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New to the 40k Universe

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Markj, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Markj Recruit

    Just joined the 40k universe and i was wondering what its all about, i mean there seems to be a butt load of factions could anyone explain?
  2. Andraina Andraina Curator

    WHOA BOY Welcome to the party first of all. Alright where would you like to begin? Do you want to hear about some Humans, The Space Elves, Dead Metal Skeleton dudes, Advanced Mecha bastards, World eating bugs, Bastards who want to cause then watch the world burn, Or Those green guys who talk funny and like wrecking stuff?
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  4. Andraina Andraina Curator

    At least let the poor thing hear what he's getting into! Damn heretics.
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  5. Markj Recruit

    Humans :D
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  6. Andraina Andraina Curator

    Alright Humans it is~

    Alright back when Humanity had risen and then fell again leading into what was called the Age of Strife when a bunch of psychic powered people began appearing among the populace. Well it was war. It was carnage Earth was just a playground of blood guts and general bad assery.

    The Psychics determined Humanity was going to die if something wasn't done so they all put their heads together (Literally) and put their combined psychic might into a lowly child who would be immortal. That child grew into an ultimate badass and Humanity was soon rallied behind him. He was crowned Emperor of Man.

    Continued and forgive any multi posting. Want this to be half digestible.
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  7. Hehehe fine but i'd like to put some input into specific parts of the story where... the good powers are mentioned ;) I hope you don't mind. This is going to be fun
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  8. Andraina Andraina Curator

    So the Emperor showed man the path to technology and eventually took to the stars. Eventually he began his second biggest project. The creation of those who would carry on his will in a vast Galactic empire. His Primarchs!

    He made twenty sons of his genetic code and had them growing up in pods until the 4 Gods of Chaos decided having them around would be a bother so they kidnapped all of the babies and spread them around the Galaxy. The emperor pretty pissed about that gathered his forces and began a Great Crusade!
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  9. Andraina Andraina Curator

    The first to be found was number 16, Horus, The emperor found him quite early. and so he was practically raised by Daddy and was given his trust to command the Imperial forces. The rest of the order isn't clear but it doesn't matter.

    Ahem. Meanwhile the emperor was busy creating Super Soldiers based on the DNA of his Primarchs. They were to be known as the Space Marines. Horus was given command of his Luna Wolves.
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  10. Also the 20 primarchs rose to great power on each of their planets. BUT with the coming of the emperor some of them had... issues.

    Horus was the most powerful primarch.. but that would come at a terrible price in later years
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