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New game update 1.6.0 deployed Nov 6th - Highlights, Eldar campaign and news!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    [Repost from Steam]


    This update features Challenges 1.0 that are your personal goals, the brand new map Promethium mine, and the first step of Steam Workshop.

    Ongoing combat balancing, melee fixes, matchmaker, map fixes and improvements, preparations on Steam for our new partners, as well as Steamworks changes.

    Oh, and one more thing. The Eldar campaign, the Autarch hero arriving after the Eldar campaign. We expect to start the campaign Friday the 10th.

    Here are some of the patch highlights!

    - Challenges are now live. These are repeatable goals that award requisition points upon completion. Completed or dismissed challenges are periodically replaced with new ones.

    - Uploading to Steam Workshop is now available from the hub.The Workshop on Steam will go live shortly, with the first categories and specifications required to upload, on our Support FAQ.

    - Promethium Mine, a new 15-player infantry only Supremacy map has been added to the rotation. This map focuses on taking strategic positions surrounding the Capture Points in order to obtain victory.

    - The flanking route in Agnathio to attack point B from the left side has been reworked to offer more flexibility to the attackers

    - Garrison’s first part (tutorial) modified to better guide new players to the Control Points mechanics

    - Eldar campaign, with associated rewards, will be turned lives, followed by the introduction of the Autarch Eldar Hero after the campaign. It also has an associated Steam marketing campaign, as well as promotions with other partners.


    - Standard-tier "Crimson" boltguns (for Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines), twin-linked shuriken catapult (for Eldar), and big shoota (for Orks) are now available from the store for 750,000 requisition points each.

    - Standard-tier "Hazard Stripe" chainsword for Iron Warrior characters is now available in store for 6,000 RTC.

    - The scope sensitivity slider is now available under general settings.

    - UI scaling and sensitivity sliders can now be adjusted in increments of 0.01 instead of 0.5.

    Combat balancing updates and fixes

    - A strong attack against the start of a defensive bash will now do its full damage pre-mitigation rather than half.

    - Standard Tempest Launcher:
    - Increased aim time from 0.12 to 1.0
    - Shots interval from 0.14 to 0.2
    - Delay between bursts from 0.72 to 1.0
    - Heat per shot from 9 to 20
    - Master-crafted Tempest Launcher
    - Same as above but except Heat per 8.1 to 18
    - Fusion Pistol Heat ailment reduced from 2 to 1.5.


    - Fixed a bug where the Ork Loota would hover in the air before falling when vaulting over a wall.
    - Opened the railings near the “Pistol Lock” servo skull in Garrison
    - PVE: Collision removed on tyranid spawners above lava areas
    - Fixed several vehicles exploit allowing vehicles to reach forbidden areas in Blackbolt, Pegasus, Ronan and Maggon.
    - Fixed flickering on fortress walls
    - Fixed minor floating affecting certain assets
    - Fixed double railing on the wall in Agnathio preventing proper bracing
    - Fixed bracing on the short low wall present in the quadgun room of Point A.

    Steam changes for new partners

    This update does contain some stranger things than just the game itself. You will notice that our steam store page changes, as part of our backend Steamworks changes.

    This is to accommodate new partners, ranging from digital retailers to platforms specifically created for hardware bundling of games. We're quite excited to see active promotion finally starting to happen more than a year after launch.

    We will continually add new partners as well, since after this change, artist formerly known as "The Free to Play Button" - changes into the standardized "DEMO BUTTON".

    This allows our partners to directly promote the bigger packages with only a single key, both on paper slips, emails as well as of course direct purchases on partner platforms.

    You won't notice a thing. Only this change to the Steam store.

    This is actually more to let you know the ball is rolling on partners, which means more revenue, which means more development and players to socially interact with through diplomacy and mass destruction.

    Thank you, everyone, for staying with us, it's been about 18 months live counting our Alpha, and some of you are even still with us, keeping on rolling forwards.

    More announcements to come, on partners, Workshop, next things we work on and of course, we're picking up on some crazy community ideas, which at this point in time are just crazy enough to work. We'll pas them by you in due time.

    Ave Crusader,

  2. Go Team! :D
  3. Eldar campaign, a new map, and the first phase of the workshop... I am much excite :OrkMoon:
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  4. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Wheeeee! Thanks.
  5. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

  6. Tior Elsworth Tior Steam Early Access

    I.....I am tearing up......
  7. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    750k nothing, not even a mastercraft weapon

    game unplayable

    update fix EAC problem

    now connection timeout all the time and loading stops before battle

    pls put warning "don't buy in pacific countries"
    >Thailand > China
    > Hongkong > Japan
    > Philippines
    > Australian
    > New Zealand
    > Indonesia
    > Taiwan
    > Singapore

    If u plan to add asian server tell me and i will ask friends to come back
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  8. No warning needed, as you don't have to buy the game to test how your ping is. There's the free demo for that.

    Also, if you bought the game for so many friends, like you keep repeating over and over, why you got no referals?
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  9. acepost acepost Active Member

    Hi devs, I tried the new map twice. Any future plans to modify the map to make it somewhat more dynamic? Right now it feels like smart mobbing will win the map? I don't know, just a suggestion.
  10. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    I have actually talked to @jbregg about this and he said yes he plans on adding and changing things to the map. For now consider it a trial map.

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