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Night Falls - A Night Lords 30k roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Tarron Sarcarin bodily imposed himself between the Remembrancer and the xenos weapons fire, using the hood of the vehicle as a makeshift support for his barrel. His honed Astartes vision scanned the battlefield as quickly as his helmet HUD fed tactical information into his field of view, locating the heavy gun. "Davode, this is Sarcarin. The xenos have a heavy machine gun. I will provide covering fire, you take him down," the Butcher instructed, while directing the muzzle of his bolter toward the emplacement.
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  2. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "Clearing buildings." Rhyneon voxed through the squad link and began sprinting towards the closest Xeno occupied building, spraying a burst of his meltagun at the wall to make a hole for himself, throwing a frag grenade in for clearance, then following it in after the detonation.


    1 action used to make a hole in said building.

    1 action used to throw frag grenade into said hole of said building.
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  3. Getting some confidence back from reminding himself that he could indeed kill with skill, Skell decided to press the attack on the reptilian xenos. Activating his jump pack so he could take to the skies momentarily before crashing back to the ground with deadly purpose. If he could not properly kill the bigger beast then he will kill these and make something from their pelts. He liked the look of reptilian scales more than fur anyways.

    OOC: Using jump pack to get to the factory and then an attack on whatever he lands on.
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  4. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Von was the first to move. "Brothers I am moving up on the Xenos postion, going in for advance recon, and intelligence gathering," he said over the vox, moving with speed and stealth. Jeresh's quiet voice joined in. "Brother Davode, provide our dining Brother with overwatch -" he began before seeing what Tildan intended, "- while he eats." A low, grim chuckle was his only other response.

    It was easy enough to find an intact brain-case, and for an Astartes, equally easy to crack open the contents. The brain was a little more primitive-looking than the Human model, at least in Von's opinion. Quickly, he stuffed the soft, fresh meat into his mouth, tasting with a palate refined by the genhancer's art. Bitter, with a hint of defiant spite - but as he parsed the melting flesh, it gave him other information. Hints of life. Then - as sudden as flashing pict-images on a news reel, whole scenes strobed across his mind. Squabbling broodlings. The saurid itself, taking up a small, wooden club and grasping it in determined claw-hands. The impact of such a club bruising its flesh. His flesh. His pride in taking the blow without whimpering, answering violence soaring in his blood. The crash of fists to his chest as he stood with one foot on his fallen foe. The rush of wind past him as he ran, the dull slap and thump of wood on hide. The scene changed, an adrenal jolt of some inexplicable emotion filling him as the blood flooded the skin of his face and neck, raising both arms and flexing the muscles, a sort of joy in his own power and challenge to anyone watching in one. At the back of his mind, Von could feel the urge to flex in the same way, but he easily fought it down. The saurid - consciousness? impressions? yes, that would be the word, mere memories encoded in flesh, after all - receded as the saurid's memory turned towards another of his kind, watching the fight from a distance, a slightly more gracile but no less violent-looking variant. The next view was out of the window of some kind of transport, a drop-pod analogue, as it hurtled down to the planet below. Anticipation filled him. There was a ripe, fertile world below, an easy conquest. And so it had proved as the saurid's memories flashed through battles in city streets, soft civilian targets being herded into cul-de-sacs and closed into trains and mass transport vehicles, to be rounded up in efficient central locations for later use. There were a couple of stiffer fights, but until now, the warrior had been victorious. His last memories, sharp on Von's tongue, had been of sheer disbelief that it was so easy for these - these hulking giants, these dark, shadow-haunting monsters could so easily part skin from bone and muscle. The last wash of emotion was completely foreign to Tildan, but he guessed that it must be fear. The sensation made him want to spit.

