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Nids and melee

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fenrir4life, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Kyros Drakonite Preacher

    I've mostly relied on it shooting someone else. Take cover if he's shooting you (Which is good advice for anyone), or use a shield if you are a Bro. He seems to fixate on people whenever he shoots, so as soon as he has a target he wont change targets until you piss him off enough or they die. Doing the front thing can actually be harder sometimes because of this, since he'll ignore you if you are attacking on the back and carry on murdering your teammates.

    But really, abusing cover is about the best advice I can give to anyone who finds themselves against the Ranged warrior.

    As of weapon, I don't know. I've only used the swords, mostly because it was the only thing I had available while I farmed the achievements. They kill Gants in 3 FA's, or 1 FA + 1 CA. I don't know how the heavier weapons fare in PvE. The one thing that I find almost mandatory is to equip the lifesteal mod. It really mages a huge difference.
  2. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    So, did some testing. The ranged warrior has no reload/cooldown time, so he WILL down you in the time it takes to charge a PF attack. PF appears able to clang indefinitely against melee warrior normal swing, but heavy attack does not actually stun them.
  3. VoxC VoxC Menial

    You can clash with a melee warrior indefinitely with a power fist, effectively tanking it for your team to kill at their leisure. If you don't have a power fist, but do have a storm shield, then you need to tank with your shield until it breaks then dodge the next couple of attacks with rolls and your shield should be good to take another few hits. In that manner I can trivialize melee warrior spawns.
  4. My guild beat it last week in fact. Half the group down, but not dead. The Apothecary and I charged past it, the others didn't not for some reason. Turned around on my Ground Assault and charged to get its attention so the Apothecary could get them up and, it turned half way towards me and jumped off the bridge and died. We had a good laugh over that one. The rest of the mission was easy.

    When the Developers had just brought back PvE prior to launched, I Watched as a Ground Assault tank it with no problems. The player had accidentally dodged into a tight corner, the Warrior would move to attack and hit the wall instead. The rest of the squad brought the warrior down to about 80-90% before we ran out of time. All with attacks to its back, since then I believe it has been worked on. We were all out of ammo and attacking with our knives or the Devastator attack.

    The ranged weapon for the warrior needs to have a serious decrease in its DPS and ROF, it can destroy a Storm Shield in a few seconds.

    The AI for all of the Tyranids need some serious rework, I've played games in beta stages since late 90s and only 1-2 had the AI that badly written.
  5. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    Finally beat it on Friday with two groups. Thing is, you HAVE to kill, tank and kite or basically just get the warrior NOT to follow you into the tunnels with the Gaunts swarming. Few realize that there is ANOTHER warrior at the end. He is fairly easy to evade, because all you have to do is get the energy cell to the end.

    The Crucible room is the killer.

    NOW the Gaunts DO stop spawning after a bit when the Warrior spawns, but if you do not gun them down fast, the warrior stuns you and they kill you.

    I agree the AI for the Nids needs help. Of course, exploiting the AI's faults is often the only way to beat Warriors with a lot of PUGs. When/if they fix the Tyranid AI? It REALLY gonna suck to PUG in PVE.

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