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Next chaos weapon discussion.

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Dolf, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. We need Staffs for AS to buff our charge, atm we are nothing but squishy heal bots.
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  2. Volla Volla Member

    Overdoing it is pretty much litteraly what Slaanesh is about though.
  3. desktop desktop Recruit

    I thought that was standard pre-herrasy emperor's children livery.

    They never had any taste.
  4. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

  5. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    Staves with ranged capability depending on Mark.

    Do that, and i'll ignore that AS is currently the shitiest class to play in the game, and possibly Chaos. ^^
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  6. Sonic Blaster: Range of the Bolter, Ignores Cover.

    Where is your God Emperor now?
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  7. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    He is sitting with the DEV team, creating more toys for LSM.

    Cry to our gods now....
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  8. Kavabingo Kavabingo Steam Early Access

    I hope it would be two-handed melee shit. But I doubt it.
  9. Nah, I'll just continue killing them with what I have. My bolter and subpar marks are all I need.

    Especially now.
  10. Details Details The Spriteful

    IS MY

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