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New Elite Class Possessed

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Belakor666, May 9, 2017.

  1. Tankus TankusPL Steam Early Access

    Give him something like banshee scream without debuff, make it look like flame (maybe add orange/red graphic particle?) and add ignite similar (or less effective) to LSM Burning Light Cannon after hit.
  2. He is an elite a 1 time use "item" I don't understand why they could not of just made his fist swing a lot faster, AND he has no pistol.
  3. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    They could have left the right mouse button attack alone (same speed/damage etc) but given us a jab punch on left mouse button that was quicker but less damage which might have made the build viable in a fight

    The only reason I can think of to use this load out is if you don't want to dedicate one of your optional slots (the 5 regular/1 vet load out) to having a power fist for anti vhc
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  4. Ultima75000 Ultima75000 First Blood!

    I wouldn't waste a 1 time spawning unit to be AV only. You should always have 1 AV loadout on you and honestly I prefer my CSM Powerfist GA with a Melta Bomb over the Possessed. Punch the tank 2-3 times, drop bomb, wrecked tank. Plus because it's a regular loadout I can keep coming back again and again repeatedly until the tanks are all gone or they move.

    I expected the Possessed to be the closer in line to shock troops but the only thing that shocks me is how bad they are at doing anything at all...
  5. I think his need a buff.
    Somthing like more power or health or attack speed. It's possessed! Hi is must be strong. Not sht.
    Now he can die everywhere like dog,
  6. dze66 Recruit

    Eat shit.
  7. Hobotron Recruit

    Hi all. I am a player from Russian community and a fan of the forces of Chaos. I very much resent this character, and regret the money spent that is invested for buying it. I agree with the above comments that the developers negligently treated the hero (you can compare it with the new hero of the space Marines or orcs), the feeling that I paid only for the appearance of this character, which could be better (the same shoulder pads I could buy and Berserker on veteran and equip him the power fist and it would have been better). I very much hope that there will be any fixes in terms of appearance and mechanics of the character (for the sake of the gods of Chaos, give him a bolt pistol)
    P.S. I apologize for the incorrectness of some of the words I do not know much English and used a translator
  8. Step 1: Establish Ranged Meta
    Step 2: Ork Elite is Melee allready, good job.
    Step 3: Take Pistol from Chaos Elite
    Step 5: Remove Ranged Eldar Elite and give them Melee one
    Step 5: Implement LSM Ranged Veteran

    Even without my tinfoil hat i see a pattern here...
    But they wouldn't be so biased just to please the biggest portion of the playerbase that they would throw fairness out of the window, or?
  9. The class. We're a week in and I have never died to a possessed. You can just walk backwards and shoot at them, all they can do is run up and try to which case you keep backing up...or try to do a regular attack, which gives you time to react, dbash, and shoot them anyway. They have no ability to use power attacks in combat due to the windup time so they only have RP out of the RPS system, and one of those two choices doesn't work if you just walk backwards, so this pure melee elite is laughably easy to beat.

    Literally the counter is walk backwards, beat them in RPS when they lock themselves into an animation, and then keep walking backwards. I'll admit the pistol is an edge case since against someone more competent you won't have enough time to reload before you have to RPS again, but in that case you either have a melee weapon too so you can RPS more or you can kill them in 2 wins with your bolter.
  10. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Absolutely not. The thought that there would be factional bias from the entire team or even a portion of the team is completely absurd. Even the thought of a single high-position developer being biased is just as absurd. I do not know why people are so adamant that the developers "love" space marines.

    All of the developers are decently intelligent people and know that the best gaming experience that they can offer, and therefore the best chance they have at maintaining their current livelihoods, is to have a completely equally faction-balanced game.

    There is no reason any games developer would ever show deliberate bias in games development for personal reasons. Perfect fairness and power equality is the holy grail of gaming that all games aspire to have yet can never perfectly achieve. There will never be a team that does not aspire to this.

    Sorry if your post was in sarcasm, Toasty... but I had to get this post out there for others to see. The whole "developers love space marines" bullshit rumour really grinds my gears. I can not even begin to believe that there are people out there that truly believe it.

    They even stated on one of the twitch streams at some point that there was absolutely no intended bias.

    It's just extremely poorly thought-out design. The possessed was in the RT store long before this game even went into Alpha. The choice to choose a melee class for Chaos, in this example, was nothing to do with current game decisions.

    Furthermore, the ranged meta is not intentional at all. Ranged classes were terrible before and needed a boost. They just gimped melee too hard and accidentally created the ranged meta... again... poorly thought-out decisions.

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