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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. With the brief orders of the Sergeant understood Skell Sharack crashed down as his screaming jump pack thrusters died down. He heard the battlecry of the Sergeant but as smashed into the Xenos artillery he did not utter a word, instead he got to work with his chainglaive. Slicing and ripping through both alien and their artillery with long cutting sweeps as the engine of his weapon roared. He would find himself with many skins to work with after this battle, he was sure of it.

    OOC: Attacking everything around him including the artillery piece itself and of course any crewmen and infantry that are close enough. So using both actions as attacks I think.
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  2. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Biting down a catty response to Jeresh's warning cost Nyktride no effort, partly for her awareness of the danger she was in and partly because she was so caught up in her company that her brain had better things to do than dig up notes on witty repartée, sealed in a mental chest and buried deep alongside all these other dancing manuals of cloak and dagger from her childhood at the courts.

    The fight was only really beginning, and already were the Astartes proving to be poetry in motion. Large and bulky, but swift and fierce. There was nothing lumbering about them - these men were more graceful than any soldier of the Imperial Army she'd seen. They seemed, in a way, weightless, if she couldn't see them bring their weight to bear so clearly. So many stories to tell, so many voices to give them, ways to interpret them.

    -but of course, reality didn't stop just for the composer's musings and she ducked her head as she snapped back out of it. "Thank you, 'doctor'", she told Raxus while keeping close to his body, still peeking past him as good as the situation allowed. (@Uriel1339 )

    Actions: Defensive action on herself as she follows our favourite surgeon person
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  3. Imperius matt23 Curator


    Elius was not like his brother in the sense of Strah's almost automatic response. Elius was much less sane, in the sense as he did not hear so much an order but instead saw an opportunity to strike fear. So, a sinister laugh emitted from his vox as Elius followed Strah's lead. He quickly cut off his chainsword and took out his combat knife as he enter the shadows quietly with Strah.

    As they both made their way, Elius felt the animalistic urge that he constantly fought, trying to claw it's way out. His mouth watered more and more with each footstep that drew him closer. The rhetoric that the Legion instilled was the only thing that kept it collared, but even that at times felt like it just barely worked.

    An ambush was the perfect opportunity to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy and subsequently break their backs. Glory was at hand and like a starved dog, Elius was ready to devour the foolish rebels. The pray's death was at hand and now the hardest part was to wait for the right time to lash out with his combat knife.

    OOC: Following suit with Strah's stealth approach. If the opportunity is there for an attack, combat knife to the gun crew. Quickly and quietly.
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  4. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    We Bring the Night
    Von took stock of the situation quickly, using the information he'd gathered using his omophagea. As he shared the information with his Brothers over the vox, he sank into the darkness and advanced, gun in hand, to take the fight to the rest of the enemy. The bulk of the building on the right sheltered him, the inky black shadows briefly lit by the glare of reflected tracer fire in the broken windows before returning him to their embrace. He was stealthy in his approach, hunkering down with his sights on the saurid weapon emplacement. A slight prickling feeling in the back of his neck made him wonder, briefly, if he'd been spotted, but the gunner was focused on the road ahead.

    The Night Lords weren't using the road ahead.

    As they fanned out like the four wings of the fabled Kherubim of Terra, Falchion took a different room to Rhyneon but a similar tactic. Taking in a large breath to all three lungs he let out a roar that was more than a shout, it was a sheer blast of sonic power. The amplified blast caused ears to bleed and each saurid that wasn't stunned into immobility clasped their hands to their ears. They might have been screaming. They looked as if they were screaming, eyes screwed shut, mouths open in agonised stretches like a snake trying to swallow an egg. The Night Lord opened fire. A Phobos pattern bolter wasn't a subtle weapon, and it scythed through the room full of saurids leaving bloody tatters in its wake. Gore plastered the walls that weren't pocked with shells and the shrapnel from exploding consoles and desks. Falchion had cleared the room.

    Von took a breath in, sighed down the rifle and fired. There was a bloom of oil and a puff of explosive as the primitive ordnance caught the round, buckling, the saurid jumping back in surprise. There was a moment of panic, enemy troops milling and diving for cover as they sought to find the attackers' new direction. Tildan faded back out of sight, not even a trace of him remaining as he was swallowed up in the darkness. It was a succor and a comfort to the Astartes so well used to low light. Saurids looked around, across, back the way they had come - anywhere but up.

