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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Kar Jeresh took in the aftermath of his Squad's work for a few moments, the tall figure standing stock still as he surveyed their handiwork. The eviscerated specimens were, he considered, a nice touch, adding an air of finesse to the general butchery. Showing that whoever had conquered here was capable both of mass slaughter and more nuanced death. At will. That killing was theirs to choose in time, place and manner. That nowhere was safe. His helm nodded, twice, and his tone over the vox was approving. "Excellent, " he added, looking to Strah and Elius in particular, "you've captured the essential muscle definition while exposing the major nerve clusters. A model for your picts, Mamzel," he suggested, turning to Kersaara, and - was it her imagination, or did he stand slightly taller as he was silhouetted against the line of neatly flayed corpses, suspended all in a row? No matter that she was a composer. In the mind of the popular soldier, it seemed, those damned Imagists had become the symbol for all that Remembrancers did.

    The Sergeant listened to the possibilities discussed for a moment. Then he nodded, lifting the arm of one of the corpses speculatively as he pondered. "It could be, but if so it's a very distant strain. One clearly mutated beyond all sense. The things have a tail, for night's sake. Such a deviance could serve no purpose. Ogryn at least - as stupid as they may be - are strong. Maybe they will even find some use in the army. But these -" they could hear the disgust in his voice. "No. Good for nothing, unless they're good eating." He glanced sideways at Tildan.

    "We have but to restore the power and crack open whatever secrets might lie here and we can begone from this forsaken place." He toed a piece of skull fragment idly as he spoke. "Thescoro. With me." He nodded once again to the Marine who stood waiting on his word. "We'll get the power up and running. Might get some kind of response out of the panel and then who knows, we may have an easier way in. If in the meantime you manage it, then all to the good. Less time here, more time finding us a real reason for sending Astartes to do the Guard's job." With a slight grunt he turned away, Davode giving his squadmates a look as he followed. "Aye Sergeant." There was, however, no trace of insouciance in his voice.

    The bulkhead had already been the subject of some reasoned discussion. Some - Sarcarin among them - wanted to know if any codes had been found, but a quick search of the surrounding offices yielded nothing that looked suitable. It did have a map of the surrounding country, likely the area served by the power plant. Reaching to the city they'd seen and beyond, it was a comprehensive answer as to why this place had been singled out for attack. Among the debris of printouts and hard copy back up spreadsheets there wasn't much else, but at least it was easy for an Astartes' genhanced comprehension to pick out details. As Tildan had speculated, if the Human population had been herded away via mass transport then it must have been before the power had been cut. There was also a layout of the mass transit tracks displayed on one wall. A simple matter to capture via helmet-picter or to commit to Astartes memory.

    Raxus wondered if the lingering taste of Saurid provided any answers. In lieu of the specific corpse who might have known any codes, though, the Shadow Doc realised that the knowledge wouldn't be seared into the general makeup of the troops. It was always a bit of a lottery what a given devouring might uncover, anyway - perhaps something he could look into refining. As he looked at Tildan, Von could confirm that he didn't have any sudden information on how to access the blast door. The images he'd had were clear enough, to his Astartes memory, but they didn't offer any coded secrets.

    Rhyneon - his latest trophy tied to his belt and dripping blood - had no qualms about slaughtering the Saurids, long-lost Humanity or not. But Falchion wasn't so sure. Maybe they would serve as shock troops or desert-adapted soldiers? Skell already had a definite use for them. His flensing knife worked in time to the drip of blood from Rhyneon's trophy, steady, his breathing even. One mustn't rush a job like this. As he held the skin up to the firelight of the flickering burn from the now-destroyed artillery station, he could see that it was very fine work. A fitting way to let the Saurids know on whose planet they'd trespassed. Sarcarin was free in his expression of distaste at the idea of anything more but all present could see the value in them as statements. A species of common ground, at least.

    "Think a Melta charge or two could punch through?" Rhyneon asked as he prepared it to fire. It seemed a likely possibility. Nothing ventured ...

