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Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Slayer88, May 17, 2017.

  1. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    1) Sadly its not truly rock/paper/scissors but a pseudo one where lag means you have some timing to cancle it, The stun times are a relic of the past when melee was over the board (genraly due to JPA fist apoclyspe) so they were lengthened to give others a chance, they did shorten it a little bit but not as much as they should have. Sadly the devs are busy with other things atm to relook at it.
    2) Rolling-i frames can work a bit aginst range but it dose not las long enoufgh to be anywhere effective. Like if the enemy has burst fire and shoots then with right timing you can negate his 1st brust but by the time you are ready for another he has allredy shot his 2nd burst and his 3rd is ready to go. Its useless for full auto tho. As for the timing i never realied on them so i cant tell you.
    3) When they start that best bet is to back peddle and shoot them/ wait for them to use up all their stam. Even starting to back peddle will force them to attack or roll towards you which you can use to be prepared to attack them.
    4) On a 1v1 it depends on your weapons and load out. They can be stunned trough their shield with a dbash and thats the best way to take them out. Other wise its to wear them down or get behind him as much as you can (its all down to skill) but as the game usually aint 1v1 its to stall him until you get backup. Also Power fist's rock aginst their shield. Sadly you will notice a lot of lore violations to make the game balance or because GW will not approve putting the item in the game (they have a say in if a item can be put in the game or not and GW cares not about quality or fidelity) or the dev teams do not have the liscine to put said thing in game (they do not have the lisince to put in boarding shields and other things)

    5) If you press the middle mouse (default key) for auto aim then a red circle appers indicating you have locked onto the enemy. Normal pistols will lock on until you fire the 1st shot and then the auto lock disenganes. With smart weapons the auto lock will stay on until you manually stop it your self. All pistols can lock on for their 1st shot but only pistols designated "smart" will keep their lock on even after the 1st shot.
    6) Pistol use is to your discretion. I use it when a enemy is trying to fall back or when i have stunned a enemy and then aim at their heads or when the enemy is locked in a dbash but they have mis calculated the range and their dbash dose not connect (then i punish them to the pistol) or when its too messy/dangerous to get into melee but i still want to contribute. The damage stays consistent no matter what you do (unless head shots or shots to the back) and it only aims at the head areas if you auto aim (here is hint dont do this as the shots can varry widely and its better to just manually aim your self)
    7) What to do in combat is very fluid as it depends on too many factors. In melee beside out rps i try to make sure i am not being out numbered by the enemy by more then 2v1 as it takes a lot of luck and skill to win a 3v1. rolling behind in melee is very helpful and rolling when against range can be helpfull but only if you have enough range (close the distance enough) that your roll will put to behind or to the side of the enemy who will either FA forewoards and leave self open or Dbash and leave self open (better players will back peddle while shooting so it can be dangerous unless you have suffincet backup and cover to keep up against the foe)
    8) Sorry for long number formats. Also english aint my 1st lang so sorry if its hard for you to understand.
  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    When you press the aim/lock key you will lock onto a target .
    when you fire your pistol the lock brakes and you enter free targeting mode.
    With smart pistols the lock doesn't break and you remain in melee lock even while shooting.
    it's like having a cheap auto aim hack , and i say cheap because it doesn't compensate for recoil. but it's ok for spray and pray.
    Shield bro's should be ignored . 1st kill their buddy's than gang up on them.
    Their job is to tie you down so their friends can shoot at you. so don't fall for their tricks.
    the only way to beat a shield bro in melee is to out play him at the RPS game. if he isn't a total nubcake you won't be able to win vs 1 at all by yourself.
    Don't bother Defence Basing them when they pull their shield , it won't work when they have the shield up.
    I play loads of shield bro they usually need to bring in the melta guns and shit to counter me reliably.

    And about weapons.. people say everything that isn't a sword sucks .
    And i say. screw people. Swords are good . but an axe man . hits like a F'ing truck. sure its slow, but whatever.
    Every weapon has a use . I use axes I use maces I use just about every melee weapon. and i do fine with all of them except P fist.. that's pretty weird to fight with lol
    I also started uploading videos to youtube to prove these schmucks that they are wrong.
    So you might come across a few while digging through the salt mines that is the EC forum.
  3. Slayer88 Recruit

    Thanks. I prefer a non-true RPS format so that it's possible to react to your opponent instead of just a complete gamble.

    The pistol makes a lot more sense. It seemed to be working until I started shooting making it pretty terrible.

    What is the strategy for using a "dumb" pistol as a melee person? How can I shoot the enemy while also staying locked on? Or do you not really use that?

    Is there a way to maximize my melee damage? The pistols always seem to get me killed. Maybe I should switch back to my 50LP one because this 120LP one with the extra RPM and burst option doesn't seem to be helping me at all. Are there any two handed weapons? Why can't I dual wield lightning claws?

    Is it viable to spend the least amount of LP on a pistol and pretty much never use it, or save it for only when I'm supporting ranged guys? And focus almost solely on melee? Or will it usually be better to mix them? The pistol just seems detrimental most of the time.

    If the guy is looking at me he is going to shoot me. If I shoot him I will get out DPSed and die. If I sprint at him and attack, or dodge around, I have a chance to kill him. If he isn't looking at me I can shoot him with impunity, but then he turns to see me and I would've been at a better position if I'd just sprinted at him and heavy attacked him in the back.
  4. Melee doesn't charge headlong into bullets in EC. If you got away with that sort of behaviour in other games, you should just go ahead and purge all that out of your head right now. Melee is about flanking and ambushing here. The pistol is for finishing off players trying to peel away from you.
  5. Slayer88 Recruit

    How do you flank a building?

