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New to LSM

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Sneaky-krumpin, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    hey all. I've played against you all many times as eldar and orks, but I finally decided to give my LSM marine a good go and get him ranked up finally. Problem is, I'm clueless on loadouts. I know from hearsay that CQC barrel is a must, and servo skull as well. Any other good suggestions? I mainly play tactical and devastator. Have almost zero interest in apoths or JPA, I like to dabble in shooed bro from time to time. Any advice from you LSM vets would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    1) servo skull is not a MUST it's situational, it helps very well but it depends on either you or your tea. Being good nufgh to make he most of it
    2) need to know your play style, do you rush in?, do you hang back and shoot? Do you stick with the team? Do you do Rambo actions of sneak caping, killing enemy transports? Etc
  3. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    I tend to play more agressive as tactical. I'll hang by a door and trade fire for a bit, but with a squad backing me up I'll run in and gun down some guys if there's not 6 guys pointing guns at the door I'm at. I tend to always look for another route than the obvious one; if there are 5 guys crowing a door, I'll be the guy who runs around the back or side door/window to attack from behind. I tend to Rambo more often than not, as I find relying on team to back me up usually gets me team killed more often then not....or trying to convince 6 guys to stop hanging outside a door and try a different way in.

    As devastator I tend to play more aggressive as well. I don't like bracing much unless I'm defending a point. Usually I read my HUD very well and take aim and fire before guys come around corners, doors etc. For devastator I just take all the defensive and toughness upgrades, there isn't tons of options anyway, as I'm not Much of a plasma or grav gun guy.
  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    You sound like someone that would do very well with a JPA
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  5. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Heck lay some good JPA loadouts on me then! I'm just more used to range is all. It's safer, requires less skill (in this game anyway) and is so much less frustrating than melee. But I'm all for getting better at melee, and am open to some suggestions and play styles.
  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Got 3 load outs you can try
    1) Tanky tact, my general loadout
    Relic armor+ strong seal of mediace and mayor health unit
    Bolter with CQC, texture and drum and a frag nade
    2) Pure assult
    Artificer armor+ seal of mediace, both health upgrades and repair acclator
    Storm bolter with stabalizing grip and servo skull
    3) Firesupport
    Relic armor+ strong seal of mediace, seal of devotion and minor health unit
    Heavy bolter+ ammo pack.
    Note if you are great at ammo conservation and do not need an ammo pack then try
    Relic armor+ devestators will and heavy bolter
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  7. could also go Vengeance storm Bolter, or Master Crafted aswell if you like close quaters
  8. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    there is a lot of variety in JPA loadouts. it kinda depends on how comfortable you are with being squishy
    A decant loadout to use to get used to JPA is in my opinion something along the lines of
    A regular power sword.
    A smart bolt Pistol.
    A Frag Grenade or a med kit.
    Hyper Efficient Jump Pack (+1 fuel)
    Extra regulators ( 50% fuel regen)

    Than getting used to doing evade attacks at the right time and using your smart bolt pistol during jumps to get cheesy headshots etc.
    Note that evade attack isn't the same as air charge attack.
    The difference here being the timing of the pressing. very light tap on the RM to do the evade attack.

    JPA is all about the evade attacks to avoid taking damage in combat while hopefully also dealing damage.
    you can evade attack out of the way of a Dbash for instance and hit the enemy in the side with it while he's kicking at the air in front of him.
    Than hit him again with some regular moves maybe shoot him a bid and jump around him again when he is charging up another bash. there is a kind of rhythm to it.
    Evade attacks are also a great way to use your mobility to avoid damage when fighting multiple opponents. most classes have a tough time keeping up with a JPA that keeps jumping around and attacking people in circles and shit. and they have a high chance to clang and stun on each other when you're slipping in between the moves they make.

    Attacking people from unexpected angles and literary erasing them before they have a chance to react.
    Using smart bolt Pistol cheese to finish off people while you are hanging around in the air in relative safety.
    Killing other factions JPA's with the smart bolt pistol cheeze during air time is also hilarious.