    Which was a pity, in a way, as the soaring Claw-Brothers had quite an entrance planned from the skies. Strah activated stealth mode on his armour and dropped easily into the Stalk, using the shadows thrown by the tracer fire to his advantage. As they flickered, he moved, and he made his way towards the artillery station in the confusion. A saurid blundered into him, raising its curved sword in a reflex action but the Night Lord easily blocked the blow without even missing a step, a backhand from his Astartes plated fist shattering its skull. He crept closer. A shot whirred past him, striking the gun and buckling the barrel beyond use. Artillery crew milled around it, barked orders doing no good as he seemed to materialise out of the darkness around them, his skulled helm grinning like a premonition of death. A very short-term prediction.

    Just as Strah was beginning his killing sweep he was joined by the sound of screaming. Not from around him - or not solely - but from above this time, as Skell Sharack descended from the darkened sky like the vengeance of an angry god. Skell caught the first saurid with his taloned boot, a kick under its chin sending it flying backwards with a snapped neck. Faced with two now obvious threats the saurids rallied, to their credit in the face of such violent slaughter. One drove its sturdy blade up into the join between his thigh plate and groin, but the Night Lord's armour turned aside the blow and the tip barely punctured his body-glove, the tough weave resistant to all but the sharpest blow. He was able to shoot his attacker through the chest, blowing it backward as Strah rose up behind him and decapitated the saurid facing him. For a brief, glorious moment the two Brothers fought back to back, each killing with ease and a savage joy in the gifts their gene-Sire gave them. Soon saurids were fleeing only to be picked off from the shadows by Sarcarin or Raxus. There would be many hides to take from this night, enough fine leather to outfit a cabin in barbarian splendour if one so chose.

    Elius followed his Sergeant's orders as swiftly as his Brother but his heart quickened with the opportunity for slaughter. It wasn't for the simple slog of combat that he lived - no, it was the time to stalk and hunt, to strike down from the skies as a moving, lethal slash of blades and sharp teeth, to hunt. As his Brothers stooped to kill, Elius dived from the other side, the blade in his hand taking off the top of a saurid's skull cleanly. The next strike brought him a new target in the form of one who had turned to flee from Strah, only to run straight into his arms. Elius' embrace was bladed and deadly. Saurids panicked and fled, the strongest making only token marks in the Astartes plate of their attackers. Their killers.

    Meanwhile, after a last cautionary word to the Remembrancer, Tarron Sarcarin made his way forward at a quick but stealthy pace. He used his excellent night-sight to his advantage, picking off a saurid here and there, taking out some that were wounded but still a threat - after all, even a crippled enemy can throw a grenade. It was a simple, efficient mercy, if one cared to see it like that. At any rate, it winnowed the Emperor's enemies. With a quick backward glance he could see the Apothecary, Raxus, taking over his role as moving defence for Madame Kersaara. The white-marked Night Lord was nonetheless able to make the shadows his home, making sure to keep the woman behind him and acting as her gun-screen. It might have interrupted Nyktride's view, but it also protected her from stray rounds and ricochets. He followed Falchion's swift advance, the sudden deafening roar of his comrade thankfully dampened by his suit's systems. Falchion had cleared his side of the low offices of all life signs, and a quick scan of the upper floor showed Raxus no more heat signatures in the now unstable-looking and pockmarked building through windows or cracked masonry. This threat neutralised, they were free to attack the main part of the complex at the rear.

    In the only other downstairs room of any significance, Rhyneon also heard the war-shout of his Claw-Brother. For a moment, the words of the Night Haunter came to him in the pause between killing and drawing another breath. He mused on the nature of his mission - his calling - and he did not find it wanting in purpose. His was the hand that brought justice to the foe. The sentence, the sin, they had already passed and it was time for the cleansing. He brought up an arm warily, in case of traps or hidden attackers, but none remained. Building cleared, enemy neutralised. In the clean, sanitised language of the other Legions that would describe the situation. In Nostraman, one might phrase it the corpse has no more blood to shed.

    Nyktride followed as close as her sense of survival allowed, her ego over-ruled for the present. For as truly as she had an opportunity, now, to see the demigods known as Asrtartes in action, she could not completely deny the sheer, pulse-pounding adrenaline surge that accompanied such a display. How it fed into her primal corpus was a matter of viewing it through her own unique lens, of course, but she couldn't deny that the result was in some way deathly thrilling. She could just about follow the action when the Night Lords moved in to fight, but they kept disappearing into the darkness. One never quite knew when one of the Emperor's Angels of Vengeance would be there. It would be harrowing to be hunted so. But it would also sharpen the nerves to a fevered pitch. What might it inspire, such nuanced terror, wielded like a scalpel? Wielded like a conductor's baton?