    There was a brief, retina-searing yet glorious burst of chemical fire.

    The shattering sound of the seals breaking as the blast door succumbed faded and the hiss of seething, searing metal and debris that replaced it made a nice counterpoint to the fading light of the melted portal. Beyond, the chamber was mostly dark, littered with inconsequential bits of hot shards but there were a few surviving ceiling lights - the red of emergency lighting everywhere. There was a smell of stale air, but it wasn't the chalky, cement-scented smell of damp masonry and neglect one might expect. It seemed - fresher. Refined transhuman senses could pick up the hum of a recycling system and - distant, quiet - a gasp, the hastily-suppressed sound of Human panic.

    It was prudent to allow the superheated metal to cool a bit before proceeding, so that Elius and Strah had time to finish their macabre decorations and join the squad gathered around the explosion if they chose. A single man stepped slowly up to the busted vault door, his hands raised as if he wanted to surrender but wasn't quite sure how to do it. He looked to be in his early forties, with a few days' worth of beard and dressed in a slightly scruffy lab coat. A textbook picture of a distracted scientist, if it wasn't for the clean bandages on his left arm and shoulder. He smelled strongly of counterseptic and some kind of spirit alcohol.

    "It's - it's all right," he said, unsteadily, as the large forms of several armoured giants blocked his view of the carnage beyond. "I'm Human, I'm on your side."

    OOC: Everyone is at the vault door or the general area except Davode and Jeresh, who are getting the power online. This man looks unarmed and has nothing strange about his appearance (such as a bomb vest or anything) but he does look unrested.

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    Admiring his handiwork with the meltagun's blast, Rhyneon sighted what appeared to be a man, but that made little sense why someone would shut off the power to this place and seal themselves inside, for lack of a better word, their tomb.

    "In the name of the Night Haunter, halt and identify yourself!" Rhyneon shouted as he raised his bolt pistol to the mortal. Although he appeared to be unarmed, caution was a preferred action when dealing with an unknown enemy. "Take another step forward and I'll decorate your tomb with your entrails."
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    "The saurids last time appeared suddenly as well. Keep your senses sharp and about. They could have camouflage capabilities or hide underground." Kar Raxus the Shadow Doc advised the rest of the squad, gritting his teeth in enormous scorn about this situation and how a single mere human survivor made it safely out without having been torn apart by beast or alien. He left the 'negotiation' to the others, it was always a weak spot for Kar. Medical efficiency overcoming his mind and bringing it to an end too swiftly. The only time he was reliable in terms of coercion was getting his brothers to undergo medical treatment.

    The Apothecary brought his bolter up while scanning the area, making sure to stay in the immediate vicinity of their mortal witness assigned to this claw. She was unhurt so far, and Raxus would keep it that way.
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    "I'm here to serve, Sergeant," Strah gave a curt nod to Kar Jeresh after the officer commended both him and Elius on their skills at displaying the tortured victims. His brother seemed to have enjoyed "taking care" these Saurids but for Strah, it was all just simply put - business. This didn't mean he didn't do his best, quite the contrary, it was just that he had plenty more interest in actual killing part than dealing with the corpses. Then again, spreading terror was what the Emperor made the Night Lords for and Strah wasn't about to go back on the orders given to them by the Master of Mankind Himself.

    Once the work outside was done, he rejoined the rest of the squad inside the facility and was there once the bulkhead was taken care of, only to spot an actual human coming out to greet them. Rhyneon was the first one to respond, however Strah snorted at his brother's reluctance to actually act.

    Instead of waiting, the young Night Lord barged in, pushing away the human in case he got in his way with not the greatest care in order to investigate the room beyond himself. There were shadows about and he was intent on learning their secrets.
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    Elius made a scoffing noise after hearing the praise. He was not one to except accommodations well, and this time was no different. On top of that, he did not can for this little tag along they had with them as Elius was one who believed what they did spoke for itself. Regardless, Elius continued forward behind his brother Strah.

