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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Aftermath

    Departing the shattered ruin he'd made of the room he had so ruthlessly cleared Falchion rejoined the rest of the squad, stepping over as Kar Raxus reloaded his bolter. He'd been listening to the conversation between the Apothecary and Rhyneon, deciding to offer an opinion of his own that had been forming.
    "If these are mutated humans then only those that are actively aggressive should be executed until more is known. The Imperium could have use of the mutant strain, in the same way it uses the ogryn, the squat and us."
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  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    It was quite satisfying to render judgement to these little reptile creatures, after all they were nothing more than simple vermin in need of extermination. Strah took great pleasure in dispatching them and while when you look at it from martial point of view they were hardly worth the effort, still there was something in the Kill that former convict enjoyed immensely. Dark thoughts or not, they were definitely here to stay.

    Once the last of the creatures was eviscerated, Night Lord ignored the talks about greater task at hand or dealing with the sealed bunker below. Instead, he voxxed the other Terran legionary, the one that seemed to have similar tastes when it came to purging enemies of the Emperor.

    @matt23 "There are plenty of corpses to pick around here. What do you say we do the extra effort and make the whole fight worth our while?" he asked and began hauling saurid bodies from the battlefield, even those they killed earlier near the initial conflict and started working. He would use his knife for this and he took great care to make sure everything was as it should be.

    Whenever happens, result would be all of the available aliens flayed, their skin pulled aside to reveal muscle and organ tissue beneath. Each body would then be chained to the walls or put on the roofs of the nearby buildings, left there as food for the insects and a reminder of the Eight Legion's superiority over everyone else.

    If his Sergeant would disapprove of the possible waste of time, Strah would get back in line. If nothing, perhaps their Remembrancer lady could take some nice pictures after all. @Casavay
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  3. We Bring The Night

    Skell enjoyed his brief flight into the night sky, the sounds of screams echoing into the distance as his jetpack spewed unnatural looking flame. This was his purpose, what the genes within him called his mind to pursue. This is what the Night Haunter demanded of his sons and to him it felt right, as he landed and delivered a swift kick to the nearest xenos animal. “Athr'eza te sha!” He yelled, of course referring to the xenos.

    The violence of the battle is now simply a blur in Skell’s mind, fury and deadly instinct had taken over his mind. He had fought well and ferociously though, he remembered that much of the battle and the beast he was skinning was proof of that. The one he had kicked, really the only kill he remembered clearly, unlike the others who had been evicerated this one had a mostly intact hide and bones. Thus it made for a good, if gruesome harvest while the others were busy with other matters. He wasn’t sure what he would do with the hide right now but he could possibly take more intact bits of hide from his other kills to make a cape. The bones would perhaps make good trophies for his armor or weapon, oh he could attach some of the bones to the bottom of his cap with strips of hide. That could be nice, he thought to himself as he worked a knife carefully over the body, removing the hide was delicate work if he wanted it to look nice. And he did, to him a proper image was needed to instill fear into one’s enemy and from what he’s seen his brothers feel the same.
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  4. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Elius' smile nearly reached each ear as he finished off the final xeno with a long cut of his knife from stomach to throat. A maniacal laughter echoed forth from his vox as he looked over the dead bodies over the small battlefield. Turning to his brother Strah, Elius nodded, "You must have a latent pysker gene, because you read my mind so easily, brother!" Truly nothing pleased Elius quite as much as striking fear through effigies of terror. Art, that is what the dark soul of Elius viewed this after battle work as. Each time refining his own art form more and more.

    Taking a few dead bodies, Elius dragged them over to three columns that still stood. Elius then took rebar from the near by rumble and pinned each body's hands above their head and their feet overlapping each. Putting each body pinned against each colum in a crucifix position. He then slit each body down the middle of each section, using more rebar to pin the partially skinned flesh to the wall as well, making it seem as if a mortician and an artisan came together to work. Lastly, cut off all the flesh from the faces before taking a step back to smile. "Let this be a warning to any whom think about defying the Imperium or resisting. Though I surely hope they ignore it," Elius said with a sinister voice.
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  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Kersaara had spent the last minutes schizophrenically switching between frantic note-taking, hiding for dear life behind Raxus, and giggling like a madwoman as she did. And so, she was absolutely beaming at her meat-and-ceramite shield when he addressed her. Or perhaps, offering the distraught, manic expression of someone on the verge of snapping. Nyktride wasn't sure, but whatever it was, it wasn't exactly his doing anyway.