    In the shadows of the left-hand building, a dark shadow moved in through a window carelessly left open to the night air. The figure was deceptively smooth in its movements, flowing from a patch of darkness to deeper shadows cast by the violence of the battle outside. Two saurids cowered low in front of a window, one trying to load a weapon with solid shot with trembling clawed hands. Allocer observed them for just a moment. Neither was aware that he was there. He could hear the tread of one of the others upstairs - likely his Sergeant, Jeresh. The saurids looked up, one raising the gun reflexively towards the ceiling. The Night Lord held up a single finger and shook it slightly from side to side.

    "Now now. No need to be unfriendly."

    A lull in the sounds of gunfire and screaming was enough to reveal that the gun emplacement was taken down, no more than a mangled heap of metal and remains. The right hand smaller building was on the verge of collapse, crumbling masonry shifting as Rhyneon burst out of a wall with a saurid's head in one hand and the rest of its body in the other. The left hand building was on fire. On top of the burning pile, Jeresh was silhouetted for a moment against the flames, crouched and busy with a knife. He held up a skinned skull as a grisly trophy, examining it for a moment against the light of the flames. The road was cleared of saurids and, with a brief vox-conference, it was confirmed that each side building was empty and all that remained was the main building at the bottom. It was unlikely to hold much of a threat as the saurids had not been able to reach it for shelter. He stood and leaped down to join the group below, thrusters firing for a brief moment as he did so.

    "Excellent work," he said, prowling around the perimeter of the shattered gun emplacement. To one side, there was a single shot as Raxus took out the last remaining saurid with grim efficiency. Jeresh paused, turning to the Apothecary.

    "You know, I never realised until now that you and I both have the same first name." He turned again, reflectively picking a piece of stray intestine from the back of his gauntlet. Jeresh looked towards the building at the end of the road once more. Where once it would have been occupied by enemy troops, now it lay silent. But was it truly vacated? He was surrounded by nine well-trained ways to find out.

    Moving in to the building the Claw found few saurids - just a couple here or there, easily disposed of even though armed. The occupying force here had not been elite, though to be fair to the xenos they outmatched the ordinary Human as much as they were themselves outmatched by Astartes. A thorough search found three large specimens that could be slain or treated in other ways - further study, perhaps? communication? - and a quite securely locked bunker basement in the lower reaches of the main building. It was a blast door, such as one might find in a nuclear bunker from Old Night. Lastly there was the power plant itself, powered down but not - on first glance at least - broken by anything but superficial damage.

    @Colapse @Casavay @Avenging-Angel @Uriel1339 @Vulpas @Kalle @matt23 @TuskatheDaemonKilla @dx144 @Kilrane
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  5. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    We Bring the Night

    As his Claw spread out, Tarron Sarcarin punched through the saurid defensive line to flank them, entering one of the buildings once he had picked off the stragglers, mag-locking his bolter to his back as he drew his bolt pistol out of its holster and his combat knife out of its sheath. Flipping the knife to a reversed grip, the Butcher continued his grim work.

    He blended with the shadows. When he could, he ambushed the saurids while their inferior eyes were trained on the commotion outside. For each saurid downed, Sarcarin made new observations about them, attempting to commit their anatomical quirks to memory. Before long, the Butcher was cutting them with the same familiarity he cut meat on Nostramo.


    When the dust settled, Sarcarin found himself before the blast door, side-by-side with his Claw. Inspecting the surface of the doors, noting their sturdy construction, the Butcher backed away and cast a sweeping glance through the room. "Have anyone found any access codes that might be used for these doors?"
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    We Bring The Night
    Kar Raxus moved with efficiency and put his trust into the remembrancer not to do anything stupid or foolish. He did not bother looking backwards while enemies were in front, assisting the mobility of the claw with shooting those that ran or exposed themselves in a foolish attempt to flank the shadow-like hunters. The saurids fell quick, their hides and speed maybe being a challenge to normal humans. But Astartes were nothing like normal humans, and certainly not the compliance specialists that the Night Lords legion of Nostramo was.

    Once the death was brought to those that deserved it, the apothecary regrouped, genuinely glad to see he did not need to perform any work on anyone compared to the carnivorous beast from earlier. As he ran other diagnostics after taking some samples for further analysis in the laboratory, he was addressed by Jeresh.

