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New Table Top Players

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Murtag, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Seth Seth Arkhona Vanguard

    Or grab some crusaders add a chaplain inside a land raider and laugh while they try to dislodge you.
  2. ULTRA ULTRAMERC Subordinate

    Speaking on the battlescribe app: I have a commander unit with an iron halo, why can't I find that in the list of special weapons etc???
  3. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    It's their stock wargear and battlescribe usually doesn't show that. Like it won't show grenades.
  4. ULTRA ULTRAMERC Subordinate

    ah ha! ok so i had a 1500 pt limit and i think what im going to grab to fill it out is a devastator squad with a dedicated razorback transport and finally, a predator tank.

    i can always modify as i go along. Ill try to get pics up by early next month! thanks everyone!
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  5. Seth Seth Arkhona Vanguard

    My advice start small.
    Or you will burn out of so much unpainted plastic.
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  6. ULTRA ULTRAMERC Subordinate

    when i got at something, i go balls deep. I have everything ive discussed so far except for the razorback and the predator
  7. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I'm sure you will but Seth definitely gave sound advice.

    That initial fanaticism will only take you so far. :p I go in to hyper focus when I have new hobbies like this. Spending hours and hours without realizing. I still do it. I literally forgot to turn in some homework once because I was so excited to put some sternguard together. But, you can burn out. It can overwhelm you or you just get tired of the same stuff. Space marine are space marines and their tanks are metal boxes. Not a lot of variety.

    Also, see if you can just buy devastator bits. Just the guns and backpacks. You have enough where you can sacrifice some tacticals to make some devastators. That will possibly save you $20 or $30 too
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  8. ULTRA ULTRAMERC Subordinate

    what makes a devastator? because if its jut heavy weapons like lascannons and meltaguns and missile launchers and heavy bolters then i think i already have a devastator squad so now im going to have two :-/
  9. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    Up to four heavy weapons can be taken in a devastator squad. Heavy bolters, lascannons, multimeltas, plasma cannons, rocket launchers, and heavy flamers. Think that's it. They're just a marine squad with heavy weapons. If you want to scavenge some off your current marines then that will work. Gives the tac squads less punch but you should have enough to spare a few.
  10. ULTRA ULTRAMERC Subordinate

    but i can keep the heavy weapons with my tac squads and not label them as devastators right?

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