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New game update 1.6.0 deployed Nov 6th - Highlights, Eldar campaign and news!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    dude google chrome error, Second avatar my first error forum password not working

    ban at steam for nothing haven't use my referral code

    last 2 wk ago i found out my referral code that why the change in signature

    work 12 hours everyday 3 jobs

    rely if u like the freaking game and ask friend to play why buy Demo

    u can use free play

    i was playing 2 months as a free player no problem with friends

    after anti cheat all gone

    server down spiral every update
  2. BigShootah Gorgutz67000 Steam Early Access

    My thoughts for the map is that we need more spawn points.

    And the A-B-C points must belong to nobody at the beginning. The 2 teams spawn at their starting position and must reach the points. Attackers just come in a death ball and smash everything in their way.

    The map is nice but it needs more details, the buildings looks sad really sad, a mine without mining tools. other things its the same floor everywhere, take some other textures, mixed it? For now it really look sad...

    The A point need sand walls, cause Every team spam it with Plasma, Kannon and every Big bewm weapons.

    Also, you can add a sort of outpost ( I mean a few more spawn point when A-B-C are going taken ) because for now all of us must run like 350 meters to come back, I think this is far too long. If you can add different spawn place for each point because when i'm defending i already know from where the enemy will come from, too easy for spamming plasma.

    For the moment, this is not bad at all keep it like this, but this map need a " rework " other

    EDIT : I've always thought why don't take the map of UT1999 and 2004 and make it Warhammer like ?

    This game have a tons of idea, you just have to copy it. just my opinion.
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  3. Morseth Rockalypse Steam Early Access

    It would be nice to have secondary objectives on maps. For example one that only can be capped once and will provide capping team with one more elite spawn, or maybe instead will double spawn time for enemy for something like 2 minutes.
  4. Frank FrankM Curator

    got the email today
  5. Marcjan Recruit

    It's friday (yey), when will the eldar campaign come out?
  6. I do not know your location but likely 8pm - 10pm EU.
  7. Nickelob-Ultra New Member

    I'm not entirely sure where to share comments/bug reports so I'm going to post them here, the subreddit is a dead zone except for a small band of players.

    A few rare instances, I would be in the middle of playing the game and all of a sudden the game just instantly closes. No messages or errors or anything. I'm not pressing Alt+F4 or anything else other than the typical game keys. Just an instant close, and I can see in task manager and Afterburner that the game is just instantly gone from memory.

    Just wanted to note this is an incredibly annoying issue because every time this has happened I can't even rejoin the game I was just a part of, usually because the match has elapsed so far that no one can join (side note: it may be beneficial to allow players who have previously been in a match to rejoin, if there is space available, despite the game closing to new players after too much time has elapsed in the match). Especially as a programmer, I don't even know if any memory dump was made or any errors written to a log somewhere. I'm going to take a look when I can this weekend to scour for them, I'm guessing they'd be in AppData folders or the game directory.


    Now onto the new map.

    The Good: I definitely like the idea of infantry-only maps, I think it gives a nice breather for players and lays the ground for a lot of potential. When I read infantry-only I immediately thought of bands of troops roaming through a ruined city, street by street to take points, something like the Dawn of War 1 map Fallen City. The back-paths around and between structures is also pretty neat, it certainly adds a twist.

    The Bad: The scale is problematic, not bad but problematic. The map is pretty far and wide for infantry only which can make for a lot of running. I haven't been able to explore every single nook and cranny yet (I think I saw a pipe somewhere) but things like pipes to traverse through would be highly beneficial considering the entire middle of the map outside of structures is looked down on by three separate high-rise ramparts. On the plus side, all those sniping points got me inspired to make loadouts for those and try that out for the first time.

    The Ugly: Full disclosure, I understand the map is planned to be worked on some more and I appreciate the effort the devs have done to give me, the player, a free update. I feel it's needed to mention how the map looks and feel when playing it. It doesn't feel like I'm playing a 40k game when I'm playing the map. If it weren't for Space Marines running around and knowing how the game's assets look already I wouldn't think this is a 40k map. On another note, while the backpaths between/around structures are good, they also have no barrier or anything to fill the void beyond. This makes me think that I can run endlessly into the void, and it makes the map feel like it's in a giant sandbox which is pretty funny to think about but it interrupts the atmosphere of the game.

    I just wanted to share my thoughts on the new map, I hope it doesn't come across as mean or whiny, I honestly do enjoy the map because I finally have somewhere to play a sniper in an enjoyable manner. I hope my feedback was at least a little useful, but I'd definitely like to hear and help with the rare random insta-crash.
  8. Ondora Ondora Subordinate

    I believe(regarding the new map) that it is problematic how far points are away. I think point B;C;D on Zedek are a perfect example for how it is done right. I really love this small complex and wouldn't mid if many parts of it were to be reused.
  9. If you ask me, Pegasus got the distance right. Not too short, so respawn wont overwhelm a good push, but not too far away so that you need a transport to assault another point.

    Sure, if you have one, the better, but not necessary
  10. Gilgamesh xxxNoobSlayeRxxx Steam Early Access

    Pegasus map is really annoying for LSM faction. There is a lot of newcomers in LSM and autocannons, for example, just destroy everyone from central tower and C point's building.
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