    "I suppose it is a common name. Like Nix or Nox for women of Nostramo. Falk on Chemos, Robert on Macragge, Roger on Terra and so on." He shrugged slightly not too affected by the coincidence as he had been aware of it before - having to keep a detailed medical file on those he works with.

    "It would be more... Spooky." He chuckled softly. "If we also had the same last name. As then, I indeed would be a Shadow Doc." Raxus was not known for joking, but in the euphoria of victory even he could not let such opportunity slide.

    With a nod towards Jeresh, he then glanced to see if the remembrancer was still in proximity. "I suggest we continue our previous tactic to have you stay behind me as we advance into the heart of these operations."

    @Kalle & @Vulpas
    "Negative. Maybe our brain devouring comrade here might have some intelligence?" Kar Raxus offered to the butcher, referring to Von Tildan.
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  7. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    We Bring The Night

    Rhyneon practically danced through the Saurids with his chainblade, a parallel of the Nostroman language, a guttural language of poetry, Rhyneon, a murder in a dance of death.

    Such a weak and pathetic Xeno, might be able to outdo Mankind but not to her creation, or more the Emperor's creation. When it was over the corpses that were left, oozing with blood, the walls covered in sprays from their bodies and a decapitation of corpses, heads taken and left.

    Rhyneon lifted up the head of a Saurid and was looking into its face, studying it, wondering what it's last thoughts were and what it's last thoughts were. Maybe it wasn't able to relate to a Human's life, had a family, maybe it was a hivemind and it felt nothing as this part was cut off. So many variables, so many unknowns, Rhyneon lifted it's corpse, well the one he assumed went with his head and dragged it in one hand and the head in the other.

    With an ease of strength, he could have crushed its head into a pulp... It was time to get an autopsy going on these creatures, knowing your enemy was a sound strategy, going in without knowledge was a fool's errand.


    Seeing a damaged wall, Rhyneon booted it down and walked on through the wreckage to his squad which was already forming.

    "Something for an Apothecary to play with." Rhyneon dropped the Saurid corpse to the floor letting it fall without ceremony. "I'm sure you can find some use for it."

    Rhyneon kept hold of the head and wondered what secrets it held about it's life. Grabbing some of the wire from earlier, Rhyneon tied it to his hips and left it there, still dripping with rich Xeno blood.

    "Think a Melta charge or two could punch through?" Rhyneon asked as he prepared it to fire.
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts


    Kar Raxus looked at the Saurid body and then back at Rhyneon. "I already did preliminary tests earlier. There is no obvious weakness to them. They are very, very similar to human biology. The major difference is the visible one. These have scales. Humans do not. However due to the absence of humans on this world I cannot rule out that these are the humans that once lived here. Just like we were humans once. Or maybe there is a parasite that mutates them. A genetic alteration through microbes, chemical weapons or other means. And of course there is also the possibility of these Saurid beings simply having eaten the humans as means of food, bones and all. Akin to what a snake would."

    The Shadow Doc explained his earlier findings that he did not had the time to elaborate on compared to now where there was a slight downtime. "In other words. We only know that their physical makeup is close to humans." He shrugged. "I will do more extensive testing once we have access to a laboratory. Be it planetside or in orbit."
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  9. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "Well then, the corpse is useless, let it rot, eat it, throw it at someone. Do whatever you want with it." Rhyneon said as he wandered towards the bunker. The latter part interested him however. "So you mean to tell me, this whole world could be possibly overtaken not by, but becoming Xenos or some off shoot mutant that is nothing more than a shadow of Humanity. How disgusting." Rhyneon grimaced behind his helmet.

    "We best end these creatures fast then before they condemn this world with themselves." Rhyneon gripped his meltagun tighter as he felt an urge to burst through the doors of the bunker.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts


    "We cannot outrule that possibility. Look at what the Emperor and the Mechanicus have achieved in terms of augmentation and biological engineering. Or even reports from other Apothecaries that have encountered xeno-species like the Eldar. More tests and proper equipment are required. Also I would like an intact body before we departure. After identifying that they don't bury into our bodies and turn us into these saurids." Kar Raxus said with a grin below his helmet, enjoying that thought as a means of terror maybe too much. After all just the imagination of having corrupted leader figures have all their closest personnel suddenly turn into saurids would be quite... He shook his head. Focus was required, fighting was to break out.

    "But let us worry about that after we get more intellige inside the base." The shadow doc concluded, checking his bolter.
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