    After he watch Strah push the human out of the way, Elius got right into the human's face, letting out a loud and animalistic growl. Elius then laughed as he continued past the human and into the room Strah had entered to investigate.
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  6. @Jorimel

    The appearance of the bedraggled mortal had Falchion bringing his bolter up, the weapon pointing at him until Rhyneon, Strah and Elius nearly terrified him to death. Lowering the bolter Falchion slowly spun to face away from the ruined vault door, looking back the way the claw had come.
    "I'll keep watch. In case alien reinforcements arrive."
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    "In the name of the Night Haunter, halt and identify yourself!" Rhyneon shouted as he raised his bolt pistol to the mortal. "Take another step forward and I'll decorate your tomb with your entrails."

    The dishevelled man raised his hands higher, but the effort showed that he was clearly tired. That might be why he didn't crumple immediately, or scream, or fall to his knees; it might be some inner strength, of course, but he looked more dazed if anything. He was certainly fearful.

    "My name, my name is Daril, Daril Manarac, I'm an engineer," he stuttered, as Strah shoved him to the side as he stalked forward. He gave a cry of pain as he hit the metal siding of the tunnel, barely keeping his feet. Elius paused, bending down to growl threateningly into the man's face as he passed after his Brother. "L-look, I am co-operating! I don't know who you are! I don't know what you want! But you're not th-those - those things." He gathered himself a bit, eyes wide and staring after the two Night Lords as they stomped into the darkened bunker. "Are you here to save us?"

    "I've got data. I locked myself in here and I've been monitoring their transmissions. They're making contact all the time, it has to mean something. They, they must be intelligent, I've been trying to -" He stopped talking and sank down, sliding down the wall to sit with his head in his hands. "I was hoping you were the Army."

    He looked up, seeing the normal-sized woman with the group for the first time. "M-madam? Are you with the Army? Are these the new government supersoldiers we've been hearing about?"

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    "Careful." Kar Raxus instructed the remembrancer, lowering his bolter. "Approach him but be wary of possible treachery. He says he is cooperating. Whether it be with us or the xeno is yet to be seen." The street-grown medic had his suspicions clearly, but he did not want to inflict terror upon someone that could be on their side. So he decided to allow the risk of having the remembrancer hurt in return of getting actual useful information for once. The Shadow Doc remained where he was, ready to bring his bolter up in a twin-heartsbeat notice and dispose of this 'Daril Manarac' if he dared to threaten Kersaara.
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  9. Skell had brought up the back of the group, keeping a watchful eye out for anything suspicious while the others went forward. As it turns out they found more humans, locals as it seems and they of course were terrified but not just of them but of the xenos. He supposed that was fair of them, such fragile and petty things they were that fear came easily to them. Then again fear came to all things but to those as fragile as mortals it came easier than it would say for an astartes. Skell thought for a moment to when the last time he felt fear was and he didn't find much except perhaps part of his training when he was first given his status. Anything before that was blank in his mind which confused him briefly before he shook it off and continued to be on the lookout.
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    Strah looked around the bunker, trying to see if there were any additional mortals skulking around, it would be bad for his reputation if he fails at this task and his party gets ambushed. Even if it were a simple human that he failed to find, it would be enough to show his Sergeant that he was unworthy of being an Assault brother and carrying the gifts of the Emperor.

    As always, he was accompanied by Elius, his Terran comrade showing some interest in the human who just said he was called Daril and was some kind of an engineer. "In the best case scenario, he's a coward who hid here while the rest of his friends were taken by the aliens," Strah spoke in the squad vox, ignoring the trembling mortal.

    "In the worst case, he's an enemy spy. Either way, I find his resolve lacking. I suggest Elius interrogates him and after we learn everything there is, we nail him to one of the transports and leave him there until the life leaves him as a reminder for the rest. At least those humans we found back in the other city showed some courage and didn't just hide in the dark."
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