    The remembrancer caught her breath to respond to his suggestion: "Naught I can say to the contrary. You perform rather admirably as a living bit of masonry."
    (@Uriel1339 )
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  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "This line of thought disgusts me. I will make sure to bring you one of these Xenos, hopefully it's voicebox or whatever passes for it doesn't stop working by the time it arrives to you." Rhyneon grimaced as he carried on thinking about the possible horrors a xeno parasite like this could do.

    Hearing Falchion's words Ryneon turned to him, "These are not Abhumans. If they were they'd at least attempt to communicate with us, and if they're not Xenos but some strain of Humanity, it does not have any left. Expunge it for the abominations they are." Rhyneon was feeling a greater sense of purpose now other than a search mission into a ghost town.

    After staying quiet for a few moments, Rhyneon spoke up again, "If they have a Queen or King, I'd like it's head. Who knows what wonders lay within it's skull." He chuckled as he stroked the head of the Xeno at his hip.
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Very well then. But Strah and Elius make for much better ... Template." He pointed in the distance towards their terror campaign of flayed xenos hung up, gutted and otherwise mutiliated. "They express the true core value of the Night Lords. Maybe they are even doing it to impress you." There was a smirk, although his helmet and the vox distortion hid his emotion well. It was supposed to be a tease considering there was the stigma floating about that ascended Astartes did not care much about the common mortal.

    "To be completely honest..." He chuckled. When were Nostramans ever truthfully honest? It was them who could hide the best in the shadows, and so a lie could easily be passed, too. One learns quick to be deceiving in order to survive on the dark world.

    "I might be more wishful on an interesting scientific finding than being rational about this entire ordeal... Then again. It simply makes for a better tale." Kar glanced momentarily at the remembrancer, maybe her creativity was contagious.
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  8. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard


    "Rhyneon is right. What you are suggesting is disgusting, Apothecary," the Butcher chimed in, seizing the lull in combat to check his gear, sheathe his knife, and load his guns with fresh ammunition. "But not completely unfounded. A world of Imperium-level civilization does not simply up and leave without warning nor struggle. Nor does it spontaneously mutate, Falchion," he added, with a considering look in the younger Nostraman's way.

    "Whatever lies at the heart of it, we will rip it out, we will expose it, and we will punish it for its abominable crime against Man."
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  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts


    "Spoken like a true butcher. I start to take a liking to your crude methods. If you want, you can even assist in identifying their exact anatomy. You have seen enough beasts cut open that you might actually be able to accelerate my research. And I do tend to work better with a living soundboard. As much as my shadows love to listen to my analysis... It is nice to know another living being learns from my work. Reminds me of my mentor in the streets of Nostramo."

    There was a hint of nostalgia in Kar Raxus' voice. More from the fact that you knew what to expect in the crime-ridden streets of the dark world, rather than the uncertainty of the void. This world is prove alone that one never can know what to expect when bringing justice in the name of the Emperor. It was enticing to be challenged in such way, but at the same time it was... Frustrating. To have to come up with a new cure, a new vaccination a new technique for every new encounter. There was no blanket solution, no elixir that would get rid of all diseases. But the Shadow Doc would not back down from such challenge.
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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Von tildan as combat began closing took out once more his auspex, as they were lead down to the inside of the base he would begin doing scans of the vault , as well as the power controls, looking for signs of life, Patterns in the vault, how much it could withstand, and how to open it. As he heard there apothcary call Von answered. "These xenos I believe are here for conquest if what i saw was true, they have taken taken on this worlds mortal forces and have either captured them and hearded them via, Rail lines, or vehicles, to a yet known fate," Von tildan once said answering his brothers once more.
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