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New Ork Boy Here

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Mardek, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Mardek Mardek New Member

    WAAAAAAAGH!!! fellow greenskins, im just new to the game and wanted some advice on loadouts to better kill umies!
    any help is really appreciated :OrkMoon:
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  2. Toughness if whatcha want to stack ifz ya wantz to live longer at ze moment. Dats da biggest tip I can give ya till ye'z gettin' sum o' the good gubbinz from da Supply Drops and Advancement Tree.
  3. Mr Bunny mrbunny Arkhona Vanguard

    Welcome to da foight. If youse like a bit of dakka, big shoota is da bizness right now. It makes me a sad ork to say, if youse is going to chop, avoid axes and clubbas for now :(
  4. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    Fer melee, Chain Choppa or normal Choppa with Impact Mod and Penetration Mod will work well. Other options that also work well are the Burny Choppa (increased DPS) and Ghost Choppa (40% inherent lifesteal).

    Both Shootah and Big Shootah work well for the Shootah, the former being better in close quarters while the latter shines when defending a point where you can put a bit of range between yourself and the enemy, though it still has palpable hipfire.

    For the Lootah, Plasma Deffgun will serve you well for Anti-personnel purposes, Kannon is great for long range AoE support and anti-vehicle purposes. Stay away from the Dakka Deffgun, it's plain inferior to the Plasma Deffgun.
  5. Plasma Chompa. The rtc one. :)
  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    If you're looking for a group to play with head over to the recruitment Sub-Forum and drop by Da Lead Belchas guild thread. Theres always someone on to play with and if you need advise on how to play Orks there are plenty of expierenced members
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  7. Brikksmasha DoomedOne Drill Abbott


    As a fresh grot with squig-milk still under yar nose there are some thingz that you need to know before you start doing anything. And Me'z not talkin' about what loadout you should use, which weapons are good and which will give you cancer. No! I mean DA MOST IMPORTAN' stuff, meaning stuff that makes the game fun (and Orks are all about fun... and stompin gitz... which is also fun... so yeah, all about fun:OrkMoon:):

    1. Da first and foremost, if you want to play as Ork, try out every Klan before you dedicate your time on that character to avoid a situation that half way through with rank 4 and lots of shinny bitz in your bag you realise that "Oi! My ork sounds and dress up like a git!" (ofc this is not a problem if you are an insane boy that have nothing against rerolling and grinding again :)). And pick a propa name for your if you at it. All of the becouse it is not sure when there will be (if ever) a possibility to change subfaction and name, and nobody wants to think you are a git becouse of your stupid choice of a name. Also while buying the game (which also unlocks the Stormboy road for you) you get 20k RTC points which you can spend on flashy gear, which will make you all flashy and orky
    (also you can get another 4k points you can use thiz 'ere thingy - EC-FXKK8PKPWLEXX - which also would give me more points AND ME WANTZ SOME MORE POINTZ <Impudent advertising FTW ^o^)

    2. You need to decide at the begining what do you want to do with your life... in this game. You want to bring dakka to thoze poor zodz that got not enuff of dakka (coz there iz nevah enuff dakka! remember that, ya grot!) pick a Shoota (or if you like to be more shooty than runny you can still be a Loota) or if you like to be all choopy and a propa ork and all pick slugga (nuffin is betta than a sharp choopa at your side... well maybe two choopas...).

    "Oi!" - I can hear you interuptin me. "Why iz you talkin about thiz 'ere stuff and not how to kill 'umiez right and propa?!" - To which I reply <SMACK IN DA HEAD> DONT INTERUPT ME, YA GROT!

    The point is, my little grot, is that no matter how many 'umiez you kill, how many teef and shinny bitz you gotz and how many 'eadz you got on your pointy stikk (coz feetz on a pointy stikk would be just silly), if you dont have any fun while doing so... It is like being a Spehss Mehren 'umie! You wanna be a Spehs Mehren? YOU WANNA GOT ANOTHER SMACK IN DA 'EAD?! Which brings us to...

    3. Never, under any circumstances, no matter how hard your face getz stomped, GET SALTY! We iz not some panziez that cry like a little snotling, coz he iz not strong and orky and complains all instead getting gud. We iz da orkz! If we win, we win coz we iz da orkz and we iz made for fightin' and winin'. If we lose, we get gud, fight another day and win! So at the end we nevar lose! And no salt! Being salty iz un-orky! So dont be salty! Got it, ya mud sucka?!

    All right, boy. Thiz is 'ere the most importand thingz you need to know. If you a propa ork, the rest will come naturally to ya.

    And rememeber to WAAAAAGH!
  8. Dakiaris Dakiaris Curator

    Welcome to the orks...

    If you stick around the forums long enough you'll notice I'm not a very happy ork! But I'm a ork none the less.
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  9. 'Uz best be bringin da DAKKA!
  10. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Point da shooty end at da ova guys and stay near ova boyz. An don't go runnin off to da middle ov no where! Stay on da points a fight will always find you don't go lookin for it.

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