    Kar Raxus, it was plain, disapproved of gathering battlefield intel in quite this way. The Shadow Doc was ready with his counsel while he kept an eye on the field. Who knew what toxins lurked within such alien flesh? Could be poisonous. Could be anything. He'd seen healthy men laid low by all kinds of toxic treacheries supplied by Nostramo's extensively deadly wildlife. "I hope you are aware of the side effects of what you are doing. Your mind could be filled with more than just intel. Their thought process. Their feelings. If they operate on something close to a hive mind, you might even build an involuntary synapse link."

    His protests didn't stop Tildan, but they were noted. Sergeant Jeresh turned to him with a nod of his helm. "Should he happen to become infected," Jeresh replied as he took in Raxus' thinking out loud, passing across the squad vox as it was, "I trust you will keep our Brother suitably sedated, Apothecary. I'm sure old Bloody Bones will want a look at him."

    The Apothecary knelt beside the dead saurids and - ignoring both the firefight developing ahead and the crunching sounds of splintering braincase - began to scan the bodies, building an image of the internal layout. Superficially, it was the same as the Human model - a digestive system, organs to circulate blood and refine matter, a central nervous system of a somewhat blunted nature compared to the exquisitely-singing nerves of a human cadaver - and a solid, heavy set of bones, tougher hide, thickened over vital spots and yet still flexible enough not to hinder movement. The tail was heavily muscled, and could be swung with enough force to knock a man off his feet. The probable reproductive system was a little more primitive than Human biology, but that wasn't a real concern if the population of invaders was to be wiped out. Preliminary examination of the bodies yielded no obvious weaknesses to chemical or environmental factors, in fact the heavy saurid solidity indicated a certain greater resistance to anything that might lay a Human low. They didn't reach Astartes heights, but he could see that they could probably consume much less delicate fare than, say, Mistress Kersaara.

    "The immediate threat has been annihilated. What are you orders, Sergeant?"
    "Can't you just summon aerial support and blow them all to Nostramo?"

    Jeresh paused. Just for a moment. Then he grinned. It was clear from his tone. "We ARE the air support, Brother. And when this world is taken they'll need the power grid. Elius, Strah, Sharack, with me. You and you," he indicated with a sweep of his hand to Strah and Elius, "left side, we'll take the right. Use the darkness we were born to, Brothers, let us act as the Haunter intended. They have artillery - fortunately we aren't the War Hounds, so we don't need to rush straight in playing catch the bullet, and nor are we the Third to waltz up the centre. Rhyneon -" he paused again, only for a heartbeat - "is leading the way on the ground assault." Indeed the keen young Legionary had already slipped into the cover of the night, grenade in hand. "Sarcarin, sound plan but you take the opposite flank on the ground. Distract and disorientate the foe, strike from the shadows. We'll deal with the artillery."

    "Those of you otherwise engaged follow as soon as you can - second wave, choose your targets freely and sow confusion. I'll share a case of good wine with whoever gets the most kills." He was about to launch himself skywards, as the next tracer fire was followed by a ranging shot, still tentative, still too far away as the saurids dragged transport cars and cases into a makeshift barricade, when a thought struck him.

    "Mamzel Nyktride. We are now in a frontline situation. Try not to get underfoot. I would be personally inconvenienced if we had to get Von here to preserve your last musical memories by means of dessert."

    Rhyneon sprinted into the night ahead, grenade at the ready. He closed with the saurid line but kept his distance, out of sight, out of earshot as his powered armour's hum was drowned in barked orders and whirring machinery. Tracer rounds provided a brief snapshot of enemy positions every few seconds. Blink - blink - blink. Saurids swarmed, readying weapons, forming up in cover. None of it mattered to the Night Lord.

    He found an angle in the shelter of an office window, silhouetted against the darkness for but a moment to the small group of saurids inside, but their attention was all on the front facing the road between the buildings. He took a breath, and kicked out. Shattered glass haloed him for a moment like flakes of frost as the casement blew in. He pitched the frag in overarm, right into the largest mass. Ducking quickly back down, he was rewarded with a pattering hail of broken equipment, rags of flesh, and brief, choked screams.

