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New Elite Class Possessed

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Belakor666, May 9, 2017.

  1. I'd like to think myself it's just sarcasm, but i start to think it's exactly what i try to hint.

    And i agree totally with you, no Game-dev would ever be biased towards a faction. But Game-Devs take their orders from the guy who controls their paycheck. And when this person sees that over 50% of the Population is a certain faction... I mean. You don't need to be a mathematical genius, if you give something... nice... and maybe a bit imbalanced to this faction, of course under the cover of
    "We have yet to determine balance, if flame on the bolter is okay n such or too powerfull"
    and even if you do this for 1 patch only. What do you think, how many people will throw cash?

    If Ork Elite is kickass... well you served not even 1/4 of the playerbase and get their money, but if you do that for LSM, that's a lot of potentiall customers... don't you think?

    And yes, i am sure they did not intend a Ranged Meta, they stated often enough that they want a 50-50 between Melee and Ranged. But we can't deny that there IS a ranged Meta here at the moment. Still as we talk. I mean, they could have focused on ironing that stain out, but no, first the LSM Elite has to shine as the only ranged Elite in this poorly balanced scenario, then we fix balance.

    Money talks. And it's louder then fairness or balance i guess, because the true Holy Grail of the Gaming industry is money. Who cares if it is unfair, as long as they pay the absurd high price of 25 Bucks? And all that newcommers that see this awesome burning man winning matches for them, while they are still 5 levels away from their first Veteran can just buy it and become amazing instantly. How much more advertisment could they give?

    I hope i am wrong, really. But the thought remains.
    And yes, i've become salty again. Took a break for about 1 month and played Overwatch. That also got it's problems, but still you see a lot of progress and thought behind it. Coming back to THIS and it smells like cashgrab everywhere.
  2. Choices for elites were made far before the game and indeed not related to actual choices. But the choice today has become bad. Imagine this possessed when PF were ruling the point would had been different.
    None the less this poor demon need some steroids and one more weapon, a demon sword with leach life 30%? The faster and the slower melee weapon, AI and AV. Poison immunity could be nice too. Longer heavy attack range like an all out attack jumping on your prey... all that and melee revamp... it makes a lot. That being said Ork elite should also be buffed a bit.
    And just to point out as main LSM, most of the other players would have loved something different. Actual meta is in our favour but the LSM choice would not have been the legion of the damned but a librarian or a captain or a hero/champion of the chapter. Legion of the damned is fine but has no place here.

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