    I love being a defender and sitting inside waiting for people to come in the building so I can tear them apart. But when I'm on the attacking team I don't seem to be able to do anything except absorb shots for my brothers. I mean, when you're a ground assault and you're up against on the of bases, say A, and you have a room full of tacticals and devastators with like 1 dude with a shield, how do you flank them? No matter which door I enter I get shot to pieces within 5 sec (most of that time is them discovering my presence).

    The only time I've had success in this situation is if I stand there and wait for some other melee guys to come along (usually 1 or 2) and then follow them inside. I completely understand why/how this works, but how exactly can I be more proactive about this?

    Are there melee squads? Is it normal for melee classes to find other melee classes and share a squad? It feels like the most useful way to play melee is have a small group of 2-4 melee-ers who stick together and assault ranged forces in unison.
  6. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    All capture points and objectives have multiple access points for people to take for flanking and such.
    work your way to a flanking position. wait for teammates to do their thing and then come up from behind or through a window.

    This is what i meant with positioning , knowing the flow of battle and knowing the maps a few posts earlier =)

    The mini map helps a lot in this . so you can see where your allies are and when they make their move on the objectives.

    my advice is to tag along with another melee or a sorcerer until you get a better grasp at how the battles play out . you will figure out which buildings can be entered through which window or how to get around to the other door eventually.

  7. Melee are opportunistic hunters. Obviously you don't run into a room full of shooters all by yourself. That will get you killed no matter what class you play. Wait until more people show up and then pick off the ones that are distracted.
    When I'm squad leader, I always request any other melee players to join my squad. I run the melee icon on my TA, which I main, for the increased melee damage.
    Best advice though is to always stick with a group. Even 1-2 other brothers nearby pays dividends. Pay attention to your surroundings and watch for those windows of opportunity and strike when the time is right.
  8. Slayer88 Recruit

    I try to stay with my group.

    About 50% of the time my group leader is sniping with a heavy weapon. The majority of the time my squad is equipped with ranged weapons.

    Is there any way, other than by typing in chat or with voice chat, to make my team aware that I am a melee guy and am looking to group up with more?

    Should I just pop into a game with "Join Charlie Squad if you're going melee" copied and pasted into the message system?

    But back to the example. What would you do in that situation? Sit outside in the middle of your ranged guys hiding behind cover? Watching the mini map waiting for an enemy to come outside? They almost never do because they're defending. Do successful melee-ers spend the majority of their time sitting around waiting?

    How does respawning work. Sometimes I have to wait 3 sec and other times it's like 15 sec. Do I need to stay alive a long enough period of time before the timer starts getting reduced or do I need to get kills before I die in order to have a short respawn? Ignore team-damage, I'm pretty sure that team damage increases your time but I also never cause friendly fire as I'm always using melee attacks.

    I get killed by Havocs all the god damn time, though. They really piss me off. Don't shoot into melee! Kill the fucker who is shooting at me while I'm dueling the loyalist hiding behind his shield.
  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    The grouping up is entirly luck with pubs, if in a guild you can get orginized other wise you can get a good leader who marks points, gives commands/advice or a dickhead who tells you how to tie your own shoes to captin herpa derp who cant tell his left from right. Same with using VOIP and chat as the game has both NA and EU server be aware not every one speaks English or even understands it, oftne time you will be ignored outright or simply cursed at for "telling them what to do".

    Move by your self to scout out paths or go with another group, you can chance your squad while in game if the your in has decided they want to become rocks. ESC, Change squads.

    It's determined by two things far as i can tell. 1) how long you have lived, 2) how often you have died. If you live long then you generally will have around 10 or below if you die a lot then even if you live long in youer xth life you can get 15+ respawn time. Most of the time its random tho so i wouldn't be surprised if you live long on 1st life and die and the respwn is 15 or longer.
    Also if you think thats bad be glad you arent LSM because LSM is known for being that due to the ammount of cod new players it attracts. (not so much atm because of the speical campain that has gotten vets back into LSM temporily makeing it happnes a bit less now but once the spiecal campain is over its back to eternaly being shot in the back). Sadly you will find things like that in all faction and there is not much you can do.
  10. Slayer88 Recruit

    It's funny how about 70% of the problems in any game are universal problems for all games, at least the multiplayer ones. With a lot of perseverance, some luck, and a good attitude I'm sure I'll find some friends and a guild and be able to play with organized people. I had a great battle today during my lunch break. We lost, but I made 4k requisition and felt like I was competently playing and our loss came at the very end, so we did well all things considered.

    I really hate the respawning mechanics. I mean, honestly, I think the more you die the faster you should respawn... clearly I need the practice lol.

    I think most of my issues are due to lack of experience. I don't know how to get to the objectives because I'm not familiar with the map. I don't know the ins and outs of all the other classes and weapons. I don't know where the advantages lie during battles and will often get myself killed in situations a more experienced player would know to avoid.

    I wish there was a PvE system or something to practice with. Something I can do solo. The Garrison area doesn't even provide living enemies to practice on, just a bunch of dead tyranids. Is there a place I can go to duel people? Or to practice against other people without getting stuck in a situation where it's 5 bolters against me.

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