    Back at the main group, Jeresh fired up his jump pack and soared into the sky. His armour's claws flickered into life, and he swooped up in a looping arc above the right side of the building even as Rhyneon's grenade exploded below. His helmet vox switched from internal to external, shrieking out into the night with the sound of the dying saurids from the first engagement.

    "Athr'eza tesh sha," he hissed. "We have come for you."

    Targets are the main approach between the buildings - the artillery station; saurids in the open, whose cover is negated if attacking from the air, otherwise they are in soft cover or none (50/50 as they mill about - you can choose which you attack); saurids in the buildimgs, who have hard cover from outside and varying degrees of cover if you go inside. Enemy threats are saurid massed rifles, close combat weapons and the single gun emplacement. You have the option of using hard and soft cover as well as stealthy approach until you are either in a brightly lit area (the main road listed) or if entering a brightly lit room. Buildings are currently not lit up inside except for a couple of rooms and you can tell from basic fieldcraft that the saurids do not see well in the dark like you do.

    @Colapse @Casavay @Avenging-Angel @Uriel1339 @Vulpas @Kalle @matt23 @TuskatheDaemonKilla @dx144 @Kilrane

    I'm sorry for the long hiatus of the holiday season, let us bring the night once more!
  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Tildan kept himself down as the memories began to run through his mind, places he did not know, feelings of pride, defeat and fear ran through the night lord as he kept down taking it in. Tildans mind and organs working toghter to take what information from the saurnid. Spitting as he felt the fear and sight of one of his brothers taking down the Saurnid from his own eyes and the eyes of the creature, The feelings and sensations almost being powerful enough to cause the marine to raise his arm and flex it and revel in his own power, something Von fought down.Tildan grinned for a momment as he got what he had came for Activating his vox he spoke.

    "Intel from this saurnid, extraction succsefull, Seemingly, the xenos came here for conquest of this world from space, may want to have the navy as well as our own ships warned at the possiblity of the xenos being still in the area, Military seems to have been rolled upon by the xenos, Civilians were rounded up by trains and large transports areas for later use, Likely slavery if i had to guess," Tildan spoke grabbing his rifle he heard his orders.

    "Quite bitter they are brother Apothcary, mix of experiences it brings, from earlier in the creatures life up to its last mommentsand inbetween." @Uriel1339 Tildan spoke to the apothcary as his helmet came back on seals coming back in place as he placed his helmet on and took to the shadows once more and began to advance on the right taking to the darkness and moving looking to get a angle on the saurnidgun enmplacemnt to disable it, then attack its gunner, Finding cover beside a buildings wall he kept to the wall and with sniper rifle in hand began to aim, down his sights at the saurnid, looking down the sights he aimed for the gun emplacment taking aim at the body of it aiming on disabiling it, and taking one of the Saurnids big toys away before going for the gunner.

    OOC one attack on saurnid heavy emplacment one defence stealth to keep in the shadows in heavy cover.
  6. Reaching the other small building of the factory complex Falchion quickly moved to press as flat as possible against the wall. Taking a moment to listen to the evolving tactical situation, slightly inspired by Rhyneon's actions, the Space Marine carefully made his way around the exterior of the building until he reached a door.

    With a vox-amplified roar Falchion kicked open the door, boltgun in his grasp, and let out a room-clearing burst of gunfire.

    OOC: Kicking open a side building door and shooting anything inside.
  7. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    "Be safe, Mamzel," Sarcarin told the Remembrancer softly, while listening to the Sergeant relay his orders to the Claw. His skull-faced helm was fixed on the woman, even though the Butcher's mind wandered toward the battlefield ahead of him. "And remember us."

