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New Race Ideas

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tyrium, May 1, 2017.


What new race would YOU like to see?

  1. Imperial Guard

  2. Necrons

  3. Dark Eldar

  4. Tau

  5. Other (Post which, please!)

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  1. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    It makes sense it would be a while. As Servofrosty said they dont have a lot of stuff implemented yet like weapon modifications (aside from a scope, but there are a lot of ones that are empty). I just was thinking if they DID.

    I think the Tau would be annoying, personally. At least to go against. They are smaller targets and their basic rifle is basically a long-range, plasma-based, sniper-rifle. I guess giving them the lowest HP in the game would balance out their considerable firepower, I can just imagine them all lining up behind some cover and laying down a barrage of fire from across the map, blasting through armor like crazy. I mean, who would think that was balanced? Its like having a heavy weapon which fires ultra long range and has crazy accuracy along with top-tier dama...... oh wait... (eyes Abaddon's Grace). Imagine a whole army with THOSE!

    Not saying it cant be balanced. I just see that when I think of Tau.

    The Necrons. Now those guns would be TOTALLY different! :OrkMoon:
  2. Servofrosty Recruit

    I feel like tau are almost impossible to balance on TT and trying to implement any of that balance into this game would be even more hellish. i mean the best you could do is make them really really bad at melee combat. Which could work dont get me wrong but i feel like the damage from their guns would make it a moot point even then.
  3. Dark Eldar I think, could have some nice mirroring going on with Craftworld Eldar and give them a hated foe plus imagine the executions. IG too weak, Crons too strong, Tau can't melee aka worthless.

    This meme never gets old. :rolleyes:
  4. Tau as a new race? You mean the infamous melee-handicapped faction of 40k?

    We already have them, bE just called them Orks... :OrkMoon:
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  5. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    Imperial Guard are also in, they just have Eldar skins...
  6. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    Few days ago i took some time to think about this, and unfortunately i think i found out why other races will never be implemented ALTHOUGH i would give my left testicle to play as a kasrkin in this game

    Imperial guard: weak, like their tankiest soldier? same stats if not lower than no armor raptor (70 armor) you dont have super strength so unless you got dedicated melee(wich i assume would be something like an ogrin) you would very likely die to 1 heavy hit or 2 normal hits of ANYTHING, weapon wise they dont do much damage at all, imperial guard strength is in numbers, but a mechanic to fight 30 IG vs 15 CSM would lead to balancing hell, such units as ogrins could easily be overwpowered and so on...

    Necrons: this one would be fun in the 1st day, then probably all non necron lovers would ditch because in a game like this mobility is key, just look at how much you are constantly running left or right, holding shift to speed up your rhino/trukk/heretical hovering abomination that i dont know the name, the times you strafe left and right to win a 1v1 and so on, necrons to balance that out would very likely be extra tanky and their guns hit extra hard, try balancing that... besides their very well known mechanic of resurrecting on the spot they died, vehicles are very small as they are actually players but with extra powerful weapons and lots of mobility, yeah im talking an eldar hover roadkill capability but with a OHK soldier gameplay(as they dont have vehicles, they have AP dedicated heavy necrons) melee units can come from the ground just ugh... balancing hell again

    Dark eldar: let me start with 2 things:
    1st: i would LOVE to play dark eldar, would easily delete my chaos to make a character for them
    2nd: their heavy gunner is also their jump pack guy, do i need to say anything else?

    Tau: no? tau would be absolutely dope, but at same time if they wouldnt be absolutely anihilating people with ranged superiority(their weapons dont necesarelly do extra damage, they penetrate armor way easier, we talking like 140 armor pen+ for everyone) they would complain to hell about getting anihilated in close combat, even tho grotts(or however their melee oriented ally is called) do melee fairly well, thing is they heal by eating their enemies...ahem....OP PLIS NERF!!!

    Others? i can see sisters of battle working here, slightly weaker space marine reskin with addition of harder hitting melee units and flamethrowers

    And deep apology for the giant text wall
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  7. Not that it will happen any time soon, but I voted Tau. Not because I want to play them, but because I want to kill them.

    Plus they don't overlap appeal of current factions and instead have their own appeal segment: anime loving weebs

    And even more importantly it's not another damn Imperial faction. We don't need nore than 50% on one side, especially since they all think having Imperials fighting Imperials in this game is intolerable.
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  8. Maensith Subordinate

    I want Officio Assassinorum's agents! I'd pay 1000$ to play for an Eversor: almost as strong as space marine, fast as Eldar, rushing in the midst of battle roaring WRYYYYYYYY and, upon hitting zero health, freaking EXPLODE and taking enemies into the grave with me!
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  9. IG weapons are weak, and so are their bodies. While in an individual fight they wouldn't stand a chance, I think there would be a way to make them viable as a faction. Instant redeployment, much shorter vehicle cooldown times, teams balanced 2:1 or 3:1 in their favor, and capture keys for all classes.

    Another option would be to make the shitty guardsmen NPCs, and let players use more advanced units of the IG, such as stormtroopers, ogryns, ratling snipers, heavy gunner guardsmen, brawlers etc.

    I can already see someone taking the assassin into a horde mode PvE game, and nuking their own team when they go down. I guarantee, it would happen. A lot.
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