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New PvE map on UAT

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Talron, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    And just to say I wasn't calling Jordan or pierrick out haha. I was talking bout Nathan xD I'm bitter is all.
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  2. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Yes i've seen/commented on that, id argue to huge part tho. And yet it appears dev time is being put into PvE as well, if it wasnt perhaps it would be huge. Imo at this point none of their limited dev time should be invested in something as unpopular as PvE is in EC. Furthermore it was never (and never will be) the main drive or pull for both existing and (hopefully) future players, PvP was always the main thing with PvE being a flavor. If your main thing is lacking you focus on that, not adding more flavor.

    Same thing with skins. Yeah im glad BT fans are finally getting what they wanted for years, but thats going to do nothing for the overall playercount of the game in the long run. You still have bland and unimaginative gamemodes plucked straight from some arena shooter and all your investment into the game is of no importance because its all lobbies with no genuine effect on your factions performance.

    What they need to focus on is the things above and how they can turn a lobby shooter into something more interesting and enticing for people to stick around for, not making another lobby shooter mode map, aka a PvE map.
  3. Leonatos Cyberjankie Active Member

    Well, when they where able to fix the pathfinding issues and to add PvE to a fortress map... I have at least some little hope, we could see PvPvE at some point. And that would be something new and cool, I think!
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  4. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    That would be something i guess, but ive been hearing about that as a possibility since 2013 so i will remain skeptical till i see it. Granted even if it does become real id rather see a comprehensive and objective/story driven kind of gamemode, not just "change colors of random wall consoles till a magical non-40k bar fills up 2: Tyranid edition". Actual gamemodes with actual objectives that have sense for 40k, and the Nids just bumming around making it hard for people to win.
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  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Wow... that looks pretty dope.
    I'm actually kinda besides myself. the not dying after all ?

    I dunno Pinkie.... I really don't know....but now we can at least have some hope it might not..
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  6. If you can barely get a hundred people playing, do you focus on 15v15 content or 'for the love of god keep me out of the garrison actually earning SOMETHING for my play time' content? PvE may be 5-man (my guess is this'll be bigger player cap since its a re-purposed fortress map), but it is also 'give us something to do instead of sitting in 30-minute queues'.
  7. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    If you can barely get a hundred people playing you focus on increasing that number, not making it even worse for those hundred people who still bother to play, this isnt rocket science. You complain about 30 minute queues while trying to justify something that will turn those into hour long queues, as even less people will be queueing up to play the PvP portion. This naturally follows that people who still bother will bother even less to even try and queue up for games, and when people get bored of some basic PvE map (like they did with previous ones in a heartbeat, dunno what spectacular gamemode people are expecting considering the existing boring gamemodes EC has) they are not gonna find PvP to go back to, cause even less people will be there.

    So yeah, we wouldnt be sitting at a hundred people if actual focus was entirely on making the PvP more interesting, enticing and replayable, and im sticking to that conclusion. The same lack of progress is what killed their little Deathgarden in its cradle if you read about it round the net, people being bored of the pointless repetitiveness. Anything PvE related should be put in a closet till you have an actual playerbase that you can afford splitting between two gametypes without effectively ruining the game for those still playing in the process.
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  8. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    splitting the player base ?

    where are those 10 players going that cant fit in the 5 vs 5 match ?

    the queue ? or the pve mode?

    Besides the player base is already split between the game modes...
    Forum is the best game mode in EC...

    Pve is also a place where you can find allot of new players and old players who rerolled .. its good they are patching it up because s it currently stands its actually so bad it puts the game to shame.

    The bad hitboxes the stupid unclear mission directions the gaunts move faster than the game engine can keep up with, the gaunts head hit box folds over its back into its ass when the gaunt is using cover
    The AI is like spawn.. run to enemy suicide on him... no behaviour pattern or patrolling or agro ranges.. it's all so basic.

    its Soooooo bad ..its so off putting for new people when they see this mess of a game mode as it is now.,
    i'm glad they are patching it up.. might keep a few players if it doesn't look , feel and play like shit.
  9. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Yeah, lets figuratively indulge 10 people in this supposed scenario rather than the other 90. And the queue argument is null and void, because the basic point of them being in a queue in the first place means they wanted to play PvP originally, but would have to settle for less and enter PvE. Now if you were queued for PvP inside the PvE instance and could simply pop into a starting match of PvP that is something different. But considering allot smaller features arent in i doubt its something the current staff is willing/able to do at this point.

    Like i said this is not rocket science, PvE was and always will be secondary to this game. The PvE forum has a whopping 6 pages of threads while the General Subforum (where it was always predominately about current state of affairs with PvP or how to improve/change/fix etc said PvP) now has almost 600. Even to be generous and start the countdown from when the PvE forum actually launched in 2016 (and threads were being moved and created there for PvE talk), its still 6 pages of threads compared to around 400+ threads that have been made from 2016 onwards in the General Subforum. If we are even more generous and remove some threads people would not consider PvP i can bet we would be around 300 pages of PvP related threads still. And im not even counting the subfaction subforums and ask the team, where it was clear what was always the topic of threads. It is, and always was, clear as day which mode was priority for people and what they wanted to see more of. And in the situation where you have this ridiculously small playerbase you dont go around focusing your efforts on the part of the game that from the start raised allot less interest than the core one.

    But whatever, ive said my peace on the topic. If what remains of the staff on the project arent tired of their foot looking like Swiss cheese from all the gunshots they can put another shot in their foot, its their project after all. They are better off focusing that time on PvP, and i stand by that, they can even consider adapting the PvE mode to PvP, one faction trying to escape from one side of the map to the other carrying some type of payload while the other faction needs to stop them.

    Im aware PvE is currently crap, and im not against improvement in that department. But this is probably the most inappropriate of times to split your worktime/workforce to indulge in dolling it up. As mentioned before, leave that for when you make the core game interesting enough so you have a playerbase big enough to split.

    Time will tell what they will do and what they will focus on, so yeah whatever, its up to wait and see as usual.
  10. My own two cents, Any progress on any front, PVE or PVP should be welcomed wholeheartedly. I don’t think improvement to the game has to be the one or the other approach that is being advocated here. As these guys figure things out and get permissions to do things they do it. Jordan figures out pathing and we get a pve map. They get permission from GW to use the Templar’s and we get a Templar’s skin. Game needs expectation management.

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