    No more words were needed. The Butcher plotted a course on his HUD, dashing from cover to cover, partially to shield himself from enemy fire and partially to obscure his movement, until he was able to reach the flanking position his Sergeant had instructed. From there, he routinely made checks along his path to pick off saurids in the open with spaced bolter shots, to send their vile brethren cowering behind their primitive cover.
  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Noted. Von Tildan." Kar Raxus said while compiling his analysis for the rest of the team, grunting in annoyance of lacking any find in weakness of the enemy. These fights would have to be done in the conventional way.

    @ Entire Squad
    "Biological analysis reveals no direct weakness. Their tail seems to serve as a natural weapon, rather than a tattletale of their emotional state, so beware creative combat of theirs." The Apothecary did his duty of his report. Of course it was cut down to only the essentials, his full post-mission report would have proper information, including drawings and the over-time observation of Von Tildans reaction from eating a Saurid brain.

    "Affirmative on both orders." The Shadow Doc followed up on the previous vox commands, the first being to restrain Tildan in case of severe side effects rather than extermination. And the later being to engage in the second wave assault.

    Naturally as he had originally sworn, he returned to the side of the remembrancer, relieving the butcher of his role. "No one stays behind." He said with as warm of a tone as he could muster, gesturing her to follow as he brought his bolter up and started marching forward. He intentionally did not take cover nor did he break out into a sprint, he was offering himself to be a moving wall for the more fragile human. Secondarily, he would absorb wounds and damage where his brethren would be able to strike if the foe was stupid enough to simply target the Apothecary.

    Kar Raxus brought his bolter up and started opening fire on any Saurid that was outside and in effective range of his bolter as he closed down towards the same building that Falchion was assailing.

    - Walk on main road approaching same building as Falchion while acting as moving wall for Kersaara.
    - First action: Opening fire on any closest Saurid that is in the open with Bolter
    - Second action: Defense on Kersaara
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Affirmative Sergeant. We bring the night," Strah stated as matter-of-fact and his training kicked in, the orders obeyed to the letter. It fitted the young Night Lord's thoughts perfectly and as the cycles of the hunt began anew, Strah adopted the Stalk as he shut down the power field in his claws and lowered the power suit's emissions so he would better blend in with the darkness.

    It was all done with the natural talent every son of Curze possessed but Strah was not as experienced to preform all of it subconsciously, so he relayed on his training and personal skill. In any event, the plan was simple. As per orders, the legionary would continue moving in silence, sticking to the shadows and evading the main approach while taking the left side of the compound. Target was the artillery placement in the back and him and his brother Elius would do their tasks properly, reach the place undetected and strike the aliens from within where they least expect it.

    Whatever happens, Strah was convinced of one thing - they will teach these mongrels that defying the will of the Emperor and striking down his subject deserved only one punishment, the one they were about to receive.

    OOC Trying to stay in stealth and creep up towards the artillery location, both actions for that. If I don't need two for that, then the second one is attack on the crew of the gun.
  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    The need for stealth was gone, let the filth see their foe, know that death as coming, the message from the Eighth Legion was rarely a subtle one.

    The screams of the dying were like music to Rhyneon's ears, they seemed to be calling to him and he was right, they were. They were the screams of the men begging for death, it is too much, I cannot bear it, end it. Rhyneon, was more than willing to finish off their putrid lives.

    Maglocking the meltagun to his armour and walking in with his chainglaive, making sure it was ready to kill.

    That always gave an option however, did they deserve a quick death, or should it be drawn out, the pain their reward for such injustices. Did Rhyneon even have the right to end it? That was always the question, do you have the right? But such a question is irrelevant. If one can, then they have the right. They just have to deal with the consequences.

    These Xenos had the right to attack, and now dealt with the consequences of having such rights.

    There were no doubt others in this building, others who needed to have judgement passed upon them, it had been too long since he had bloodied his own claws and now he was going to get his chance to see these creatures eye to eye.

    Leave the dying, slaughter the weak around them and don't stop killing until they're all dead.

    Defensive action on self while moving into the Building.
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