a dash of impatience.
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  10. Skell offered a gesture of greeting to the other Nightlord in the distance while he heard over the comms about their next steps. Continuing the mission was of course the most important thing of course and how exactly they shall get from here to the capital was no small task. There were a multitude of different ways but the use of civilian vehicles probably worked best. Be it the trucks or a train, as long as they ended up where they needed to be. As such he didn’t offer an opinion, simply being willing to go along with what the others said.
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