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New Ork Craftworld? Wut?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Grigdusher, May 8, 2015.

  1. *Spins around and shakes the fishy in Rokdaks general direction. Several melon forks are dislodged and fall onto the deck with a clatter*

    O an I spoze you don know nuffin at allz aboot all deze 'ere univited freeloaderz?

    Dey ain't brought a single fishy to da fry.

    *drops the fishy on the deck and shifts his eyepatch to the other eye. The new eye glows a deep green. Around the fringe of the socket what appear to be chitinous protrusions pulse*

    Dya know wot 'appened to da last gitz wot came to da fish fry wiffout bringin sommfin ta kook?

    Oil tellz ya. Da bugz swarmt ma krooza. Greedy bastahdz thot dey wuz gonna EAT US.

    *twisted gibbering and giggling sweeps the shadows*

    Well we showed dem didn't we Cookey?

    *Four voices from above yell "roight boss". The one in Madork's Powa Klaw squeaks assent*

    Truuf be tolt, deyz tasted loik boilt bug shite.

    *An almost wistful expression crosses his face*

    I wuz 'open deyd tastez loik crab.

    *Looks at Rokdak again*

    Even ork tastez bettah dan da bugz.
  2. I fink derez a zog up in communicashun 'ere.....

    Da odda ladz finkz youze frying dere grot at yer fish fry

    Course iz likez grot much az da next lad but uh...

    Da boss gotz a loikn ta dis un.

    You ouda pull da spoonz out by da way, dont want ta be getn dem stuck in yer gob.
  3. *Looks at Madork*


    Dis one?

    *Reaches out and grabs Cookey's head and yanks it off. Fizzy black blood spurts out of the corpse's neck stump.*

    'Ez retired. Too ol an slow.

    *Opens his huge maw wide enough to see what appear to be multiple rows of shark like teeth and tosses the head down his gullet*

    Appytizerz make me 'appy.
  4. Madork Gunna DarkGraven Arkhona Vanguard

    *blinks* Yah zoggin outta dah head..... uhh Boss I finks dis git is looney
  5. Dontcha get it ya daft grot! He jes fryin up dat Tau git!
  6. Madork Gunna DarkGraven Arkhona Vanguard

    *blinks* so 'e ain't fryin up Vixen?
  7. No! He jes 'aving a fish fry!
  8. Loony? Ya finkz Ah'm daft do yahz?

    Yaz finkin "Dis gitz gone spays krazy".

    Well nowz lad, youze watch ya krew git et by da bugz. Hunnertz an hunnertz ob uhm.

    Moh bugz dan enny git kan fite. But we'z kilt 'em. We kilt 'em all.

    An den we floated.


    We wuz dead in spays fer a looong time, aint dat right ladz?

    *groans and whispers of 'dis story agin'*

    An so we 'ad ta eatz da bugz.

    Sum o Da ladz, dey kouldn't take it. So we 'ad ta eat dem too.

    But mostly bugz fer breakfust, bugz fa dinna, bugz fa suppa.

    *the glowing eye dims to a pale green*

    Eatin bugz, it aintz good fer ya. Doez sumfin to a git.

    Inside yer gutz. inside ya 'ead.

    *shifts the eyepatch back to the other eye*

    Galley krew, klean up.

    I aint'z 'ungry no moh.

    *Walks off*
  9. well dat wuz

  10. Madork Gunna DarkGraven Arkhona Vanguard

    Interestin' ain't how I would describe it..... dat was creepy

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