    You have to unlock the 50% fuel regen wargear tho it's a pretty significant piece of wargear to have and pretty much baseline in loadouts that don't require you to have 4 fuel ( you can't afford both on a non vet loadout.)
    It gives you a lot of mobility for combat maneuvers with the jetpack.
    You can than combine this 50% regen wargear with +1 fuel charge wargear to get 3 charges and 50% fuel regeneration.

    With 3 charges you can reach most of the longer jumps in the game to get on most rooftops and through most windows and the likes.
    It also gives you 1 fuel charge to engage enemies with while still having 2 banked for Evade attacks.
    And then it's just getting used to the rhythm of attacking and using fuel charges to evade damage and Dbashes & the likes.
    This is where the 50% regen comes in. you can just keep jumping around combat pretty much endlessly until you eventually die to random damage if you micro your jumps around your regeneration as it were.
    This is actually not as easy as it sounds since you are quite squishy as a JPA and initially your instincts will tell you to burn through your charges faster than you actually need to. and than you will find our self grounded for too long and dieng.

    You can pretty much play around with the actual loadout altho I would never stray away from using a sword type weapon or in rare occasions a Pfist as long as you keep the +50% fuel regen equipped you should be fine. since this item gives you more survivability than a artificer power armor upgrade would give you through sheer amount of mobility.
    20T and 20 armor doesn't do all that much to a JPA's EHP and for 250 LP it's not worth the points in most cases if it means dropping fuel regen or charges.
    considering the amount of 120 pen weaponry on the field usually the T is pointless to have
    20 armor .. lets just say ork shoota's do something like 24 damage a shot ...
    For a non vet JPA loadout getting actual defence stats is usually not the way to go you might already see here.
    Mobility is also defence and JPA has access to a lot of it.
    And the element of surprise is your main strength in this also i'd say.
    And since you mentioned you like to flank and just get shit done than i'd say a JPA is one of those classes that can get you there to do that thing.
    This should be right up your alley. :SMGentle:

    also tip:
    there is holes in some roofs for JPA's to make use off just like there are some tunnels and tubes for ground dwellers to use and relocate across the maps that everyone always seem to forget actually exist.
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  9. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Some general advice on LSM building:
    1. Skull is considered a MUST by other factions, but the fact is you only need one per squad. Heck, if you got steady hands and could airburst grenades, go with the frag bundle.

    2. For non-vet builds, consider stacking armor instead of toughness. The gold armor does look nice but in my opinion not as helpful in a head-on firefight; it is more fit for peek-a-boo play style.

    3. But you could stack Toughness for Devastators! Gold Armor + Toughness necklace-thing (War Gear 1) + Heavy Bolter = profit.

    4. Yo dawg I heard you like JPAs so I gave you a Chainsword of Fury so you could chainsword someone in your fury. With JPA's tight LP cost it is my go-to choice. Just don't go clanging stuff.

    5. If you got spare factional RTC, consider getting a Chapter Storm Shield (or wait until next patch to pull one from supply boxes). Stick a shield regen on it. You are now a walking cover, no joke. Help block shots when apocs are needling allies or become a distraction for the enemy; this thing is incredibly tactical when used right.

    6. Don't forget to keep about 1~2 situational AV loadouts! (eg. Multi-meltas, Magno Cannons)

    These are just some of the things that came to my mind. Do realize though I play a more aggressive style which is why I use armor stacking instead of regen/toughness. If you like to play mobile and harass (though there are no gears that make you run faster, making LSM the least fit faction to pull this off) getting Artificer/Relic armor are OK choices too.
  10. @Razmirth i thought you joked.

    Bolter tac is an EZmode. You will notice it after hours on Dire Avenger (Shitire Gimpevenger yes).
    -Textured grip and tap-fire
    -Fastreload/drum both good for keeping your DPM
    -CQC is optional really. I prefer even to run without it on CSM. Bolter is good as it is you know. And low damage faloff let me shoot on long range effectively.
    -Optics. I dont use it because i have to swtich it every time. Even if optics grants some spread reset expoit its dirty thing and i despise it.

    Ammo pack + grenade/2grenades for throw-into-face-and-shoot trick.
    Rest of LP spend on armor. As much as you can grab.
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