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New Lascannon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CabalTrainee, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    I´m probably the only poor sucker who actually likes the Lascannon. I like to use it. Every kill you make feels epic. Destroying vehicles helps the team. Every single infantry eviscerated feels awesome. Every enemy bludgeoned to death in melee feels like a glorious thing. I actually wanted to photoshop a lascannon on a japanese hugpillow for this post but the only good pics i found where Space Wolf lascannons.

    Positive things:
    • Vehicles are actually pretty hard to kill with autocannons and heavy bolters now. So some anti-vehicle weapons do have a place in the game. Namely Melta/Fusion, Meltabomb and Lascannon
    • Lascannon makes Vehicles feel like they kissed a battering ram
    • Someone fixed the range bug. Now it accurately locks-on on far away targets.
    Negative stuff:

    • Cover. Cover is your biggest enemy. No not enemies behind cover your own cover. You can´t aim down at all. The pred in the pic is untouchable because i can´t aim down. This is old but it bugs me.

    • The lock-on breaks super easily. This is probably the most discussed thing about the cannon. Enemy drives around? Lock-on breaks. Tank drives past a street lantern? Lock-on breaks. Something explodes in your proximity? Lock-on breaks. This can be infuriating and makes shooting vehicles in motion more or less impossible on most maps. Even on Harkus while driving around you probably won´t get any shots in. This is old but still annoying

    • But wait for it this patch made the lock on mechanic worse:
    To be able to fire the cannon you need to aim on target and get the circle to full:

    After you did fire there is a cooldown. You have to wait till the red circle empties. The Cooldown was increased this patch but that is alright.


    So far so old. So what bugs me now is this change: You aim on target and you charge up but the charge up breaks for whatever reason. Maybe some dust got in the line of fire. You can´t get a shot in. Now the targeting circle becomes red instantly and you can´t do shit. Even without firing you need to wait till the red circle completely disappears.

    Charge up:


    Lock on breaks (no shot goes off):


    The further you had charged-up the circle the longer you need to wait before you can try again. It is like it is mocking you after getting to 90% of the charge-up and getting the lock-on broken because the wind is not coming from the correct direction you have to wait super long.

    For all my love for the Lascannon... it was a very niche weapon before but now it is really infuriating to use. Before i could just try again if the lock on breaks. I was doing stuff. I was playing the game. Now i am sitting there watching a red circle go away after not accomplishing anything because someone from my team thought it was a great idea to throw a grenade in my proximity.

    Whenever the charge up breaks your lascannon is like:
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  2. tanksin tanksin Recruit

    honestly they should just give it like a 10sec charge time where you are unable to move and it fires at ten, that would make it terrible for melee which it is already but make it usable on moving targets without being op as it is now its the least fun gun in this game.
  3. Kryeed Kryeed Ordinate

    it also seems to force a cooldown when shot. Multiple times i've had quad cannons stop me themselves with a lucky strike or a hailmary bolter tickles me.
  4. bump
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  5. Yep, cool down of the lascannon is way tooo long. After a shot, you can go have a coffee and eat a donut and then you can shoot again (of course, i exagerate^^) but it is how it feels xD

    After, it deals much more damage on vehicle for sure! But the cool down doesn't make it attractive.

    Just one thing, sometimes when you are targeting a player and what he starts moving a little, the cool down trigger so i need to wait the cool down before recharging the shot, it happens sometimes to you too ?
  6. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, putting a lock-on mechanic on a laser based weapon is the worst and the most out of place attempt at balancing the Lascannon that anyone could come up with.
    There were loads of other options, but nooo, it had to be lock-on.

    Suggestion: GET RID of this mechanic and go back to the drawing board and try ANY other method to balance the Lascannon, so it is bad against infantry but GOOD against vehicles.
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  7. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    This seems to be the new "mechanic" Your lascannon is laughing at you whenever the lock on breaks.
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  8. Korvadye Korvadye First Blood!

    Some of the targeting for the game has now gone to previous versions. The lascannon is almost impossible against Eldar tanks. Will most likely get changed soon. This weapon is not more powerful, still takes the same amount of hits to kill a tank, just looks that way
  9. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    Have you tried shots in the rear? At least they look like they do more damage.
  10. Suggestion about Lascannon with two fire modes
    Fist one: No recharge CD, no Lock-on, twice as much charge time or even more(just by holding fire button), player himself decide when release laser beam. - longer charge time will work against infantry abuse.
    Second one:Lock-on mode, normal charge, no recharge CD, does not work against infantry.
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